Best Food Deliveries Malaysia

The 9 Best Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

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In this day and age when everything is just a click or swipe away, having food delivered is now an option. In fact, having food delivered is now easier all thanks to the best food delivery services in Malaysia.

With so many food delivery services and platforms to choose from, we want service that’s reliable, convenient, and fast. After all, our tummies can’t really wait that long, or we’ll become “hangry”.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best food delivery services we can turn to in Malaysia when that sudden urge to eat pops up.

1.  Dahmakan

Nasi Kerabu
Nasi Kerabu via Dahmakan Facebook Official Page
BEST FOR  Malaysian favorites, Chinese, Western, Tealive Combos, and Starbucks Combos
DELIVERY AREA Click here for the delivery area.
CONTACT DETAILS ***Create an account.

Dahmakan goes the extra mile by offering online services with a plethora of Halal dishes and beverages.

We particularly like how Dahmakan has revolutionised the farm to the table experience. It gets fresh ingredients from local suppliers, then its talented team of chefs cooks them to create great meals.

All you need to do is go online or use the app and choose which meals on the menu you’d like to have, add them to the cart, then wait. A simple and seamless transaction for a delightful meal delivered right to your doorstep.

Customer Reviews

Many customers talk about how easy it is to use the Dahmakan app, and also praise the delicious meals and service they can always look forward to. Here’s why they’re all so happy about Dahmakan:

“Foods all nice and healthy. So far the drivers are friendly with a bright smile. The website and phone apps easy to use. Overall, 5 stars for you guys. Good job, and hope you can maintain this 5 stars service.”

“The menu was so easy to use and easy to handle. A friendly user interface and a very good set of menu, That caters to people who can’t eat certain kinds of meat. Thank you for the wonderful service”

“Had a seamless experience placing my order on DahMakan’s website. Looking forward to lunch, every single time I order with you guys. 🙂 Keep up the great work!”

2.  Mammam Deliveries

Ayam Masak Merah
Ayam Masak Merah via Mammam Facebook Official Page
BEST FOR  Ready-to-eat frozen meal production, ready-to-eat chilled meal production, and industrial catering
ADDRESS 32-G Jalan PJS 5/28, Pusat Perdagangan Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 46150

CONTACT DETAILS +60 3-7772-7781

We really can’t resist good old home-cooked meals. Mammam is another popular food delivery service in Malaysia we can use for a fulfilling and complete Halal meal that reminds us of the way our mum, grandmother, or anyone at home cooks it.

Take your pick from the all-time favorite Malaysian dishes like curry, char koay teow, and nasi lemak. It also offers a variety of Chinese, Indian, and western dishes to satisfy any craving and hungry tummy.

Moreover, it does catering services for gatherings. In short, eating great meals without having to work in the kitchen has just been made easier — thanks to Mamman!

3. Meal2U

BEST FOR  Nutritious and tasty meals
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday : 9AM – 5PM

Nothing beats having a tasty, healthy, and time convenient meal at any time of the day. However, with today’s hectic schedules – from working late to balancing social life and everything in between – enjoying a real, made-from scratch nutritious meal together isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Since 2017, Meal2U has been delivering freshly cooked healthy meals to wherever you are. They started with a simple concept of freshly made healthy meals can be eaten anywhere, at any time. Meal2u has also known for providing types of meals you love, while keeping them portion-controlled, fresh and balanced with the help of certified nutritionist.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers have to say about Meal2U:

“Meals provision by this place is exquisite. Ive had my healthy lunch preped by their kitchen since the start of MCO, and to this date, they never fail to reach my expectation. Quality balanced with the cost of food with great macronutrition is hard to come by, so head up and give it a try. Despite not having a storefront, their food are cooked fresh daily. ?”

Here’s another one:

“I got the Vmeals 9 packs. The food all are packed in vacuumed beg so it actually can keep and last for a longer time by keeping in the freezer. This set definitely suit those working adults like me who had got no time to cook yet hoping to eat clean and healthy. Just heat them up using microwave and can eat straight. Just started and manage to try few packets. The taste surprisingly good and portion is consider big to me.”

