The History of Event Management Then & Now

The History of Event Management: Then & Now

Behind the curtains, people work hard to organise and make any event a success. They arrange everything from the venue to the audio-visual equipment to the event itself—the main event.

A lot happens there before people get entertained or thoughts change for the better. Going to an event is exciting because it’s a place where we can enjoy, socialise, and learn something new.

But when precisely did event management start and what makes it all the more demanded today? That and more, we will explore in this guide, so keep on reading to find out!

A Brief History of Event Management

A Brief History of Event Management

The first event manager and host is believed to have been the Egyptian queen Cleopatra over 2,000 years ago. She held these extravagant and showy meetings to find the one whom she would marry.

To take it further, she even rode a boat adorned with candles and freshened by perfume down the Nile River to see and impress Mark Antony—who would eventually become her husband.

Back then, people had to personally invite guests to the party or event. It was hard to do that since they had to traverse the city or country to spread the word, so it took a long time.

This tradition spread and was picked up by France sometime during the Middle Ages. At the helm of events were aristocratic and powerful ladies, being members of the royal family.

It was here where gatherings and parties became more flamboyant with costumed guests, funny  jesters, and lovely music.

Events became even more important during the Industrial Revolution when the economy was booming from the mid-17th to 18th centuries. This allowed people to exchange ideas and promote sales and their businesses.

Companies were making a lot of money, which meant they could host or attend events. In the 19th century, people could already travel by train, which gave them many advantages in choosing a venue and travelling back and forth to see different events without being late.

And here we are now with mobile phones, apps, and the internet allowing us to book and register for an event from anywhere in the world. We also use Zoom for meetings and video calls in business, and that gives us more flexibility while saving our time when we’re working.

Then & Now: What Has Changed in Event Planning?

Then & Now What Has Changed in Event Planning

Below is a table that compares the then and now of event management. This allows you to see how it started and how it has developed through time.

Posting invitations or documents to guests or co-workersMessenger, email, AirDrop, and DropBox
Registering for an event on-siteRegistering through a QR code or app
Mailing a physical map to guests or audiencesSending a GoogleMap link via Messenger or Viber
Leaving a film cartridge at a photo shop to be developedWith a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, photos can instantly be captured, shared, and saved in the gallery
Events are conducted in a physical spaceVirtual meetings and conferences can be done through your laptop or smartphone via an app

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