Best Flower Delivery in Johor Bahru
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11 Options for the Best Flower Delivery in Johor Bahru

Featured Image Source: Averielle Suleiman via Unsplash

Flowers have an amazing way of making someone feel special. But picking the best ones for the occasions can be a little challenging.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of options for the best flower delivery in Johor Bahru. After all, we don’t want your loved ones to miss out on the joy of receiving a bouquet.

Best Flower Delivery in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru has some of the best flower delivery services in Malaysia. But if you want the best options and services, you should check out our list before you order your flowers.

To help you choose, we’ve picked out the shops that have outstanding flower selections, quality services, and positive customer reviews. Without further ado, it’s time for you to discover the top options for the best flower delivery in Johor Bahru.

1.   A Better Florist

A Better Florist's Bouquet, Facebook
PRICE RANGERM182.00 – RM655.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specific dates
12:00PM – 3:00PM
3:00PM – 6:00PM
PAYMENT METHODSCredit/debit card
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Telephone: +65-3163 1525, +852 5808 7515

Before your run around looking for the best flowers in Johor Bahru, you should check A Better Florist. They focus on providing hassle-free deliveries for people who need affordable and beautiful flowers.

Despite wanting to provide simple, affordable, and beautiful flowers, this shop offers some of the most gorgeous flower designs available. If you want something special, they have seasonal options like the Ayla bouquet that’s beautifully made with sunflowers, white lisianthus, and chrysanthemum.

As a seasoned floral delivery service, they are fully capable of delivering flowers throughout Malaysia. In other words, A Better Florist has the services you need to send your thoughts to the ones you love.


  • Deliver anywhere in Malaysia
  • Free delivery


  • Limited payment options
  • Limited flower options

2.   Mazzo Di Fiore

Mazzo Di Fiore's Bouquet, Facebook
PRICE RANGERM60.00 – RM2,800.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specific dates, pick up
12:00PM – 3:00PM
3:00PM – 6:00PM
6:00PM – 9:00PM
PAYMENT METHODSCredit/debit card, FPX, Boost, GrabPay, Shopee Pay, Touch N’ Go, Maybank QRPay, Paypal
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Telephone: +607-513 6612  
WhatsApp: +6018-777 5562

If you want to send your thoughts through flowers, Mazzo Di Fiore can help you do that and more. Staffed with professional floral designers who participate in floral competitions, this shop has some of the most creative flower designs in Johor Bahru.

They have dozens of options that you can get for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Moon Festival. They also sell pastries that you can send together with your flowers for an extra sweet surprise.

With their wide selection of beautiful bouquets, Mazzo Di Fiore can help you create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. You might even end up as one of their loyal customers after a few orders.


  • 24/7 online service
  • Floral certification courses available


  • Additional shipping charges for specific locations

Customer Review

One of their satisfied customers, Rishen Shekhar, left this review:

“Highly recommend these guys! Ordered online the team from MDF were in touch via WhatsApp throughout the order process and even texted a photo when the flowers were delivered. Being overseas, knowing that orders / deliveries are handled with so much care is very comforting! Will definitely use their services again!”

3.   BloomThis

BloomThis' Bouquet, Facebook
DELIVERY LOCATIONSJohor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur / Selangor, Penang
PRICE RANGERM60.00 – RM890.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specific dates
DELIVERY HOURS10:00AM – 1:00PM 10:00AM – 6:00PM
PAYMENT METHODSCredit/debit card, FPX, GrabPay, Boost
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Telephone: +607-513 6612  
WhatsApp: +60 12-689 0215

Do you need flowers for a special day that’s coming up? BloomThis offers stylish flowers for dates, anniversaries, and even weddings.

Founded in 2015, this flower shop specializes in creating breathtaking flower arrangements for weddings and special occasions. They have beautiful corsages and bridal bouquets to cover the most memorable day of your love life.

Aside from wedding flowers, they also have unique options like a do-it-yourself floral kit. You can impress your loved ones with your own personalized set of flowers.

From big events to intimate moments, BloomThis can help you create happy moments with the ones you love.


  • Exclusive reward points
  • Free greeting card
  • Offer weekly flower subscriptions
  • Express delivery option


  • Limited delivery time slots

Customer Review

Here’s what one customer, Sheila, had to say about their wedding flowers:

“The decor was perfect. My guests were super impressed. BloomThis made may wedding sooo beautiful!”

