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The 6 Best Unit Trusts in Malaysia

Featured Image Source: Austin Distel via Unsplash A unit trust fund is an investment scheme where various investors’ money is put into one fund managed by a professional fund manager for higher returns. With the best unit trust in Malaysia, you may be …

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With over 200 major cities in Malaysia, the country is packed with financial opportunities for money-minded people. You can dive into the world of the stock exchange and take advantage of all the investment opportunities in Malaysia.

Investing in stocks is a great way to earn more money as long as you know how to read market trends and avoid risks. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a few thoroughly researched recommendations to help you find the best investments in Malaysia.

If you need help with your finances, worry no more because we’ve listed the best financial advisors in Malaysia who can assist anytime. From sorting out loans, setting financial goals and tracking expenses to providing reliable investment strategies, the advisors on our list have the know-how to sort out your monetary dilemmas.

Do you want to earn passively but aren’t sure what to invest in? We’ve reviewed the best unit trusts in Malaysia so you can commit to the best unit trust funds that have experienced fund managers, lower risks, affordable rates, flexible terms, liquidatable assets, and guaranteed investment returns.

Want to start buying and selling business in the country? We have a list of the leading business brokers in Malaysia who can guide you through the right market prices, manage piles of paperwork, process licensing, get the right permits, and handle all the requirements that you need.

If you want to put matters into your own hands, we’ve also checked out the best Robo-advisors in Malaysia for all your investment needs. We picked the ones with the best user ratings and are easy to use so you can try out the ones with low management fees, flexible minimum investments, and tons of investment options.

Raiz vs StashAway

Raiz VS StashAway

Anyone who uses investment platforms knows about Raiz and StashAway. They’re two well-known platforms, specifically for the help they provide beginners in the investment industry. When you’re one of those beginners and you get stuck choosing between these two, it can be quite …

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Raiz VS Wahed

Raiz VS Wahed

If you’ve recently been researching the best investment platforms, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across Raiz and Wahed. And since you’re here, you’ve boiled all the investment platforms down to these two and you’re stuck! As a starting investor, it’ll be …

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