Best Exercise Bikes in Malaysia
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The 5 Best Exercise Bikes in Malaysia

When it comes to finding the perfect exercise bike for you, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for. This can be troubling but the good news is now that you’ve put your mind to achieving your fitness goals, we can help you figure out how!

Come on and check out this list of the best exercise bikes in Malaysia that we put together below and get ready to add one of them to your cart!

The Best Exercise Bikes in Malaysia

We have provided a list of the best exercise bikes we could find in Malaysia together with their specs, prices, and features. Read on to find more about these products!

1.   Nordictrack VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nordictrack VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike_exercise bike unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM 4,290

Maximum User Weight125 kg
Resistance Levels25
Display5” Backlit iFit Display
Heart Rate MonitorEKG Grip Pulse
Programs32 workout apps
Flywheel9 kg
Dimensions149.8 cm x 56.51 cm x 132.08 cm
WarrantyLifetime for frame and brake, 2 years for parts, 1 year for labor

The Nordictrack VR21 Recumbent Exercise Bike is the exercise bike you need with its 25 resistance levels and 32 preset workout apps. You can also connect it to your iFit Coach account easily.

These preset workout apps can be accessed by selecting a goal for the day and the programs will pop up for your selection. These are all guaranteed to help you in your fitness journey as they were designed by personal trainers.

There are 2 ways to change the resistance levels. You can either use the OneTouch control on the console of the bike or controls at the side of the bike’s seat.

Now, since it’s a recumbent exercise bike, it features a ventilated lumbar-supported seat. The purpose of this is that lessens stress on your back while promoting lower impact cross-training as you lean on the seat.

The distance from the seat to the console can also be adjusted — all you have to do is glide the seat. However, you can’t adjust the seat height.

It has a heart rate monitor but you’ll have to purchase a separate Bluetooth chest strap for this to be effective. It also has a fan that self-adjusts based on the type of workout you are doing.

It has front wheels built in front of it for easy transportation around your home which is great if you’re someone who likes to switch up your workout areas a lot.


  • Has a self-adjusting fan
  • Lumbar-supported seat
  • Has 25 resistance levels
  • Has 32 preset workout apps


  • Flywheel is not magnetic
  • Seat height is not adjustable
  • Requires separate Bluetooth chest strap for heart rate monitor

Customer Reviews

Check out this review by a recent buyer who purchased this product:

“Good arrived a bit late due to PKP situations . Good well packed. Installation process was easy. “  -h*****r

2.   Reebok GB40 Upright Exercise Bike

Reebok GB40 Upright Exercise Bike_exercise bike unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM 2,388

Maximum User Weight110 kg
Resistance Levels8 levels
Display5.5” LCD Display
Heart Rate MonitorIntegrated hand pulse sensors
Programs1 manual, 3 target options
Flywheel Weight6 kg
Dimensions100(L) cm x 52(W) cm x 130(H) cm
Warranty15 days return on Shopee*

Reebok’s GB40 Upright Exercise Bike has 4 different programs and 8 resistance levels you can choose from based on your fitness goals for the day.

Of those 4 different programs, 3 of them are used to encourage you to level up your exercises per day. The 4th one is a manual program that you can use for no-pressure biking sessions.

It’s integrated with a hand pulse sensor to be able to detect your heart rate and let you know if it’s time to slow down or stop biking for the day. It also comes with a 5.5” LCD monitor to show you your important statistics such as distance, time, heart rate, etc.

Like most exercise bikes, you can change the seat height to your preference by untwisting the screw and adjusting it. Just be sure to screw it back on properly to avoid any accidents.

Now, the pedals on this exercise bike have straps to keep your feet perfectly in place as you bike your time away. It also has a handy water bottle holder to keep you hydrated.

Although there have been a few complaints about the LED display being a bit too dim but, other than that, it’s a pretty decent bike.


  • Gel padded seat
  • Has 8 resistance levels
  • Has 4 workout programs
  • Seat is adjustable vertically


  • No transpo wheels
  • No emergency brake
  • LED display is a bit dim
  • Flywheel is not magnetic
  • Not ideal for those looking for a heavy-duty exercise bike

Customer Reviews

Take a look at these buyers’ reviews and their pleasant experience with this product:

“Items recieved in good condition. Functioning as it should be. Self-assemble took some time but now its up and ready. Manual book was abit too simple, should had shown some details esppecially on the pedals installation. Spent some time to figure it out. Anyway, its still a grat product and worth”  – azizulfaiz

“Wow!My dad enjoyed this bike so so so much !!! Reccomend 100% 🤩🤩🤩😭😭😭🙄🙄🙄😍😍😤😤😤😻😻😻😻😻😻💗💗💗💗💗🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉💘💘💘💘😱😱😱😱”  -jadehemmings

3.   Semi Commercial Magnetic Upright Bike XC8742

Semi Commercial Magnetic Upright Bike XC8742_exercise bike unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM 3,588

Maximum User Weight135 kg
Resistance Levels15 adjustable resistance levels
DisplayLCD Display
Heart Rate MonitorIntegrated hand pulse sensors
Programs4 exercise programs
Flywheel Weight6 kg
Dimensions113(L) cm x 52.5(W) cm x 147(H) cm
Warranty1 year

The Semi Commercial Magnetic Upright Bike XC8742 offers you ultra-smooth rides with its 15 resistance levels and whisper-quiet machinery. These 15 resistance levels give you programs for walking, cardio exercise, slimming, and body shaping.

The 6kg flywheel is magnetic which is the reason why it causes minimal to no noise while you’re on the machine so you can workout at night without waking anyone.

