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Halal Restaurants in Bukit Bintang
Finding delicious and halal-friendly dishes in Kuala Lumpur shouldn’t be that hard. Check out our top picks for the best halal restaurants in Bukit Bintang here!
Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh

Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh

Here are the absolute best Ipoh dim sum restaurants this year if you’re craving some authentic Chinese dim sum right now.
Best Breakfasts Penang

The 12 Places with the Best

Looking for the best breakfasts in Penang, Malaysia? Take a look at these restaurants, which serve some of the most scrumptious morning repasts!


Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snack— it doesn’t matter, Malaysia has everything you need to satisfy your daily cravings. As a melting pot of different cultures, you can expect to find hundreds of diverse dishes that incorporate the different flavours of Asia.

To assist you in your food journey, we’ve spent countless hours in search of the best restaurants in Malaysia that you need to visit. We picked out the restaurants with the best specialty dishes, authentic recipes, unique flavours, convenient locations, amazing customer service, and top-rated customer reviews.

Looking for the best breakfast in Penang, Malaysia? You better set your alarm clock because you don’t want to miss out on our recommended breakfast spots where you can enjoy the best roti canai, cham ais, chapati flatbread, nasi kandar, mee goreng, kaya toast, nasi lemak, sausages, toast, scrambled eggs, coffee, and more.

If you’re craving some steaming ramen, freshly cut sashimi, and premium sake, we can help you find the best Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. We were lucky enough to discover the top Japanese restaurants in the city that offer authentic flavours, top-quality ingredients, and world-renowned chefs for the ultimate dining experience.

Do you prefer Chinese food? If so, we highly recommend that you check out the best dim sum restaurants in Ipoh that offer the most delicious steamed dumplings, egg tarts, char siew bao, century egg rolls, stuffed chee cheong, and fried treats for you to enjoy.

You can’t have a complete dining experience without enjoying the best high tea in Malaysia. We made sure to pick out the spots with elegant interior design, relaxing ambiance, tons of food choices, decadent pastries, and top-quality tea for the best experience ever.