Top Deep Fryers in Malaysia
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The Top 4 Deep Fryers in Malaysia

The secret to achieving the right crisp is a combination of good quality oil and a piece of reliable equipment. To help you achieve this, here are the top deep fryers in Malaysia for your next kitchen upgrade—whether at home or in your business!

In this article, we’ll take you through these top deep fryers along with everything you need to know about them. These will help you make the most informed decisions on which is the right one for you so come on!

The Top Deep Fryers in Malaysia

This list of the best deep fryers in Malaysia will tell you about their specs, prices, and features you can look forward to when you decide to make the purchase so read on to find out more!

1.   The Baker Commercial Gas Deep Fryer TBGF-17G

Price: RM1,680.00

DIMENSIONS47cm x 50cm x 51cm
WARRANTY1-year local manufacturer warranty

The Baker Gas Deep Fryer TBGF-17G is a heavy-duty deep fryer that’s best used in commercial settings like hotels, canteen, restaurants, and the like. But if you feel like you need this kind of firepower in your kitchen, this is your best bet.

Since it’s made for businesses, we think the sleek and industrial look was a good choice to go with. The good quality stainless steel it’s made of also makes for a sturdy and reliable deep fryer.

It’s a gas-powered deep fryer and uses a single tank that fits two frying baskets. It also has 8 stainless steel pipes which is why the oil boils quickly so you don’t waste time sitting around for the oil to be ready.

It has an auto temperature control so you won’t need to adjust this yourself. However, if you do want to adjust it, the temperatures range from 160°C to 220°C.

This deep fryer comes with 2 stainless steel frying baskets, an oil evaporation tray, a fryer skimmer, and an oil tank lid.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Has safety valve
  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Temperature is only until 220°C
  • Comes with certificate of inspection


  • No warranty
  • Gas-powered
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not suitable for personal use

2.   Imbaco TurboFry Commercial Deep Fryer

Price: RM199.00

DIMENSIONS27cm x 42cm x 30cm
WARRANTY1-year local manufacturer warranty

Here’s the Imbaco TurboFry Commercial Deep Fryer, another stainless steel heavy-duty deep fryer. This is best used in small to medium commercial settings because of its 6-liter oil capacity.

It’ll fit pretty well in small spaces too since it doesn’t take up that much space. Just make sure you don’t keep other appliances too close to it.

It has thermal control that shuts the fryer off when the heating element gets too hot. Once the temperature is at a normal degree again, it automatically turns itself back on.

You can also adjust the temperature using the knob on top of the fryer. The temperatures range from 50°C to 190°C.

All you have to do to begin using this is press the restart button. There are also 2 indicator lights on this fryer to let you know whether or not it’s running.

It’s easy to clean because the fry tank is removable. All the other accessories are also easy to clean like the lid, residue plate, and stainless steel fryer basket.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Has thermal control
  • Has an indicator light
  • Comes with a residue plate
  • Heavy-duty yet good for limited spaces


  • Temperature is only up to 190°C
  • Small capacity for large commercial use

Customer Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews we grabbed from Shopee customers:

“So far, so good. Functioning well. No dent and damage. Tq pos laju.” -H

“Tq saller , terbaik barang diterima baik, boleh terus plugin x payah tukar  kepala soket.  x guna lagi harap berfungsi, penghantaran pos laju pun laju cepat smpai tq shopee tq semua.” -Mas

3.   Morgan Deep Fryer MDF-32SS

Price: RM279.00

DIMENSIONS24.7cm x 20.5cm x 23.5cm

The Morgan Deep Fryer MDF-32SS is a 3-liter deep fryer that’s both durable and long-lasting. Its body is made of stainless steel and has plastic handles on both sides which makes it easy to carry around if you need to transfer it.

Since it’s electricity-powered, we appreciate how it has a convenient cord storage space that will help keep your counter look neat.

Now, unlike most deep fryers, the lid of this one is built-in instead of removable. The oil tank, on the other hand, is detachable to make it easy to clean after every use.

It has an adjustable temperature control of up to 150°C along with an indicator light to let you know if it’s turned on or not. While cooking is ongoing, you can use the lid cover to protect you from the hot oil.

This deep fryer comes with 1 frying basket for easy cooking too.


  • Portable
  • Has indicator light
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Convenient cord storage


  • No warranty
  • High power wattage
  • Temperature is only until 150°C

4.   TKTT Single Electric Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Price: RM65.90

DIMENSIONS44cm x 28cm x 31cm

This double tanked deep fryer is a great one to use in fast food restaurants or for family gatherings. The TKTT Single Electric Stainless Steel Deep Fryer is an 8 liter heavy duty stainless steel appliance.

It has stainless steel thermal pipes that promote high efficiency when it comes to heating the oil and cooking the food. What’s also notable is that it has a fire revolve design with a breakaway cord for added safety.

You can select your preferred temperature using the knobs on the top of the fryer from  60°C- 200°C. It also has an auto cut off function if it gets way too hot.

After every use, you can easily clean the oil container, filter, and cleaner because they’re removable. They’re also dishwasher safe so you can just pop it in if you want to.

It comes with an oblong fryer basket that has a plastic handle and a hook for safe use. Note that you may be needing an adapter for this one as well because it also uses a 3 pin plug.


  • Easy to clean
  • Uses thermal pipes
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Has an auto cut off function
  • Perfect for commercial use


  • 3-pin plug
  • No warranty
  • High power wattage
  • Not suitable for personal use

Customer Reviews

Here are a few satisfied reviews left by users of this deep fryer:

“tq sheller, barang sampai dlm keadaan kemas, penghantaran yg cepat 2,3 hari barang dah sampai. barang memuaskan tak ada yg tinggal, tak ada yg rosak semuanya ok.. Terbaik, cuma saya nak stainless steel dia yg tebal sikit kalau boleh tunjuk saya contoh gambarnya, manalah tau saya nak repeat order lagi.” -Anon

“Penghantaran cepat. Barang dalam keadaan baik. Telah cuba dan sangat puas hati sesuai dengan harga.” -Sam

Things to Consider Before Buying a Deep Fryer in Malaysia

 Deep Fryer Capacity

Gauging the right capacity for your deep fryer is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing one. This is especially true if you’re getting it for your business.

You’re going to want one that can handle the amount of food you’ll be frying in it so you don’t have to do more batches than necessary. Keep in mind that the oil capacity is different from the food capacity of your deep fryer.

Also, to ensure even crispiness and tenderness of your food, you must have an ample amount of space for each piece.

Available Space For Your Deep Fryer

Deep fryers come in all sizes—from mini to enormous ones. You can have deep fryers that could fit on the kitchen countertop, perfect for personal use or when you are starting out on a small business.

If you are going for larger scales, you may look for commercial deep fryers which are used in big kitchen establishments.

Appliance Safety

Deep fryers work at high temperatures and are not the kind of appliance you can take off your watch for too long. To guarantee safety, you can check the product’s approval status and its eligibility.

Substandard products may be offered at lower prices but they come with much too high a cost when they start to malfunction.

Ease of Cleaning

Deep fryers with non-stick coating are the holy grail when we talk about the ease of cleaning. This is especially popular with small deep fryers intended for personal use at home.

For bigger models, they should come with detachable parts that can be cleaned individually for food safety reasons.

FAQs about Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are a staple in homes that love fries, hash browns, fried fish, and tastier vegetables. Make sure you stock your home with one of the top deep fryers in Malaysia and you won’t miss out on these delicious treats.

If you found this article helpful or even if you feel like you need a bit more help choosing a deep fryer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you.

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