Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau: Why You Should Go There [+ Its Best Beaches!]

Balik Pulau is one of the more underrated towns in Penang. This hidden gem is the epitome of tranquillity, boasting the best beaches in Penang, featuring pristine sands, healthy marine life, turquoise waters and more.

These beaches haven’t received the recognition they deserve—until now. Here, we’ll provide you with a virtual tour of the different beaches offered in Balik Pulau to help you get started on your beach getaway.

We’ve also included a guide to answer all your questions before visiting, from where you stay, how to get there and more. Let’s get started!

What are Balik Pulau’s best beaches?

Pantai Pasir Panjang

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Address: Pulau Betong, 11000, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

How to get there:

  • You can easily get to Pantai Pasir Panjang by riding a bus (number 502) from Weld Quay. Alternatively, you can rent a car, book a ride through Grab or ride a taxi.

Pantai Pasir Panjang is arguably the premier beach of Balik Pulau, as it’s the perfect example of untouched beauty. Also known as Long Beach, this pristine shore features golden sands that span over 3 kilometres along the southwestern coast of Balik Pulau.

These sands become extra golden once sunset comes as the orange sky bleeds into the horizon, creating a must-see view for all its guests. Aside from its sands, one thing that makes it such a paradise-like destination is its calm waters.

These serene waters make it perfect to wind down and enjoy refreshing dips or paddle boating—the choice is yours!

Pro tips:

  • The golden sands can be a bit too hot, especially during the afternoon so make sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes!
  • The beach features limited amenities so be sure to bring all your necessities like sunscreen, water and snacks.

Pantai Malindo Balik Pulau

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Address: Kuala Sungai Burung, Jalan Bharu, 11010 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

How to get there:

  • The best way to get to Malindo Beach is by renting a car or a motorcycle, as you’ll get to enjoy a scenic ride. We recommend taking Teluk Kumbar from Georgetown, which will take around 45 minutes to complete.

Pantai Malindo offers a different kind of beach vibe from Pantai Pasir Panjang. This is because this beach features a much livelier atmosphere thanks to the hawker stalls found on the shores, where you can feast on delicious Malaysian street food.

That’s not to say that this beach isn’t serene, however, as it features picturesque sceneries consisting of palm trees and peaceful shorelines. Aside from that, you can also catch glimpses of Pulau Betong, making the view even more charming!

If you want to see the most spectacular views of this beach, we recommend visiting at around 5:00 PM. This is because it features a beautiful sunset that further amplifies the silhouette of the aforementioned Betong Island, which is a magnificent sight to see.

Pro tips:

  • If you’re looking to do something more adventurous, you can ride a kayak through the nearby mangroves!
  • The beach features various rocky outcrops so be sure to wear durable and comfy shoes.

Monkey Beach

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Address: Jalan Hassan Abas, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

How to get there:

  • The only way to get to Monkey Beach is by hiking through Penang National Park. If you want to skip the hike, you can take the boat from Teluk Behang that will take you directly to the beach.

Monkey Beach is one of the most unique beaches near Balik Pulau because of the variety of wildlife it possesses. 

It gained its name because of its resident long-tailed macaques, a species of monkeys that are known to forage the shores for crabs. You can find these majestic animals along the beach, which adds to the overall secluded vibe of the beach—pretty cool!

Reaching the beach is a memorable experience in itself, as you’ll have to hike through a 3-kilometre trail—hooray for adventures!

Pro tips:

  • Avoid visiting during the monsoon season (November to February), as waves can get more intense during this time.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

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Address: Jalan Batu Ferringhi Batu Ferringhi, 11100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

How to get there:

  • You can get to Batu Ferringhi Beach by riding the Rapid Penang bus #501 from Teluk Bahang. This bus will take you to Tanjung Tokong, which is within walking distance of Batu Ferringhi Beach.

If you’re willing to travel a bit of distance from Balik Pulau, we recommend stopping by Batu Ferringhi Beach at least once. This is arguably the best beach in Penang because of its stunning coastline and beautiful waters.

The water here is mostly calm, which opens the door to several watersport activities like paddling, wakeboarding, parasailing and more. Meanwhile, if you prefer a more peaceful experience, this is still a great option, as the vibes along the shore are pretty chill as well.

Plus, tons of luxurious hotels and resorts are located here so you might as well check them out if you’re planning to stay overnight in Penang!