Another customer, Faris Izzuddin, left this review:

“This is my third time using BloomThis services, they have always been so wonderfull, the services are excellent.Im proud to say im a happy customer”

4.   Happy Moments

Happy Moment' Flowers, Facebook
PRICE RANGERM119.00 – RM800.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specified dates
DELIVERY HOURSMonday – Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
PAYMENT METHODSiPay88 – Credit/debit card, Paypal, FPX, Bank Transfer
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Telephone: +6017-212 2166

If you want quick and hassle-free delivery, you might want to check out Happy Moments. Known for their pleasant service and fast deliveries, they’re easily one of the best flower delivery shops in Johor Bahru.

They have a wide selection of flowers that are perfect for occasions like birthdays, graduations, and weddings. They even have adorable flower baskets that make for great get-well-soon gifts.

From flower stands for grand openings to rose-filled bouquets, they’re a one-stop-shop for all your floral needs.


  • Wide range of payment options
  • 2 Branches in Johor Bahru


  • No refund policy

Customer Review

One of their customers, Chevynn Ng, wrote:

“Amazing service and really really nice people! Despite my request for impromptu and erratic delivery times, they weren’t mad or impatient at all. Thank you.”

Here’s another comment from a customer named Sue Tan:

“Highly recommended . Very efficient services. Thanks to Yean of Happy moments Larkin for the fast response to my enquiries and for the excellent services rendered.”

5.   Tiny Times Florist

Tiny Time Florist's Bouquet, Facebook
PRICE RANGERM109.00 – RM2,420
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specific dates
2:00PM – 6:00PM
PAYMENT METHODSiPay88 – Credit/debit card
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Telephone: +607-562 8833

If you’re looking for elegant flower arrangements, this may be the perfect flower delivery in Johor Bahru for you. Tiny Times Florist have some of the most classy designs you can get your hands on.

By using imported and top-quality goods, this shop offers incredible bouquets and arrangements for every celebration. Their services include flower arrangements and custom-made products that will surely put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

They even design beautiful bridal car decorations and bridal bouquets for weddings. With over 100 bouquets and flower stands to choose from, Tiny Times Florist is a great choice for important moments.


  • ProsOffers flower arrangement classes
  • Free flower delivery in Johor Bahru


  • Pricey bouquets

6.   PS Floral Atelier

DELIVERY LOCATIONSWithin 50km from Johor Bahru
PRICE RANGEContact for more details
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specified dates, pick up
PAYMENT METHODSCredit Card, Paypal, E-Wallet, Cash, Bank Transfer
CONTACT INFORMATION+60 177506095 | +65 90692940
[email protected]

PS Floral Atelier goes above and beyond just to offer you the best quality flower arrangements. Their designs are modern and very classy. 

Their customer service is excellent. They are responsive, flexible, and will update you every step of the way to make sure the delivery arrives on time. 

This is the best place to order flowers and plants as gifts for your loved ones. The team is very passionate about their craft and is full of love.


  • Prompt service
  • Wide range of products


  • Does not deliver throughout Malaysia

Customer Review

Here’s a review from one of PS Floral Atelier’s clients:

“Thank you so much for the impeccable service provided. Guiding and updating me every step along the way. Its incredibly comforting to know such great service still exist.” -Melva Chia

“Beautiful bouquet , fast and responsive customer service on Whatsapp! Highly recommend.” -Joey Jiyayi Choong

7.   One Florist

DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, specified dates
PAYMENT METHODSContact for more details
[email protected]

One Florist is a retail flower shop that offers a wide range of flower bouquets and gifts. From birthday parties to funerals, they have everything!

They believe that every flower possesses a type of beauty that tells a story. With their customized bouquets, you will definitely get the flowers and design you are eyeing for.

With their professional and compassionate florists, working together and creating a flower arrangement will be really easy yet it will still stun and take your breath away.


  • Wide range of products
  • Customized floral arrangements


  • Services can be improved

Customer Review

Here’s a review from one of One Florist’s clients:

“Really love their service very fast!! And their flower is also very nice not only pretty but also very big and tall!!”

Here’s another one:

“Creative, friendly, and accommodative”

8.   Laurels & Leafz Flora Sdn Bhd

DELIVERY OPTIONSPick-up, same day, scheduled dates
DELIVERY HOURSEverydays 10:00am – 6:00pm
PAYMENT METHODSContact for more details
CONTACT INFORMATIONTel : 6011-6353 0989 / 6012-702 3678
Mail : [email protected]

Laurels & Leafz was established in 2015. They believe this will be an environment where we can design beautiful and innovative products and deliver quality products to our customers.

In comparison to other shops, they offer a large selection of fresh flowers. From budget-friendly arrangements to flowers that fit into any type of occasion.

