7 Best Scandinavian Interior Designs in Malaysia

Best Scandinavian Interior Design in Malaysia

Source: Naomi Hébert via Unsplash

By Amber Yeoh

The neat look to Scandinavian architecture makes Scandinavian-styled rooms calming spaces. Luckily for those looking to adopt this, there are many firms that can make possible the best Scandinavian interior design in Malaysia.

With this informative list of firms below, you can consider yourself a step closer to a home, office, or business with a true Scandinavian design.

1.  Boldndot

Boldndot's Scandinavian Preview
Source: Boldndot
BEST FOR: Meticulous approach
PRODUCTS: https://www.boldndot.com/servicesprocess/
WEBSITE: https://www.boldndot.com/
ADDRESS: B-21-01 Ascenda Residences,

No. 3, Jalan Arena 1,

Setapak, 53200

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



(017) 799-6010);

(017) 989-6010;

[email protected]

Boldndot, or simply BND, is a Kuala Lumpur-based interior design company that offers the best Scandinavian interior design in Malaysia.

Favoring simple and neat interiors, BND creates inspiring and practical interior design for their retail, food and beverage, and residential clientele.

An established residential interior design expert, BND beautifies all kinds of homes. These include apartments, condominiums, landed houses, and private bungalows.

The firm takes pride in their meticulous placement of elements and careful selection of lines and colors.


  • Neat interiors
  • Practical design
  • All kinds of homes
  • Attention to detail


2.  Msquare Creation

Msquare Creation's Scandinavian Preview
Source: Msquare Creation
BEST FOR: Client-centric approach
PRODUCTS: http://msquarecreation.com.my/projects-3/
WEBSITE: http://msquarecreation.com.my/
ADDRESS: Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, 47301 Selangor D.E., Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS: +01128546880;


[email protected]

Msquare Creation has taken on various private and commercial projects since its founding in 2015.

The firm puts an emphasis on good communication with clients. They claim that their collaboration with their clients enables them to come up with great results.

To provide their clients some of the best Scandinavian interior designs in Malaysia, Msquare Creation sees their projects through the client’s point-of-view. This gives them excellent insight into their clients’ needs and preferences.


  • Good communication
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Client point-of-view approach when on the job


3.  Moonlit Creations

Moonlit Creations' Scandinavian Preview
Source: Moonlit Creations
BEST FOR: Timeless spaces
PRODUCTS: https://www.moonlit.com.my/our-projects/
WEBSITE: https://www.moonlit.com.my/
ADDRESS: D3-5, Sri Gembira Avenue, No. 6, Jalan Senang Ria, Taman Gembira,

58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CONTACT DETAILS: +6010 800 1008;

[email protected]

Moonlit Creations was awarded the Designer of the Year Award for Residential Properties in 2015. The interior design firm is truly deserving of the award as it seeks to create timeless spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Proving themselves to be human-centric, Moonlit Creations engages their clients in every aspect of a design project. That’s a big part of why so many recommended them to us when we asked around for interior designers in Malaysia.


  • Designer of the Year for Residential Properties in 2015
  • Timeless spaces
  • Engages clients


4.  Pocket Square

Pocket Square's Scandinavian Preview
Source: Pocket Square
BEST FOR: Minimalist spaces
PRODUCTS: https://www.psq-design.com/
WEBSITE: https://www.psq-design.com/
ADDRESS: B-07-02, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selagor D.E.
CONTACT DETAILS: (60) 10 430 2798
OPERATING HOURS: [email protected]

People looking to hire a firm for the best Scandinavian interior design in Malaysia are sure to be impressed by Pocket Square’s impressive portfolio of clean, minimalist, and modern designs.

Pocket Square promises their clients a clear, fuss-free process. Their attention to detail involves giving ample attention to their clients.

They are also set to offer a wide range of locally-designed, custom furniture pieces. This just shows their dedication to creating compact homes.


  • Clean, minimalist designs
  • Custom furniture
  • Attention to clients


5.  Studio BEVD

Studio BEVD's Scandinavian Preview
Source: Studio BEVD
BEST FOR: Virtual storytelling
PRODUCTS: https://www.studiobevd.com/services
WEBSITE: https://www.studiobevd.com/
ADDRESS: D-03-08, Menara Mitraland, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 47810 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
CONTACT DETAILS: +603 7625 2861;

[email protected]

Studio BEVD treats their interior design projects as a form of virtual storytelling. Their team of young Arts, Design and Architecture professionals allows them this unique approach to interior design.

They take the best Scandinavian interior design in Malaysia a step further with this vision to create stories.

Studio BEVD is also committed to understanding their clients’ experience of their space to come up with meaningful and timeless designs.


  • Virtual storytelling
  • Unique approach
  • Understanding clients’ experience
  • Meaningful, timeless designs


6.  Kortstudio


Kortstudio's Scandinavian Preview
Source: Kortstudio
BEST FOR: Design integration
PRODUCTS: http://kortstudio.com.my/index.php/services/
WEBSITE: http://kortstudio.com.my/
ADDRESS: 25-1, Jalan SS 15/4E, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, D.E.
CONTACT DETAILS: +603 5611 2210;

[email protected]

Kort Studio creates sophisticated, minimalist spaces with muted colors and simplistic accents. This comes from their respect for their clients’ personal relationship with their spaces.

The firm integrates their designs with the existing architecture and landscape where the project is located.

Kort Studio’s services not only involve interior design, but also landscape architecture and custom furniture, which is helpful in achieving a unified Scandinavian look.


  • Respect for client’s space
  • Sophisticated and minimalist
  • Design integration
  • Landscape architecture
  • Custom furniture




Image may contain: living room, table and indoor

BEST FOR: Interior Design
PRODUCTS: http://goldfields.com.my/v1/index.php/services
WEBSITE: http://goldfields.com.my/v1/


ADDRESS: Jalan Ghazali Jawi, (1,528.77 mi)
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 31400
CONTACT DETAILS: +60 1-700-81-7500

[email protected]

Goldfields Concepts is firm that focuses on Interior Design in Ipoh. They have year experience in renovation works such as custom-made furniture, construction works and they can also provide a full range of other services.

Their team is made up of design professionals with commitment to excellence in interiors, management and construction.


  • Listens carefully to client’s objectives and aspirations
  • Provides clients with a comprehensive professional interior design service


You should now be ready to give your home the best Scandinavian interior design in Malaysia with these capable homegrown design firms.

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