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The 14 Best Courier Services in
Looking to send something or getting something delivered? We’re listing the best courier services in Malaysia today, whether for individuals or businesses.
Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers

Meta Description: Looking for a wedding photographer in Kuala Lumpur to capture your favorite wedding moments? We got you covered! Check out our best picks here.
5 Leading Barbershops in Johor Bahru


Itching to get a sharp haircut in Johor Bahru? Look no further ‘cuz we’ve listed our favorite barbershops with details on their pros and cons for you!
Top 5 Hair Salon Choices

Hair Salon

Looking for a top-notch quality hair makeover down south? We’ve got your back! Here’s a list of hair salons to try out in Johor Bahru.
Bed Frame

Bed Frame

No idea what kind of bed frame would be the best for your home? We’ve rounded up the best bed frame options for your next bedroom layout!
Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Getting ready to tie the knot with the love of your life but don’t want to be stressed out? Check out our list of the best wedding planners in Malaysia!
Top 5 Makeup Artists in Kuala Lumpur

Makeup Artists

Instead of wishing for a fairy godmother for a look overhaul on an important day, makeup artists are here to save the day! Here’s our top recommendation for the best makeup artists in Kuala Lumpur! 

Other Services

Malaysia has hundreds of cities that are brimming with cool services that you need to check out. Flower delivery, T-shirt printing, web design, cake delivery, app development, tattoo removal, cosmetic surgery—just about anything you can think of is available in the country.

To help you find the service you need, we’ve scoured the country to list down all the essential and interesting services we could find. We’ve even gone the extra mile to compare their prices, list down their specifications, and check for customer reviews to give you the best recommendations.

Do you have an old tattoo that you find extremely difficult to live with? You won’t have to hide your embarrassing ink when you visit the best clinics for tattoo removal in Kuala Lumpur that have the best prices, advanced equipment, safe treatment, and clean results.

Are you looking for security personnel to guard your homes or business establishments? Whether it’s for events, personal protection, patrols, or guard duty, the best security companies in Malaysia have well-trained personnel who can guarantee your protection.

Skin problems can be difficult to deal with and can leave you feeling conscious about your looks. Luckily, we’ve reviewed some of the best clinics for acne scar treatment in Malaysia that offer facial treatments, laser therapy, skin lightening, dermal filler, laser resurfacing, and affordable rates to help you regain your smooth skin.

If you want your business to reach a global audience, you might need the best translation services in Kuala Lumpur on your team. The companies in our list offer diverse language services, competitive rates, SEO and transcription skills, certified translator, and high customer ratings.