It has a built-in pulse sensor at the handlebar. You can view your pulse rate on the LCD monitor that also displays your speed, time, distance, calories burnt, and even your odo.

You can adjust the seat both horizontally to move further away from the console and vertically to adjust it for your height. The pedals also have straps to provide you with extra stability during your biking session.

While it doesn’t have any transportation wheels, you can still easily and safely move this bike around your home since it has an attachable pulling handle at the bottom.


  • LCD monitor for stats
  • Whisper-quiet machine
  • Has 15 resistance levels
  • Seat is adjustable horizontally and vertically


  • No transpo wheels
  • No self-adjusting fan
  • No emergency brake
  • No water bottle holder

4.   Kemilng Exercise Bike K850

Kemilng Exercise Bike K850_exercise bike unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM 445

Maximum User Weight150 kg
Resistance Levels8 resistance levels
DisplayOnly comes with a tablet holder
Heart Rate MonitorHandlebar integrated pulse rate sensor
ProgramsNot mentioned
Flywheel Weight8 kg
Dimensions97(L) cm x 50(W) cm x 106(H) cm
Warranty2 years (wheel bearing)

If you follow the Shopee link above, you’ll see 3 different options for the Kemilng bikes but we’ll be focusing on what we think is the best one: theKemilng Exercise Bike K850. It’s the most updated model and it comes in a cool Red & Black duo.

It comes with 8 resistance levels to assist you in all stages of a workout from warming up to muscle building, including body modelling and cardio workouts. The resistance levels can be adjusted by twisting the knobs since there isn’t a console where you can just press the buttons.

It has a meter that displays all the important stats like your time, speed, distance, and pulse rate which is detected through the pulse rate sensor on the handlebar.

In front of the meter, there’s a gadget holder where you can place either your phone or your tablet so you can watch all your favorite movies while you work out.

The belt, while outside of the machine, is fully covered so you don’t have to worry about your kids sticking their fingers in it or grazing your legs on it as you hop on and off your bike. It also has front-facing wheels so you can move your bike around your home with no fuss.


  • Seat is adjustable vertically
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Fully-covered belt for child safety


  • No self-adjusting fan
  • No emergency brake
  • Flywheel is not magnetic

5.   Adsports AD-747 Swing Spinning Exercise Bicycle

Adsports AD-747 Swing Spinning Exercise Bicycle_exercise bike unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM 672

Maximum User Weight150 kg
Resistance Levels8 resistance levels
DisplayOnly comes with a tablet holder
Heart Rate MonitorHandlebar integrated pulse rate sensor
ProgramsManual operation only
Flywheel WeightNot mentioned
Dimensions1060(L) mm x 500(W) mm x 920 (H) mm
Warranty1 year warranty

The Adsports AD-747 Swing Spinning Exercise Bicycle is an affordable one with a lot of special features.

Unlike most exercise bikes, this one has a knob that lets you adjust the resistance without any specific levels. One of the best things about this bike is it has a safety brake which is really important in case you ever find yourself going at a speed that’s too much for you.

This bike comes with a digital display status which shows you the calories you’ve burnt, your speed, distance & time you’ve “travelled” as well as your heart’s pulse rate. This pulse rate is detected by the pulse rate sensor on the bike’s adjustable handlebar.

We recommend getting this if you’re someone who likes to slip a little bit of workout time at night because it has ultra-quiet machinery that will keep you from disturbing the sleeping people in your home.

Installed at the front are wheels for easy transportation around your home if you ever feel like a change of workout scenery is needed for the day. The belt is also safely covered which is good for those with kids at the home.

The purchase of this exercise bike also comes with a nice little water bottle.


  • Ultra-quiet machinery
  • Handle height is adjustable
  • Comes with more freebies and workout kits
  • Has emergency brake function
  • Seat is adjustable vertically and horizontally


  • No self-adjusting fan
  • No workout programs available

Customer Reviews

You might want to check this customer’s feedback to find out his thoughts about this product:

“Alhamdulillah..brg dah Smpai,penghantaran yg cepat,kualiti baik,harga berpatutan,ada cenderahati lagi..Excellent by Seller dan Agen penghantaran..Trbaikkkkk..hidup gaya sihat..”  -hjabubakarahmad5201

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Exercising Bike in Malaysia

1. Weight limit

Your bike’s maximum weight capacity should be able to support your weight. You definitely don’t want to purchase a bike that cannot support your weight since that would just be a huge waste of your money.

We suggest you buy a bike that supports a maximum weight capacity of more than your own weight just to be on the safer side.

2. Comfortability

You might want to consider your bike’s comfortability first before purchasing it. You will be spending your time sweating and contracting different muscles so it’s best to say that a bike you feel comfortable on will minimize the burden you will be experiencing once you start exercising.

3. Ease of assembly

One of the most common problems we go through after buying an exercise bike is assembling it after it is delivered to us. Assembling an exercise bike can really be challenging.

Before buying one, make sure that your bike is easy to assemble and your manual is simple enough to understand on your own.

4. Safety measures

Having kids around your area is a big risk as they might play with your bike parts and end up getting hurt. You must consider your bike has all the necessary safety precautions like covered belts for you and your kid’s safety.

FAQs about Exercise Bikes in Malaysia

Exercising doesn’t always have to be a tedious task that you hate. With the right machines, you’ll actually find it quite enjoyable and one day you’ll find yourself excited for your daily workouts.

With our list of the best exerciser bikes in Malaysia, we hope to help you achieve all your fitness goals! Please feel free to keep us updated on which exercise bike you decided to go with and if it really was as good as we said.

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