Differences Between Telcos

The Differences between Telcos in Malaysia and which Service Suits You Best

Choosing the right telco can be a real pickle, can’t it? With the Malaysian telecommunication market offering a smorgasbord of options, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re going to slice and dice the top offerings, so you can pick the service that fits you like a glove.

So, let’s dive in, shall we? Get ready to navigate the telecom waters with ease and confidence. Your perfect telco match is just around the corner!



Maxis, the well-known top dog of Malaysian telecoms, is like that dependable friend who always shows up, rain or shine. They serve up super speedy internet, both in buzzing Kuala Lumpur and the quaint, quiet corners of Cameron Highlands.

And they’ve got packages to suit all manner of folks. You’ve got ‘MaxisONE Plan 98’, offering 40GB of data with unlimited calls and SMS at MYR 98/month. And for those of you who burn through data like a hot knife through butter, they’ve got ‘MaxisONE Plan 188’. 

A staggering 100GB of data, unlimited calls, and SMS at MYR 188/month. The catch? Maxis does love a good price tag, but hey, quality service comes at a price, right?

Pro tip: Combine your Maxis mobile plan with a Maxis home fibre plan. You get lightning-fast Wi-Fi at home, so you can save your mobile data for those outdoorsy days.



Next up, we’ve got Celcom, another big hitter in the Malaysian telecom scene. It’s a bit like that reliable uncle, always there, steady as a rock. Celcom really shines if you’re the adventurous type who loves to venture off the beaten path. 

Their signal holds strong, even in the more remote parts of Malaysia. They’re not the Usain Bolt of telecoms, but they’re steady, and they get you where you need to be. Their ‘Xpax Truly Unlimited’ plan gives you unlimited data and calls for MYR 50/month. 

If speed isn’t your top concern but reliability is, Celcom might just be your cup of tea.

Celcom’s coverage is top-notch in rural areas. If you’re planning a trip to the countryside, or if you’re just a country mouse at heart, Celcom’s your guy. They won’t leave you high and dry when you need them the most.

Pro tip: If you’re using Celcom and want to maximise your coverage and signal strength, consider using a signal booster or a mobile signal amplifier. 

These devices can enhance the signal reception in areas with weaker coverage, such as remote locations or indoor areas with poor signal penetration.



Now let’s chat about Digi. Imagine Digi as your savvy mate who’s always looking for the best deals. They’ve got some pretty sweet prepaid and postpaid plans that’ll have your wallet saying “cheers, mate!”. 

For MYR 50/month, Digi offers ‘Digi Postpaid 50’, which includes 10GB of high-speed internet and unlimited calls. But what about our netizens who practically live online? Meet ‘Digi Postpaid 100’ at MYR 100/month, giving you a hefty 60GB data and unlimited calls.

However, while Digi’s rates are a breath of fresh air, their coverage can be a bit patchy in rural areas. So, city slickers might get the most out of Digi.

Pro tip: If you’re a chatterbox or a serial texter, Digi has some top-notch plans for you. Their ‘Digi Prepaid NEXT’ plan at MYR 15/month gives you 4GB high-speed internet and unlimited calls to all networks. 

U Mobile


U Mobile consistently brings fresh ideas to the table. They excel in offering cost-effective, versatile plans that prioritise unlimited data. 

The immensely popular ‘Giler Unlimited GX50’ postpaid plan, priced at a mere MYR 50/month, delivers boundless data and calls. However, U Mobile’s coverage can be sporadic, especially in rural areas. 

Nonetheless, if you reside in the city, U Mobile presents a pocket-friendly choice that won’t break the bank. With their energetic approach and affordability, U Mobile is a promising option for those seeking unlimited data solutions.

Pro tip: If you’re a night owl, U Mobile has something special for you. Their ‘GX38’ prepaid plan at MYR 38/month not only offers unlimited data and calls but also 6GB of high-speed data for late-night surfing from 1-7 AM. 



Imagine Unifi as that good neighbour, always ready with a decent cuppa and a good chat. Unifi is all about value and flexibility, offering a variety of broadband and mobile postpaid plans to keep you connected. 

Their ‘Unifi Mobile 99’ postpaid plan dishes out unlimited data, calls, and texts at MYR 99/month. Need a heavier dose of data? The ‘Unifi Mobile 45’ prepaid plan gives you a whopping 30GB of LTE data at MYR 45/month. Not too shabby, eh?

But be prepared for a trade-off. Unifi’s coverage may feel a bit sketchy in certain areas, especially outside the city centre. Still, their reasonable prices and generous data plans might make them a worthy choice if you’re in their coverage zone.

Pro tip: Unifi customers can take advantage of free access to Unifi’s Wi-Fi hotspots scattered across Malaysia. Handy, if you’re out and about and need a quick internet fix!



They may not be the biggest player, but boy, do they have spunk! Going all-in on digital services, YES offers widespread 4G internet coverage across the country.

Their prepaid gem, the ‘YES 4G LTE Prepaid Plan,’ hooks you up with a cool 10GB of high-speed data for just MYR 30/month. Want unlimited data? Their postpaid ‘YES 4G LTE Postpaid Plan’ delivers the goods at an affordable MYR 49/month.

