Best Standing Desks in Malaysia
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The 10 Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

Sitting all day in front of your computer doesn’t only sound monotonous and sad—research also shows that doing just this every day can cause permanent health damage.

That’s why we curated this list of best standing desks in Malaysia! A standing desk is a perfect solution for people whose job depends on computers and other electronic devices.

Especially now that we have started to adapt to the WFH setup, it’s probably the best time to invest in a standing desk. So now, onto the list!

The Best Standing Desks in Singapore

You can always find lots of standing desks sold online but it’s always the question of how well would it suit your needs and personal preferences? This list of the best standing desks in Malaysia does not only show you the product but will tell you which one is worth its price!

From starters to heavy-duty standing desks, here are our best options for you:

1.   Ilano Laptop Stand Foldable Table

Ilano Laptop Stand Foldable Table_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM215.00

HEIGHTMinimum: 25mm Maximum: 385mm
VARIANTAvailable in white color only

The Ilano Laptop Stand has to be the cheapest but most cool-looking on this list. If you are someone on a budget and just starting to transition to standing desks, we think this is the perfect match for you!

The height from the standing desk itself ranges from 25mm to 385mm and can carry items from 5 to 8kg. This laptop stand is meant to give your existing office table additional height without consuming any more room spaces.

It is portable and manually operated using side handles that the user needs to unlock to adjust the height. It allows easy access to both put it above your lap or away from you which makes it perfect for those who would also like to use it to work in bed from time to time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Spacesaver


  • Low weight capacity
  • Not for heavy-duty use

2.   LOCTEK Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk

LOCTEK Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM949.00

HEIGHTMinimum: 71cm Maximum: 121cm
VARIANTTabletop: 120x60cm, 140x70cm
Tabletop Colors: White, Black, Oak, Mahogany
Frame: Black, White

LOCTEK Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk is an electronically operated standing desk with 100V to 240V power input. You can choose from their variety of tabletop sizes and colors.

The fact that you don’t have to manually twist bolts and locks to adjust the height of this table is already a good bonus.

With a maximum load of 70kg, its lifting speed is up to 25mm/s. You can also mix and match colors with their black and white frames.

It stands at a minimum of 71cm to 121cm, catering to a good range of heights to meet your needs. This ergonomic standing desk is industrially designed and fits both work and home office ambiance to help keep you focused and productive.

For security and quality assurance,  it comes with a 2-year warranty period.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Tabletop sizes options


  • Manual can be improved
  • Heavy

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people say about the LOCTEK Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk:

“Love this table. Responsive seller. Packing was done properly. Delivery was fast. The installation guide was simple and correct. The table quality is as good if not better than similar tables which are double the price. I highly recommend this product” -Navin R.

“Very heavy, very solid table. Manual can be improved – especially on orientation of table and the indicative drill holes.  Had to do a bit of post-adjustments.  But otherwise, it’s quite straightforward. Not a piece of furniture that can be moved around whenever.  Quality is good, transmission is smooth.  A bit skeptical on the motor but there’s a warranty so we’ll see” -Hor W.

3.   Holin X3 Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Table

Holin X3 Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Table_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM1,572.00 – RM2,265.00

HEIGHTMinimum: 65cm Maximum: 129cm (including desktop)
VARIANTTabletop: 120x60cm, 140x70cm

Holin X3 Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk is electronically operated using the TiMotion motor, one of the well-known motor brands in China and Taiwan. It uses a UK 3 Pin plug and requires an input voltage of 100-240V.

For the lifting height, it can be adjusted to a maximum of 129cm with a 40mm/s lifting speed. With a table frame length of 107.5-180cm, it is well-suited for those who need a lot of keyboard and mouse space.

Made of cold-rolled carbon steel, it is sturdy enough to carry up to 150kgs. For added security, it has power-off protection and safety lock features.

All the electronic devices in this standing desk are CE & UL, FC & SAA-approved, meaning they have undergone necessary testings and met the standards for high-quality products .So basically you have a standing desk that’s powered by well-known motor brands, has a lot of tabletop space, and looks pretty cool.


