Taiping Food 9 Must-Try Dishes

Taiping Food: 9 Must-Try Dishes

Aside from being the number one target of rainfall in Malaysia, Taiping is also known for its selection of local delicacies. From savoury street foods to sweet dishes and more, this town offers tons of dishes that make it a worthy destination for foodies from around the globe.

To give you a better idea, join us here as we take a closer look at the best local Taiping food you can find around town! We’ll also include the best place to try them so that you can begin your food-hopping journey.


Cendol is a great snack to munch on during those hot and humid days here in Malaysia. It’s one of the best Malaysian sweets, and thankfully they don’t cost a bunch, so you can treat yourself and your family without worrying about money!

The dish is primarily made out of shaved ice that’s decorated and flavoured with sweet and colourful ingredients. These ingredients include creamed corn, red beans, durian and mung beans.

Among all the ingredients, however, the most attention-grabbing one would be the green worm-like jelly which is made out of rice flour. It is then topped off with cold coconut milk to add sweetness and colour to the overall concoction–yum!

This classic dessert is sold in various roadside stalls around town, so you won’t have trouble finding it during your trip. You can even eat this to-go, so you can continue exploring the town while munching on something sweet and cold.

Where to get it: Ansari Famous Cendol



The best cendol in town has got to be from “Ansari Famous Cendol”. This shop has been passed down to three generations, so you know that they’re more than certified to create and serve this dish!

This version of the dish is beloved because of its generous serving size, which is impressive considering its cheap price. Furthermore, the formula is nailed to a tee, with a bit more sweetness because of their use of white sugar.

Pisang Goreng

Pisang goreng is one of the best ways to prepare and eat bananas, though we’re not sure if it’s the healthiest. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it any less delicious!

With this dish, bananas are covered with batter before being deep-fried until golden brown to attain a super crispy skin. Upon biting into this newly-formed skin, you’ll be treated to a gooey texture that features the original sweet taste of the banana.

You can also dip this snack into some dips to add more flavour. You can think of it as your traditional churros!

Where to get it: Taiping Famous PSL Goreng Pisang



The best place to get pisang goreng in Taiping is at the aptly named restaurant, Taiping Famous PSL Goreng Pisang. This version of the classic tea-time snack features huge bananas, which are perfect for covering with batter.

Sometimes, the batter tends to slide off but don’t worry! This is part of the experience of eating this delicious dish.

Roti Bakar

At first glance, roti bakar may seem like your typical toasted bread, and you’re not entirely wrong for thinking that. This is, however, the Indonesian version of the classic toasted bread formula and what makes it different is the fillings you can incorporate.

Some of the most famous fillings used to create unique roti bakar variations include bananas, chocolate, cheese and even sprinkles! Alternatively, you can opt for something more hearty by having roti bakar served with fried egg and beans.

It’s also worth noting that it’s one of the best accompaniments to nasi lemak, the country’s national dish!

Where to get it: Abang Fadzil House



Abang Fadzil House is a must-visit spot if you’re looking for the best roti bakar in town. They feature sort of “elevated” versions of this dish, as they serve it with poached eggs, hot beverages and other hearty meals.

In general, this place is also one of the best breakfast spots because of its widely-varied menu.

Char Koay Teow

Char koay teow is another iconic Malaysian dish that you shouldn’t miss here at Taiping. It’s a common dish you’ll find in hawker stalls, which means that you won’t have to spend too much to enjoy its delicious flavours.

In a nutshell, char koay teow is a dish consisting of stir-fried flat rice noodles. It’s of Chinese descent, which is why you’ll find its flavour familiar if you’ve ever eaten dishes from the country’s cuisine.

Also, it’s one of those rare dishes where watching it get prepared is just as satisfying as eating it. Usually, everything is prepared on a single wok and the chef masterfully stir-fries the noodles along with the flavourful ingredients to give them life, amazing taste and colour.

Where to get it: Peace Hotel & Restaurant



The Peace Hotel serves a solid version of char koay teow, more specifically in their food court area. For only RM4.50, you’ll be getting a generous plate of these stir-fried noodles, complete with fresh vegetables and meat!

Heong Peah

Directly translating to fragrant biscuits, heong peah is a decadent snack that’s famously served in Taiping. More specifically, it’s made by Khim Heong Foodstuffs, which is the oldest biscuit factory in Northern Malaysia, but more on that later.

Heong Peah is filled with a sweetening agent called “molasses.” This makes the biscuit extra rewarding to bite into, as your tastebuds will be treated to a nice and sweet flavour on top of the taste of freshly baked dough.