Now, let’s be real—YES isn’t gonna blanket every nook and cranny like those big dogs do. But hey, in the urban and suburban jungles, YES can hold its own and keep you connected with gusto!

Pro tip: YES offers ‘Konfem Unlimited HD’ at MYR 30/month, allowing unlimited HD video streaming. It’s perfect for those lazy Sundays when all you want to do is binge-watch your favourite shows.

Tune Talk


Think of Tune Talk as that rebellious indie band that’s all about providing value for your hard-earned Ringgit. They’ve got an array of flexible prepaid plans that give you just what you need without breaking the bank. 

Their ‘Value Prepaid’ plan offers 2GB high-speed data with 30 minutes of calls at MYR 30/month. If you’re a data hog, their ‘Data Day Pass’ offers 3GB high-speed data for just MYR 3/day.

Despite running on Celcom’s network, Tune Talk’s coverage can get a bit finicky at times, particularly in rural or remote areas. Nevertheless, for city dwellers who appreciate cost-saving measures, Tune Talk could be the ticket.

Pro tip: Frequent traveller? Tune Talk offers a ‘Travel SIM’ that provides you with unlimited data in over 50 countries. No need to worry about racking up those roaming charges!



Think of redONE as that meticulous planner who’s got everything figured out down to the last detail. This Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) provides a set of minimalist, budget-friendly postpaid plans. 

Their ‘Amazing8’ plan gives you 6GB data with unlimited calls for MY 8/month. Got a need for speed? ‘Amazing68’ gives you 20GB high-speed data plus unlimited calls and SMS at MYR 68/month.

However, redONE operates on Celcom’s network, so you can expect their coverage to be akin to Celcom’s – robust in urban areas, but sometimes a bit sluggish in rural regions.

Pro tip: redONE is a popular choice for Singapore-Malaysia cross-border travellers, thanks to its affordable data roaming services. If you regularly shuffle between these two countries, redONE could be your new best friend.



XOX Mobile got you covered with prepaid and postpaid plans, catering to all sorts of needs. Brace yourself for the ‘ONEXOX Prepaid’ plan, boasting an impressive 28-month validity period, starting from just MYR 10, bundled with data and call packages.

When it comes to coverage, XOX Mobile relies on the trusty Celcom network, ensuring a pretty decent range. However, like other Celcom-dependent providers, they might encounter a few hiccups in rural areas. 

Despite the occasional hiccups in rural areas, XOX Mobile strives to provide reliable coverage across most urban and suburban areas. 

Being dependent on the Celcom network, customers can expect a decent range of coverage that extends to many populated regions.

Pro tip: XOX Mobile lets you carry forward your unused data and minutes with their ‘Black Plan’. Talk about value for money, eh?



SpeakOut might remind you of that friendly librarian, always ready with helpful information. They are actually a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) under Tune Talk, known for their highly economical and straightforward prepaid plans. 

To avail of their offerings, you can start by purchasing a SpeakOut SIM card, available for as low as MYR 30. This not only gives you a 30-day validity period but also includes 2GB of high-speed data. 

If your data requirements exceed this, SpeakOut offers the convenience of a top-up starting from a mere MYR 10.

Being a part of the Tune Talk family, SpeakOut’s coverage is quite reliable in urban and suburban areas. However, in certain rural regions, the network can play hard to get. So, if you’re a city slicker looking for a budget-friendly prepaid service, SpeakOut might be your jam.

Pro tip: If you travel between Canada and Malaysia, SpeakOut could be an ideal choice due to its dual-currency feature. Top-up in either country and you’re good to go!



Think of You Do as that dynamic, tech-savvy friend who always customises everything to their liking. As the first truly customisable digital mobile service in Malaysia, Yoodo lets you tailor your mobile plan to fit your lifestyle. 

Their flexible approach means you can choose the exact amount of data, calls, and SMS you want. The pricing? It’s all up to what you select! 

Running on Celcom’s robust network, Yoodo boasts fairly good coverage. That said, the quality might drop in more rural or remote areas, so do keep that in mind.

Pro tip: You can manage your Koodo account completely online, making it a breeze for those who prefer digital self-service. Plus, if you’re into gaming, Yoodo often offers exclusive gaming deals. Keep an eye out!



Picture this: you get a prepaid plan that has a staggering 28-month credit validity. Yes, you read that right. Unlike most telcos that demand monthly top-ups or give a short validity period, OneXOX is playing a different game, providing services that are built to last.

It doesn’t stop there. OneXOX offers an array of postpaid plans too, designed to cater to various usage styles. So whether you’re a casual caller or an internet fiend, there’s something for you.

The cherry on top? They’re powered by Celcom, one of Malaysia’s biggest networks. This translates to solid coverage, particularly in urban and suburban areas. Now, if you’re hanging your hat in a more rural setting, the service might be slightly less consistent. 

But given its other perks, it could still be a contender if you’re looking for a telco that values longevity and flexibility.

Pro tip: OneXOX’s seasonal passes let you purchase data, calls, or SMS that lasts for a year. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a long-term solution without the hassle of monthly top-ups.