How to Paint behind a Toilet

How to Paint behind a Toilet

Trying to re-paint the wall behind your toilet? That can be a tough one, especially if the toilet is backed against it.

But don’t worry, we’ll help you finish this DIY work without taking long. We will teach you how to paint behind a toilet using a thin foam roller as well as how to remove the toilet tank.

Ready? Let’s go on!

Painting Behind a Toilet With a Brush Roll

Painting Behind a Toilet With a Brush Roll

The space between the toilet and the wall is often narrow. Therefore, we suggest using a slim and dense brush roll measuring 2.54cm or 3.18cm in diameter.

Toilet walls are excellent in satin finish, which reflects light better than matte paint, but not as much as a glossy finish. Still, it should complement your bathroom’s interior decor for best results.

Now, follow the steps indicated below to paint behind your toilet using a paint roller tool:

1) Cover the Toilet

Before we begin, you have to cover the toilet with a large plastic or garbage bag to protect it from drips and stains.

Remove the toilet lid and place the plastic or garbage bag over it and onto the toilet seat. If the plastic is too big, pinch the side of the surplus plastic, and tie it or secure it with a rubber band.

2) Dip the Brush Roller in the Paint

Pour over about 0.24L of paint onto the rectangular paint tray. Dip your foam roller in it and roll it enough so that excess paint won’t drip to the ground.

3) Paint the Wall Behind the Toilet

Roll the brush on the wall behind the toilet carefully and evenly. Complete the entire wall and paint as close to the toilet tank as you can.

Because the toilet tank is almost stuck to the wall, you don’t have to paint behind it. So, you’re done with this part.

4) Paint the Wall behind the Toilet Bowl

The lower part of the wall behind the toilet is not blocked by it. You can reach your thin brush roller to paint that wall, or if you like, you can also go old-school by using a paintbrush.

How to Remove the Toilet Tank and Lid

How to Remove the Toilet Tank and Lid

Not quite satisfied with the practical behind-the-toilet painting just discussed? You might want to remove the toilet tank and lid so that more of the wall can be painted.

Besides, you would need elbow grease to remove the toilet bowl and floor flange, which is the part attaching the toilet to the drain.

So, here are the steps to remove the toilet tank and lid:

  1. Turn off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise.
  1. Flush the toilet to drain out the water completely.
  1. Detach the water supply line.
  1. Using a wrench, loosen the bolts underneath the toilet tank.
  1. Remove the tank and carry it off to the side.
  1. Paint the wall behind the toilet; apply two coats of paint to keep it lasting.

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