4.  Delivereat

Delivereat via Official Website
BEST FOR  Sushi King, Chili’s, Sakae Sushi, Morganfield’s, Nandos, Kenny Rogers and Roasters, Subway, Tealive, Yoshinoya and Hanamaru
ADDRESS 29-03-35, The Golden Triangle, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS +603 2780-3883 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Daily 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Despite not having been declared yet as the official food capital of Malaysia, Penang is food haven for all of us Malaysians. Every nook and corner in it is teeming with nothing but great eats.

So it comes as no surprise that an awesome food delivery service like Delivereat brings to our doorstep all the gustatory delights available in Penang. With a whopping list of more than 1500 restaurants to choose from, we can have all kinds of food to our heart’s content.

Certified foodies can have any dish or meal from popular resto giants like Sushi King, Morganfield’s, Kenny Rogers Roaster, Tealive, and the like.

Aside from those, Delivereat also has a wide array of choices for Korean, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, and even some fave local dishes like Mamak.

Vegetarian or on a diet? Guess what — Delivereat has you covered too.

Its health-based and vegetarian cuisine outlets meet all kinds of preferences. This also includes desserts and pastries of all kinds for those with a sweet tooth.

And the more you order—whether online or via the Delivereat app—the more points you get from Delivereat’s loyalty program. As with every loyalty program, that can eventually lead to rewards.

Even if only for that alone, we’d use this delivery service again and again! It doesn’t hurt either that they offer delivery from so many different establishments.

5.  Epic Fit Meals Co.

Baked Fried Chicken
Baked Fried Chicken via Epic Fit Meals Facebook Official Page
BEST FOR  Epic Fit Meals
CONTACT DETAILS +60 3 7772-7781
DELIVERY AREA Click here for the delivery areas.
OPERATING HOURS Daily 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

We want our meals fast and this is the perfect service for that!

Epic Fit Meals Co., promises your order will arrive at your place in as short as 45 minutes. If not, you get a free pizza.

Tracing its roots all the way from Melbourne, Epic Fit Meals Co. delivers some of the famous faves from Melbourne like epic meals, burgers, pizzas, and burritos.

If you do order from Epic Fit Meals Co., try its healthier alternative to deep fried and mouth-watering fried chicken — its BFC a.k.a. Baked Fried Chicken, a best-seller of the house that comes in a spicy variant.

Every meal we get from this food delivery service is not only made from scratch but also Halal certified and cooked only at the time of the order. This makes every meal truly epic and bursting with freshness.

6.  The Rebellious Chickpea

Sweet Thai Kampung Chicken
Sweet Thai Kampung Chicken via The Rebellious Chickpea Facebook Official Page
BEST FOR  Healthy eats
CONTACT DETAILS Whatsapp: 017-745-2137 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

We agree with The Rebellious Chickpea that healthy eating does not have to be bland and boring. The Rebellious Chickpea brings to our table all the delish goodness of healthy food sourced fresh from local markets.

In fact, don’t expect a standard meal or static menu from The Rebellious Chickpea. The menu changes on a weekly basis.

It can range from Manhattan Clam Chowder to Sambal Feta Salad, steamed fish and noodles. What you get is a delightful marriage of freshly-sourced ingredients cooked from scratch — except the pasta.

In case you want to have a healthy meal for a week or even for a day, place your order before 6:00 PM a day before a delivery schedule via call or SMS.

Customer Reviews

Any meal cooked with love always casts a magic spell on it and makes the eating experience more delightful. These clients praised not only the great meals The Rebellious Chickpea provided but also for the wonderful service it rendered them.

“Excellent  wholesome and delicious food.  We recently catered food from The Rebellious Chickpea for our Wellness Retreat in KL and the food and service was absolutely amazing.  The Truffle Scrambled Kampung Eggs and the Quinoa Nasi Lemak was outstanding!!

