Best Toilet Renovation in Malaysia
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7 Design Firms for the Best Toilet Renovation in Malaysia

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Firms that offer the best toilet renovation in Malaysia should be able to transform even toilets that people think are hopeless cases. Whether your problem is space, lighting, or lack of amenities, competent and experienced design firms should have a solution.

If your existing bathroom scenario isn’t pleasing you anymore, you can trust this list below of the firms for the best toilet renovation in Malaysia.

1.  ATAP

BEST FOR: Interior design and renovation consultation service
PRODUCTS: Apartments, bungalows, condominiums, and more
ADDRESS: Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS: Visit their website

Deciding to renovate your bathroom is a large step as it involves various factors. ATAP tops our list as they are an interior design and renovation consultation service that can help you find the best professional who can help you achieve the vision you have in mind.

From tiles to showerheads, they can help you replace everything in your bathroom so that it is in the style you prefer. All you have to do is tell them what your property type, size, and location is as well as your budget and preferred interior style.

In just a few days, they can connect you with a professional that best fits the bill.


  • Offers free quotes
  • Wide range of interior designers to pick from
  • Prompt services

2. Qanvast


BEST FOR: Professional Interior Firms
PRODUCTS: Interior Design Firms
ADDRESS: Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected]

Qanvast is a go-to platform for homeowners to browse home ideas, find a local interior firm, and read blogs about budgeting, decorating, and more by other homeowners.

We definitely recommend visiting their website when in need of interior design services since you can choose from their wide range of designers that suits you the best. Unlike other websites, if you request a non-obligatory quote from them, they will help and guide you through your renovation process.

What’s unique about them is that homeowners who engage a recommended interior designer following a quote request, are eligible for the Qanvast Guarantee, which protects up to S$50,000 of your renovation deposits. Unfortunately, this is only available in Singapore and Malaysia.

With four simple, easy steps, you will be able to find the best design firm for you!


  • Offers a lot of interior design firms
  • Wide price range
  • Has blogs that can help homeowners

3.  JK Renovate

JK Renovate's Toilet Renovation
Source: JK Renovate
BEST FOR: Elderly- and disabled-friendly
ADDRESS: 15, Jalan PJU3/23B, Avenue 23,

Sunway Damansara, 47810, PJ

CONTACT DETAILS: 016 229 2222; [email protected]

JK Renovate does one of the best toilet renovations in Malaysia, catering to both residential and commercial clients.

You can bet on them whether you need to revamp an existing space or create a new one.

Proving themselves to provide the best toilet renovations in Malaysia, they are also skilled in making toilets accessible for the elderly and the disabled.

Besides a free consultation, the firm also provides a 30-day workmanship warranty.


  • Residential and commercial
  • Renovation or creation of new toilet
  • Elderly- and disabled-friendly
  • 30-day warranty

4.  ML Engineering & Construction

ML Engineering & Construction's Toilet Renovation
Source: ML Engineering & Construction
BEST FOR: Personalised approach
ADDRESS: No. 31, Jalan Rimba Riang 9/3, Sek 9, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
CONTACT DETAILS: 013-7818200; 019-3115514; [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sun 9:00am-5:00pm

ML Engineering & Construction’s secret to being one of the firms with the best toilet renovations in Malaysia is personalising the attention they give their clients. This ensures that their clients’ needs are addressed by the design.

They also take a comprehensive approach, offering a wide range of services. People looking for personalisation and a one-stop renovation service should get in touch with this firm.


  • Personalised
  • Wide range of services

Customer Reviews

One of their previous clients, Mrs. Goh from Damansara Jaya, shared:

“ML Engineering will remain as my top priority contractor whenever it comes to house renovation now. They are very experience and able to advise and provide solutions to construction problem.

Most important of all their workers are reliable and able to deliver the quality of work that was assured.

I am certainly very happy and satisfied with their work follow up and updates on the site progress. I would recommend them to anyone in future.”


5.  Icon Factory

Icon Factory's Toilet Renovation
Source: Icon Factory
BEST FOR: Space-planning
ADDRESS: No. 24, Jalan Manis 3,

Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CONTACT DETAILS: +603-9520 6788; [email protected]

The increasing demand for Icon Factory’s designs is thanks to their keen attention to detail. The company was founded in 2008 and is known for creating functional and economic yet aesthetically-pleasing spaces.

They take pride in their smart use of space. The firm’s designers ensure that even small areas reach their full design potential.

While keeping the costs budget-friendly, they provide some of the best toilet renovations in Malaysia.


  • Attention to detail
  • Functional and economic
  • Smart use of space

6.  MIL Design & Construction

MIL Design & Construction's Toilet Renovation
Source: MIL Design & Construction
BEST FOR: Client relationships
ADDRESS: Bandar Sri Damansara

47000 Kuala Lumpur

CONTACT DETAILS: +6012-505 2863;

+6012-464 8939;

[email protected]

Headed by a husband-and-wife duo, MIL Design & Construction customizes each one of their projects. Close client relationships allow them to create highly original designs.

The team is especially hands on in everything, from meeting with their clients to talk about their preferences to sourcing materials and implementing the design.

Their method, which merges design, technology, and lifestyle with top-notch materials, guarantees the best toilet renovation in Malaysia.


  • Custom projects
  • Hands-on
  • Best materials


7.  Millimetre Design

Millimetre Design's Toilet Renovation
Source: Millimetre Design
BEST FOR: Limitless creativity
ADDRESS: No.J7-3, Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Jalan Persiaran Jalil 1,

Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

CONTACT DETAILS: 03 2770 7008; 03- 2770 7018; [email protected]

The team behind Millimetre Design works with enthusiasm. They pour their heart into every project to make sure they produce the best work possible.

They put no limit on their creativity, which is how they achieve interior designs with the perfect balance of form and function.

The firm conforms to the highest industry standards in their residential, commercial, and corporate projects.

Expect a hassle-free service for your toilet renovation in Malaysia with this firm, which offers a comprehensive range of services.


  • Limitless creativity
  • Form and function

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