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Paid Survey
The best paid surveys in Malaysia are accessible on a number of sites. Here are the ones that offer the best incentives and compensation for answering surveys!
Top Accounting Firms


Choose the best accounting firms for your businesses and finances! We listed the top accounting firms in Malaysia just for you!
Top Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway

Need a way to process your customer’s card payments? Check our list of the top payment gateway providers in Malaysia to take you to the next level!
Top Stock Brokers

Stock Brokers

Into stocks and investments? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you have to check out this article on top stock brokers in Malaysia!
Best International Money Transfer Services in Malaysia

International Money Transfer

Wondering which service to use to send money abroad? Here are the best international money transfer services in Malaysia, plus their pros, cons, and reviews!
Best Financila Advisors

Financial Advisors

If you need serious help managing your finances, try the best financial advisors in Malaysia, whom we’ve rounded up here to help you.
Best Medical Cards in Malaysia

Medical Cards

When it comes to your family, you want to make sure they’re always protected by the best medical cards in Malaysia. Here are our top picks!

Other Financial Products

Technology is the key to a smoother lifestyle and keeping you updated with the latest financial products is our job. Advanced banking systems, money market accounts, travel credits cards, Visa debit cards, stock exchange, insurance plans, bonds, and everything else in between—we’ve covered them all for you.

With economic uncertainties lurking around the corner, keeping your assets secure should be your top priority. For this reason, we’ve gone through all the banks in the country and reviewed each one to find out the best banks in Malaysia for digital account opening, peer to peer payments, video marketing, cloud computing, online transactions, mobile apps, and more.

Managing a company can be hard especially when you’re juggling between different departmental workflows. To help simplify your processes, we’ve picked out the best payroll software in Malaysia that you can use to easily manage your employees’ shifts, process their payroll, generate detailed reports, audit discrepancies, and comply with statutory regulations within one user-friendly system.

If you want to boost your sales and connect with your market, you need to take advantage of the internet. Luckily, we’ve come across a few of the best digital marketing agencies in Malaysia that can help you establish your brand online, create your website, manage your social media accounts, write engaging content, post creative ads, generate leads, and use modern marketing strategies to your company’s advantage.

Do you want to earn extra cash and freebies while browsing online? We’ve spent hours on the world wide web to find the best-paid surveys in Malaysia where you can answer surveys and earn rewards points, receive gift cards, choose interesting categories, enjoy instant payments, choose flexible arrangements, and more.