A special shout out to Edea for your excellent service and we looking forward to working with you again next year :)”

“Every time I’m in KL I like to check out what The Rebellious Chickpea has been up to, and it never fails to delight.  Allison is an amazing chef, and whether that extra 5% is magic or love or something altogether undefinable, she definitely casts a spell with her cooking.  To have food that is this delicious, this healthy, this reasonably priced, and prepared by such nice people is a kind of miracle.  This is one business we should all support!”

7.  QuickSent

Nasi Lemak Cehmang The Big Tree Station
Nasi Lemak Cehmang The Big Tree Station via QuickSent Official Facebook Page
BEST FOR  Halal food
CONTACT DETAILS +60 17-546-4002 | +604 611-9132

[email protected]


Wouldn’t it be great if you could always get amazing meals to eat anytime you want? QuickSent gives you that and so much more.

With more than a thousand menus online, you will never run short of great eats to choose from. There are various Halal restos, cafes, western food, and noodle joints to pick, so you can eat anything to your heart’s content with food delivered in just an hour’s time.

All you need to do is search for restos available in your area, choose a resto and order, pay via Quinpay, then wait. It’s that easy and convenient.

Customer Reviews

Those who’ve tried QuickSent are happy for having found such a convenient platform for food delivery in Malaysia. Orders not only arrive hot, but they are also more affordable compared to other food delivery services.

“Just found this amazing food delivery platform.

The food selection is a lot and i can find many cheap and nice food here.

The attitude from delivery man is nice as well”

“The price of food is cheaper thn other platforms, and the delivery man is super friendly and everytime when i received the food it is still hot!”

Highly recommend??

“Quicksent work superb in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Great app and easy to use compared to other similar app (e.g. foodpanda, hungry, etc). Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

8.  FoodTime

Arab Palace
Arab Palace via FoodTime Facebook Official Page
BEST FOR  App to connect you to restaurants
CONTACT DETAILS + 60 18-203-1218 | [email protected]

App Store:

Play Store:

FoodTime caps off our list of the best food delivery services in Malaysia. This food service app connects you to various restaurants to give you the best access to whatever meal you fancy.

Using the app saves you additional charges and time because you pay only for the meal you ordered as priced by the restaurant of your choice. You can even discover new restos you might want to try out.

Lastly, FoodTime app gives users special discount vouchers from its partner establishments to make eating all the more delightful and affordable.

9. Captain Shrimp

BEST FOR  American, Tex-Mex, Snacks Food Delivery & Mini Catering
CONTACT DETAILS 016-250 5891
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Sun: 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM

With a menu that is both seasonal and always changing under the innovative of their skilled chefs, Captain Shrimp does not display a fixed menu here. However, they have chosen a sample of some of the best selling dishes.

Rest easy knowing that they only use the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the taste of their dishes. Each plate was made by their skilled staff who strictly follow sanitary protocols.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers have to say about Captain Shrimp:

“Decent food for lunch and dinner. Wish they deliver 24 hours more soon, as we work on rotating shift. The BBQ sauces were great. Tacos, Tosada and seafood are recommended.Everything was delicious! Definitely value for money .Portion of the servings is reasonable for sharing within groups. Quesidilla was sooooo delicious, not forgetting the nice birthday preparation by the catering team!”

Here’s another one:

“Captain is my go-to delivery favourite! Love the creativity of the Chef and i am always certain that the food will be delivered within 30 minutes. sometimes i order the food when i am going in for a shower and its unbelievable how its already delivered when i come out. Love the efficiency and speed of these rider. and i ant to highlight your rider Mr Kay, really efficient and great customer service”

And that’s a wrap! Whether you want to have a healthy meal or have a sudden craving, you know which of the best food delivery services in Malaysia you can turn to. Happy eating!

For all the foodie lovers out there, you might want to check out also our lineup of the best breakfast options in Penang. That can help you start your day off right!