Pro tips:

  • Don’t worry if you forgot to pack your snacks, as the beach is lined with various cafes, restaurants and hawker stalls!
  • If you prefer a livelier atmosphere, we recommend visiting at night, as this is when clubs will open their doors for those seeking to experience exciting nightlife.
  • This beach can get crowded, as it’s one of the most famous beaches in the country. If you prefer a quieter experience, we recommend visiting on weekdays or during the off-peak season.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit a tropical paradise like this would be during the sunniest season, which spans from April to May. This type of weather makes it perfect for soaking in the beach and enjoying various water sports..

Meanwhile, if you don’t want the overbearing heat of the sun, you can still enjoy pleasant weather from January to February and June to July.

For the frugal travellers out there, we recommend visiting in September or October. These months aren’t necessarily the sunniest of the year but visiting at these times may treat you to lower rates on your hotels and plane tickets.

As much as possible, we’d recommend avoiding visiting in December, as it has the highest chance of rain throughout the year in Balik Pulau.

As far as festivals go, one notable event that we recommend you experience is the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. During this time, you may get the chance to witness colourful dragonboat races and other kinds of performances.

Where to Stay

Nature Fruit Farm Resort

Address: 311 mk 7, Kampung Genting, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 11-5675 9128

Pricing: $$

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If you don’t want to break your connection with nature during your visit to Balik Pulau, we recommend staying at Nature Fruit Farm Resort. This place will make you feel like you’re staying in Bali, as you’ll get to enjoy your own villa in the middle of lush greeneries.

Each villa comes with premium amenities that are on par with rooms found in 5-star hotel rooms. Plus, you can also book a suite that comes with its own outdoor pool so you can cool off anytime you want if the hot Penang weather gets a bit too overwhelming.

Fig Tree Hill Resort

Address: Jl. Kenari, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 19-362 0270

Pricing: $$$

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Fig Tree Hill Resort is one of the most special places you can stay in Balik Pulau because it combines magnificent views with world-class rooms and amenities. 

The views that you’ll be provided here will be lush forests as far as the eye can see, which is thanks to the resort’s elevated location. As for the rooms themselves, they’re nothing short of premium quality, as they’re spacious and fitted with all the necessities you need.

Lastly, there’s also a huge outdoor pool where you can wind down and splash around while admiring the surrounding panoramic views.

Olive Tree Hotel Penang

Address: 76, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Sunway Tunas, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 4-637 7777

Pricing: $$$

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Olive Tree Hotel Penang is a five-star establishment that will spoil you with premium rooms, amenities and facilities. It’s a bit steep price-wise but if you have some extra funds, this is a great place to stay in, especially if you’re celebrating something special.

The rooms here are spacious and each one provides a magnificent view of the city as well as its surrounding areas. It only gets better when you head outside too, as you’ll get to enjoy the hotel’s facilities including their in-house restaurant and outdoor pool—pretty awesome, right?

Eureka Hotel Penang

Address: 5-2-1,5-3-1,5-4-1, Persiaran Mahsuri, The Promenade, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +6046116189

Pricing: $-$$

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Eureka Hotel Penang is one of the best options for budget travellers, as it gives the best bang for your buck. This isn’t to say that the rooms are cheap—in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

For starters, each suite is relatively spacious and neat, which are two of the most important things to look for in a hotel room. Plus, it also helps that they’re equipped with essential amenities like hot water, air conditioning and soft plush beds.

It may not have anything to offer as far as facilities, but it does feature a great location, being near stores, restaurants and other establishments.

M Qube Hotel Penang

Address: 22 A,B,C&D, Jalan Aziz Ibrahim, Kampung Sungai Nibong, 11900 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 16-773 7773

Pricing: $

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If you’re on a super tight budget but don’t want to settle for shady motels, then M Qube Hotel Penang should be right up your alley. It’s a capsule hotel that features well-maintained pods that come complete with comfortable beds, pillows and of course, toiletries.

It’s perfect for backpackers or those who aren’t necessarily looking for lavish places to stay. Plus, if you’re too busy exploring Balik Pulau and its beaches, then this should be more than enough for your temporary crash pad.

Where to Eat

Kim Kim Balik Pulau(友谊海鲜煮炒)

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Address: No. 858-A, Taman Sri Indah, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 4-240 2583

Pricing: $-$$

Kim Kim Balik Pulau(友谊海鲜煮炒) is one of the best places to eat if you’re looking for the best value for your money. They serve fresh and delicious seafood that are prepared in various ways, and the best part is that they won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Among their offerings, we recommend ordering the tomyam soup the most, as we think they’ve nailed the recipe to a tee. It features the right balance of sourness and spiciness, which we absolutely love.