What’s unique about them is aside from flowers, they also have classes that anyone can take. They have three courses for entrepreneurs and two online classes.

A lot clients left a positive review on their Facebook page. To summarize them, most of them said that they were pleased that they bought flowers from Laurels & Leafz and that they were not disappointed with its quality and longevity.


  • Wide range of flowers
  • Efficient communication


  • Need to contact for payment methods

Customer Review

Here are some reviews left by the clients on their Facebook Page:

“Extremely happy with purchase! Love that I can customize my purchase online by speaking to the lady boss herself. She is ever so accommodating and kind. Her creations are always on point and fantastic! Love it !!!”

“Employed their service on multiple occasions. Flowers did not disappoint and the service is impeccable. Highly recommend this florist.💯”

9.   Sticky Desserts

DELIVERY LOCATIONSJohor Bahru, Skudai, Tampoi
PRICE RANGERM65.00 to RM399.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSContact for details
DELIVERY HOURSContact for details
PAYMENT METHODSVISA, MAstercard, ipay88, PayPal, Bank Transfer, GrapPay

Sticky Desserts does not only have flowers but also fruits, cakes, chocolates, and balloons.

Talking about flowers, they have same-day delivery bouquets and pre-order bouquets.

What we like about them is that aside from fresh flowers, they also have bouquets and baskets made out of food. A few examples would be their Ferrero Chocolate bouquet, Nescafe bouquet, and their fruit basket with a floral arrangement.

Unlike other shops, they offer surprise deliveries and room surprise decoration. This will allow you to add more spark to your relationship by sending an unexpected curated package perfect for them!


  • Shares tips on how to take care of their flowers
  • Customized orders are accepted


  • Delivery hours are unavailable

Customer Review

Here are some reviews left by the clients on their Facebook Page:

“Fabulous money bouquet. Entertain every details of my request.. Easy to negotiate. Thanks for your excellent service.”

“Thanks Sticky D for the excellent service.. 👍❤️

“√Good service √Able to entertain last minute order √Items are in good condition. √Beautiful flower bouquet √Excellent service √Price affordable √Easy to negotiate √Recommended”

10.   Floral Bar

DELIVERY LOCATIONSContact for details
PRICE RANGEStarts from RM38.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSContact for details
DELIVERY HOURSContact for details
PAYMENT METHODSContact for details
CONTACT INFORMATIONPhone: +6018-230 3381
Email: [email protected]

Floral Bar believes in sending love with actions through flowers and gifts. The creative florist behind the shop is Yanni Lim.

What’s great about her is that her style of arrangement is a mixture of flowers and forest. They were founded in 2016 and continues to provide a full range of flower arrangement services.

In comparison to other companies, they have an easy interface wherein you can immediately search for the flowers you are looking for. From bouquets, congratulatory, and wreath stand to dried and preserved flowers and silk flowers, they have it.

Aside from flower delivery, they also have a series of hobby workshops that can help you release tension and at the same time gain knowledge on being a florist.


  • 24/7 Flower and Gift Shop
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Custom gifts and decorations


  • Delivery information is unavailable

11.   Flower Chimp

PRICE RANGERM89.00 – RM509.00
DELIVERY OPTIONSSame-day delivery, scheduled delivery
DELIVERY HOURSSame Day Delivery on Orders before 5:00PM (Mon-Sat)
PAYMENT METHODSCredit/debit card/ Online Payment
(Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm)
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]

Flower Chimp is a florist store that is considered among the finest in the country, with 4.8 stars based on 10,970 evaluations from customers in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

We believe their online experience to be very helpful and informative in that it allows customers to quickly browse across the platform to explore their options and pre-arranged creations depending on their events.

They may use a broad variety of flower varieties to make more floral arrangements that are suitable for every event and the client’s specific preferences.

Another feature we like is that they provide free same-day delivery in the region for orders placed before 5 p.m., which not only saves money for the customer but also ensures that their goods arrive on time.

Clients may also receive and contact their experienced florists for further guidance on caring for their floral arrangements, as well as communicate with flower delivery specialists to stay up to date on the status and location of their orders at any time.


  • Accommodates same day delivery
  • Employs specialists best-rated for the job
  • wide variety of options to choose from
  • Customizable selections


  • Some flowers may vary in availability

FAQs About Flower Delivery in Johor Bahru

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or weddings, these shops have flowers for occasions big and small. The only thing you have to do now is to pick the perfect flower delivery in Johor Bahru for the occasion.

Did this article help you find the best flower delivery in Johor Bahru? Share your thoughts— send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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