Speaking of baked dough, it serves as the perfect shell for the sweet stuff inside. It’s not too crispy but not too mushy either, which are two characteristics that you want to see with your biscuit.

Where to get it: Khim Heong Foodstuffs



As previously mentioned, the best place to get this dish is at Khim Heong Foodstuffs. One of the reasons for this is simply the way they prepare their heong peah.

They use a traditional clay oven, where the pieces of dough are stuck on the wall all while a fire is brewing beneath.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some interesting activities to do around town, you can visit this place, as they also offer biscuit-making classes.

Ice Kacang

Ice kacang is another traditional Malaysian sweet that we recommend you try at least once during your visit to the country. Just like cendol, this cold treat will do a great job of cooling you down after long walks under the humid weather here in Taiping.

The dish literally means “bean ice” which already gives you an idea of what you can expect. It consists of shaved ice that’s been doused with various syrups that also add more colour to the overall concoction.

It is then added with flavourful ingredients such as red beans, creamed corn, nipah palm seeds, jellies and more. Then, to provide a creamy base, evaporated milk is poured on top of the shaved ice.

The milk is arguably the main event of this dish, as it absorbs most of the flavours from the ingredients of the dish. It’s sort of like when you leave your cereal too long and it transfers its colour and taste in the milk.

If you want something more fancy, some restaurants top this dish off with a scoop of ice cream for added sweetness and coolness.

Where to get it: Kedai Ais Kacang Merah



Personally, we think that the best ice kacang in Taiping is served by Kedai Ais Kacang Merah Raex, which is a famous dessert shop in Perak, We recommend this place because it serves high-quality ice kacang at an affordable price.

Plus, they serve a whole lot of other dishes aside from ice kacang, which are worth trying out as well. This way, you can enjoy a delicious full-course meal before ending on a sweet note.

Shredded Chicken Noodles

A nice warm bowl of shredded chicken noodles is an amazing dish that’s best enjoyed during those usual rainy days in Taiping. With this delicious dish in hand, you’ll get to satisfy your tastebuds, fill your stomach and warm your body with every single sip!

What we love about this dish is that it’s nothing fancy, and you can even make your own version using ingredients that you may already have. It features the usual veggies that you’ll find in chicken soup with the added soft noodles, creating a flavourful broth that never gets old.

The main event, however, is the chicken itself as its scrumptious white meat blends perfectly with the other ingredients in the soup. Aside from that, some restaurants will also include other ingredients such as pork balls and fish balls.

Where to get it: Restoran Kakak



Restoran Kakak is the go-to restaurant for people craving a nice bowl of shredded chicken noodle soup. It’s a no-frills eatery that lets you experience an authentic dining experience while slurping on its noodles.

Aside from that, they also serve the perfect beverage to enjoy alongside this dish, jia jia ping! This coffee drink is rich and it makes for a great accompaniment to the scrumptious chicken broth on a rainy day.

Chicken Porridge

Chicken porridge is another hearty dish we recommend chowing down during the rainy season in Taiping. It’s simple, cheap and best of all, you’ll find it being sold in various restaurants and stalls across town.

With simple flavouring agents such as salt, garlic and pepper, this dish is made more spectacular. The sticky rice serves as the perfect vessel for these flavours, making it a great base for the already delicious shredded chicken.

Where to get it: Larut Matang Hawker Center



Larut Matang Hawker Center is one of the best places to get chicken porridge and other famous street foods in the country. It consists of several stalls that each serve different kinds of dishes so we recommend checking it out if you want to go on a food crawl.

The stall that you’d want to look for is Stall 47. They serve an amazing version of thick chicken porridge that follows the classic recipe.

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee cheong fun is a must-try for any tourist looking to know what the food scene is like in Malaysia. It originated from China and is essentially a plate of rice noodle rolls made out of wet rice flour batter.

What makes these rolls special, however, is the ingredient that they house inside. Some of the most common fillings you’ll find being used in this dish include pork, mushroom, beef and shrimp.

Aside from that, you should also pay attention to the dark mysterious sauce that’s drizzled on top of these rolls. It may seem sinister at first, but it features a heck of a great flavour, as it’s made out of peanuts, shrimp paste and a sweetening agent.

Where to get it: Taiping Food Court



Taiping Food Court, more specifically, Stall 37, serves the best chee cheong fun in Malaysia only because they’ve nailed the recipe down to a tee. 

From the texture of the wrap itself down to the consistency of the sauce, everything is prepared perfectly. It’s not surprising though as they’ve been around for several years!

Furthermore, you’ll find a plethora of local delicacies in this food court, which will allow you to feast on more than one iconic Taiping dish.