  • Heavyweight capacity
  • Motor-operated


  • Installation and operation takes time
  • A bit expensive

Customer Reviews

Do you think that the Holin x3 is the perfect fit for you?  Here’s what they say about this standing desk:

“Super good legs which can sustain a 50kg hardwood panel. Suitable for solid wood table” -Shopee Customer

4.   FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM1,299.00

HEIGHTMinimum: 73.5cm Maximum: 123.5cm
VARIANTTabletop size: 120x75cm, 150x75cm
Tabletop Color: Walnut, Maple, White
Frame: White

FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk is powered by a single motor technology. It has a lifting speed of 2.5cm/s and maximum weight capacity of 70kg and lifts up to 123.5cm

It comes with 2 tabletop sizes, 3 tabletop colors, and a white frame that you can choose from to optimize workspace design.

The straight tabletop has 2 grommets holes on the side for cabling purposes. The motor noise level is under 50 dB for less distraction.

All the available colors give off a very sleek vibe that minimalists these days are clamoring for so if you are one, we’re sure you’d like this item. This might just be the first step in optimizing your work environment for that clearer and better headspace.

This standing desk is FCC, UL, and BIFMA certified for product quality and ensured with a 3-year warranty.


  • Ensured with a 3-year warranty
  • Variety of colors and sizes


  • The installation process takes time
  • A bit shaky on heavier payload

Customer Reviews

Do you think FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk suits your needs? If you think so, let us give you more insights.

Here’s a first-hand experience from their previous customers:

The table is solid and the adjustable motor function  exceeding my expectations” -Kim W.

“Super fast delivery. The item works as expected. Seller very helpful. Easy installation. Table top that come along is high quality. Worth buying” -Mohd S.

“Shipment received in 2 separated packages. The table top received with chipped edge but luckily it was the bottom part so cannot be seen from top. Overall satisfied with the product.” -Lazada Customer

5.   Armageddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table

Armageddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM569.00

HEIGHTMinimum: 65cm Maximum: 125cm
VARIANTColor: Maple, White, Black

The Armageddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table is a premium electric standing desk with 3 column segments, and board material made from durable MDF (Medium-density fireboard).

For the tabletop, it has an ergo-desk design for the ultra-smooth guide on its 120x60cm surface, which can support a payload of up to 80kg.

There are 4 programmable buttons to save your preset heights for up to 3 height settings, giving you more options to prevent stagnancy—which is the main objective of getting a standing desk. Especially if you get to share the workspace with other people like family members, it’ll only take one click to get it back to your preferred height.

It’d be good to note that its noise level is at 50 dB only. This means no worrying about disturbing other people you are with whenever you feel like you need to change working positions.


  • Sleek design
  • Height memory settings


  • Loading weight of 80kg only

Customer Reviews

To give you an insight into the Armageddon T1 Gaming Table experience, here’s what one of their customers say about it:

“The table is very small as you can see on the picture. But the lift mechanics are really good and silent. Will mount another table-top on it. Shouldn’t be a problem. Price is also good for such a unit. I recommend it. Also the memory function is convenient. Savve your setting and just press a button to sit down or stand up.” -Sasa E.

6.   Evis Smart Desk

Evis Smart Desk_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: Starts at RM2,199.00

HEIGHT660 – 1310mm.
VARIANTWhite, Black, and Walnut

EVIS smart desk enables their clients to work more efficiently and improve concentration by relieving back & neck pain.. It is designed to make both standing and sitting a part of their day.

Unlike others, this desk has 4 programmable buttons that can save the client’s preset heights. This means the client can set four heights that they are comfortable with.

They also provide a 5-year warranty, covering all the mechanism and parts of their product. Furthermore, they are the only height adjustable desk with L shape variants.

People prefer to buy from them because they are the only one who has a fast wireless charging that can be installed seamlessly on the tabletop.

It is important to note that they are usually not on a pre-order basis.


  • Installment is as low as RM109/month
  • Has 3 lifting columns
  • Compact size gear motor
  • Add ons are available for a price
  • Delivers within 10-14 working days


  • Delivery was not explained on their website

7.   ED100 Electrical Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

ED100 Electrical Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM4,888.00

WEIGHT CAPACITYContact for details

Want a better posture while working on your computer? ED100 Electrical Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk may be the perfect standing desk for you.

