4 Ways to Improve Your Event Attendance

4 Ways to Improve Your Event Attendance

You don’t have to overdo a gimmick or get an A-list celebrity to raise the attendance of your event. In fact, both of them will make you blow a large amount of cash initially.

Going for tried-and-tested event planning strategies will make you go a long way. And more people will want to go to your show or entertainment because you’ll be able to reach the right people at the right time.

So here are a few ways you can improve your event attendance. As you’ll see, it’s not hard to do even if you’re not experienced or are still learning the ropes in event management.

1) Make registration easy

Make registration easy

Not everyone is eager to sign up for an event in shops, schools, or hostels. Unless they work there, it would require them to go out of their way and shell out additional costs like filling the car with gas or commuting.

The solution for this is to make the signup available online. But don’t stop there, as it also has to be a piece of cake, taking only a few steps at the most—such as entering your email and the number of people going and confirming the invitation.

2) Know your audience

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is crucial to your event’s success. You should always consider their wants and needs while ensuring they have a fantastic time with their family or friends.

Like, for instance, if the event will take place at night, you can get a band that the people like. And if it’s going to be on the weekend, make it family and pet-friendly so that more guests will attend.

Also, don’t forget to serve them food and beverages so they can continue to enjoy the event. There should be clean bathroom facilities and places or decorations where they can snap photos of each other so they can have great fun.

3) Learn from guest’s feedback

Learn from guest’s feedback

Though we try to make our event the best it can be, it can have imperfections whether it’s concerning the emcee, venue, food, service, or other aspects of the show.

To know this, you have to give out short feedback forms to people or make them available online. By reading their comments and feedback, you will know what your event lacks or needs improvement on.

Using this knowledge will certainly help make your next event better. If that good word spreads by social media or word of mouth, then more people would consider attending your subsequent events.

4) Don’t compete with other special events

Don’t compete with other special events

It’s smart not to compete with events that people often or would love to go to. Or this will lower the numbers that are going to your event.

Take note of your potential attendees’ schedules. For example, someone likes to go to church every Sunday, watches a big sporting event yearly, or will attend a wedding on the week of your event.

Slotting your event at these times can conflict with their interests and schedules, and so they wouldn’t be able to come.

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