Kim Laksa Balik Pulau

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Address: Nan guang kopitiam, 67 main road, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 17-446 4959

Pricing: $

If you’re looking for the best laksa in town, look no further than Kim Laksa Balik Pulau. This humble restaurant serves a by-the-book version of this dish and it won’t cost you a fortune–win-win!

From the texture of the noodles to the flavour of the broth, they’ve really perfected this recipe, which is why we recommend it for first-time tasters of laksa. It also helps that they serve a wide variety of drinks, one of which is white nutmeg, which perfectly contrasts laksa noodles.

Penang Hai Boey Seafood

Address: MK 9, 29, Jalan Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 13-488 1114

Pricing: $-$$


Penang Hai Boey Seafood offers one of the best dining experiences in Balik Pulau. They take freshness to a whole other level, as the dishes they serve on the customer’s table are straight out of the fish tanks they have inside the restaurant.

Not only will it serve you the best seafood in town, but it will also give you a view of the glistening sea as you eat! As much as possible, we recommend eating here at around 5:00 PM so that you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset while you’re eating.

Views-aside, however, this is still one of the most solid restaurants you can choose because of the variety it offers. Some of the best ones they offer here include mantis prawns, crabs, lobsters and more.

Paddy Fields Diner

Address: 609, Jalan, Pulau Betong, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 11-3687 5277

Pricing: $-$$


Paddy Fields Diner offers a wide variety of Western dishes, which is great for those who’re looking for something other than seafood. For instance, they offer an amazing version of fish and chips that are on par with what you’ll get in England–pretty cool, right?

They also serve a full English breakfast, complete with huge sausages, perfectly cooked eggs and beans—yum! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something more local, they also serve satays that are grilled to perfection.

Pearl Kitchen (Little Yellow House)

Pearl Kitchen (Little Yellow House)
(Photo from: Pearl Kitchen)

Address: Opposite SMJK Sacred Heart High School, No 97, Jalan Besar, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-455 5519

Pricing: $-$$


Pearl Kitchen is a great vegetarian spot that doesn’t fall short on delicious dishes. Don’t be fooled by its all-vegan menu, as you’ll get to taste amazing flavours that you’ll be surprised you’ve never tried in your life!

One thing we wanted to highlight about the dishes served here is their generous servings. A single order can easily be shared by two persons—pretty neat!

Also, the presentation of these dishes is amazing as well, as they’re vibrant and appetising.

Other Things to Do in Balik Pulau

Enjoy a scenic ride through the paddy fields

One thing we love about Balik Pulau is that it will make you feel like you’re in a movie. A perfect example of when you can experience this is when you ride a bicycle through the lush paddy fields found across the town.

This is one of those things that you can do to get away from the stress of your daily hustle and just get lost in the serene ambience of the fields.

There are even some notable sights to see along the way, one of which is the 40-foot-tall mural that depicts a farmer who’s hard at work.

Go on an exciting ATV Tour

Address: 298, Mukim I, Kampung Perlis, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 13-480 3866


One of the most adrenaline-inducing things you can do in Balik Pulau is to go on an exciting ATV tour. This tour is helmed by a company called Penang ATV Eco Tour and they’ll let you cruise through the most beautiful sights of this small town!

The trail spans around 10 kilometres and it features both road and off-road trails—perfect for thrillseekers! You also won’t have to worry about safety, as you’ll be guided by experts as you ride through the trail.

Meet and interact with adorable goats

Address: 298 Mukim 1 Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 19-516 3017


If you have kids with you, we recommend stopping by Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. This place features a variety of these cute animals and the best part is that you can even interact with them by feeding them their favourite snacks, taking photos alongside them and more!

You can also learn a thing or two about these animals while you’re here, whether it be their behaviours to how they’re milked and anything in between.

Speaking of being milked, you can also purchase all the products that are produced by these farm animals. This includes milk, cheese, yoghurt and more.

Learn new cooking techniques at the Tropical Spice Garden

Address: Lot 595 Mukim, 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-423 6797


Tropical Spice Garden is a great place to visit if you’re looking to learn something new during your trip to Balik Pulau. Here, you’ll get to learn about different kinds of spices, some of which you may not have even seen or heard of before!

But that’s just the beginning, as you’ll also discover new cooking methods that are taught through the garden’s guided cooking school.