As an ergonomic sit stand desk, it has a lot of benefits. It can help you achieve a healthier posture which lessens the pressure toward the spine, reducing the risk of back pain.

We think this product is amazing when it comes to productivity because it has been scientifically proven that we work better and faster in a standing position. However, if you prefer to sit down, you may adjust the table to your preferred height.

In comparison to others, its mechanism is the German Ketterer Spindle Memory Switch. Its frame is a powder coated steel (RoHS) and its top table is melamine laminated.


  • 5 years warranty against German KETTERER Spindle
  • Ready stock product/ furniture will be delivered within 2- 3 weeks
  • Offers FREE delivery and installation services for Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang only
  • Memory Switch Setting available


  • Only offers one color
  • RM200 delivery fee for areas out of Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang (West Malaysia)

8.   Stand Compact

Stand Compact_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia

PRICE: RM1,099.00

HEIGHT72cm to 115cm
WEIGHT CAPACITYContact for more information

Tight on a budget but still wants a standing desk? We got you covered, because we present to you, Stand Compact.

Having a cheaper standing desk is nice, especially to those who like to move around once in a while doing their work.

Stand Compact is a motorized-based control height adjustable desk. What’s great about this item is that you can easily move it from one place to another, you will be able to change your working environment once in a while!

Unfortunately, from its name, it is compact and smaller than your typical tables. However, with this feature, you will get to learn how to keep your area clean 24/7


  • Way cheaper compared to other products
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • High Quality Melamine Board (3ft size)


  • Smaller than usual tables

9.  ORION Basic Electric Standing Desk

ORION Basic Electric Standing Desk_standing desk unboxing_trusted malaysia


HEIGHT73cm to 123cm
VARIANTWhite, Black, Walnut Black, Wooden White

Want an electric standing desk for an affordable price? Do not worry, cause we got you.

The ORION Basic Electric Standing Desk is the perfect solution for your modern workplace. This is one of the cheapest electric standing desks on this list.

What’s great about this product is that it offers smooth, powerful height adjustments with a single motor technology. In line with this, it comes with 4, yes you read that right, programmable memory presets.

In comparison to others, this standing desk is enhanced with anti-collision technology to ensure a quiet and safe standing experience. Fun fact, it has a low noise level of under 50dB when adjusting.


  • Single motor technology with powerful yet smooth height adjustments
  • Adjustment speed of approximately 25mm/second
  • Right touch controller for table height adjustment
  • LCD screen that displays current table height
  • 2+1 year warranty against mechanism (frame, motor system, circuit board, control keypad)


  • Unable to accommodate request for specific date and time of delivery

What to Consider in Getting the Best Standing Desk for You

A standing desk is great as an investment not only to your work productivity but also to your overall health in the long run. With that being said, high-quality standing desks can also be a bit expensive especially when you are just starting to upgrade your work experience.

So, how do you get your money’s worth? It is important to know exactly your main purpose, and what you expect to experience when you finally switch from a regular desk to a standing desk.

If you are wondering how to shop for the best one, here are the factors we think you should consider when getting your standing desk:

  • Manual or Automatic Operation

Manual standing desks do not require electricity if you are saving power but also take a bit of your time and energy to get to your preferred working desk height.

Automatic standing desks, on the other hand, have different functions along with saving you the work of getting to the right height.

  • Space Requirements

Since standing desks can be adjusted, it is important to note that they might take up more space than your regular desk. Not only for the standing desk itself, but you should best consider how much working space you need for yourself.

We suggest that you take accurate measurements before purchasing the best standing desk for you.

  • Weight Capacity

Deciding which of your stuff goes on top of your working table is one thing so knowing the standing desk’s weight capacity is necessary. Not only that, but we think it’s also helpful to know how much your items weigh, for your safety and to set your expectations.

  • The Warranty

As mentioned before, standing desks can be pricey because of their objective and functionality. Checking for a warranty is a good habit to start with, especially for motor-operated standing desks.

 In case of malfunction, at least you are ensured to get the problem fixed without spending extra

FAQs About Standing Desks in Malaysia

Now, we hope you all the best in finding the perfect standing desk for you! It’s really all about putting your comfort and its functionality at the forefront of your mind and we hope we helped you with that.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about standing desks you’d like to see on this list! We’d love to hear from you.

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