The 7 Best Beaches in Port Dickson

The 7 Best Beaches in Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a widely famous holiday destination in Malaysia because it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country

Along with these beaches are the equally elegant resorts that they house that will treat you to amazing rooms and facilities. Together, let’s take a closer look at these amazing beaches to help you plan for your next beach getaway in the country.

We’ve also included some handy tips that we think you’ll find useful when you do decide to visit these beaches so make sure to stick by until the end!

Pantai Cermin

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Pantai Cermin falls under the quieter side, as it doesn’t experience the same crowds as the more famous beaches in Port Dickson like the Blue Lagoon. It’s a shame though, as we think that it’s a must-visit because it has some of the cleanest waters in the port city.

At first glance, it may not seem like it features clean water but this is just because of the muddy seabed and the fact that it doesn’t feature white sands. However, it still has a certain charm to it thanks to its unique orange-coloured sand.

Also, being close to the jungle makes it look even more scenic, which is perfect for taking Insta-worthy photos!

Pro tips:

  • We recommend visiting early in the morning to catch glimpses of the most beautiful sunrise you’ll see in Port Dickson.
  • The best place to stay on this beach is The Lexis Hibiscus Resort, which grants guests easy access to the beach. Also, it features an in-house restaurant that serves delicious local dishes!

Tanjung Tuan

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If you aren’t necessarily looking forward to swimming and just want to be surrounded by majestic views, you need to visit Tanjung Tuan. This place looks straight out of a greeting card with its beautiful waters and lush greenery.

Furthermore, getting here is an adventure in itself since you’ll have to walk through a dense jungle. So if you’re looking for a great hiking spot and a beautiful beach rolled into one, this spot should be included in your itinerary.

You can also expect this place to be less crowded, partly because it’s not recommended to swim in its waters. This makes it a great serene spot for soul searching or for simply relaxing while away from civilisation. 

Pro tips:

  • If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiking, we recommend staying at Villea Port Dickson, as this will provide you with easy access to the beach.
  • Vilea Port Dickson also features a swimming pool where you can finally cool down after a day of hiking.

Blue Lagoon Beach

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Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous beaches in Port Dickson because of its sheer beauty. Plus, being available to the public makes it highly accessible for locals and tourists alike 24/7, allowing them to go on quick getaways.

This being said the beach is relatively more secluded than others in the port town, as it’s surrounded by a lush forest. These towering trees aren’t just for show too, as they provide guests with ample shade from the sun–thanks trees!

Lastly, Blue Lagoon Beach is one of the more commercialised beaches in the city so you can expect to see facilities on the shore. This includes toilets, changing rooms and even restaurants!

Pro tips:

  • Be sure to keep an eye out for cute animals while you’re here like squirrels and monkeys! They can be found roaming around, especially around the forest area.
  • If you want to avoid crowds, we recommend visiting on weekdays, more specifically early in the morning.
  • You can also visit during the low tide, as this is when rock pools will emerge–pretty cool, right?

Pantai Puranama

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Pantai Punarma should be included in your itinerary if you’re looking for a clean beach. Thanks to it being out of the way compared to other beaches, it’s able to maintain a somewhat pristine condition, making it a perfect spot to just wind down and chill.

The English version of its name is Moonlight Beach, which references how nice it is to go stargazing in this particular spot. This is also the reason why most people visit this beach at night, but don’t be shy to stop by during the daytime, as the water will be perfect!

Pro tips:

  • Make sure to bring your favourite snacks here, as you can set up beautiful picnics at one of the gazebos found on the shore.
  • If you want to easily access the beach, we recommend staying at the Klana Beach Resort. It offers fairly-priced rooms that are of high quality and best of all, it provides easy access to this beach along with Teluk Kemang.

Teluk Kemang

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Several people consider Teluk Kemang as the premier beach of Port Dickson, as it’s the largest and most famous beach in the city. This being said, you can expect to find just about every facility you need on this beach like restrooms, hotels, restaurants and even shops!

However, this fact can also be a double-edged sword because, on the other side, this also means that you’ll encounter crowds more often.

Regardless of when you visit though, you can expect to have a fun and memorable time on Teluk Kemang. This is because aside from the beautiful beach itself, you’ll also get to participate in fun water activities such as banana boat-riding, canoeing, jet-skiing and more.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure to bring your favourite snacks here, as you can set up beautiful picnics at one of the gazebos found on the shore.
  • If you want to easily access the beach, we recommend staying at the Klana Beach Resort. It offers fairly-priced rooms that are of high quality and best of all, it provides easy access to this beach along with Teluk Kemang.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri

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Pantai Cahaya Negeri is what most people consider THE beach holiday destination because of its pure white sand and beautiful cerulean waters. It’s everything that you can expect from a picturesque beach and the best part is that it doesn’t fall short on facilities.

For instance, you can find picnic spots around the area where you can simply set up your snacks and enjoy a peaceful dining experience with your family. Aside from that, it also comes with several bathrooms and changing rooms for added convenience.

Even if you’re not planning on swimming, you can visit this beach simply because of the sights it offers. One of these sights is the Lover’s Bridge, which connects to a mangrove island located in the middle of the sea.

Pro tips:

  • If you want to avoid crowds and inflated rates, we wouldn’t recommend visiting during holidays.
  • The best place to stay on this beach is Bayu Beach Resort, which is located on the beachfront. It offers spacious rooms, an amazing swimming pool and several dining options.

Pantai Saujana

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When it comes to serenity, Pantai Saujana may take the cake. Even though it’s a famous beach, it doesn’t really get crowded and it’s able to maintain its peacefulness partly because of its 1-kilometre long stretch.

The beach features pure sand that feels super soft on the feet, which is perfect for natural exfoliation. Also, the overall vibe is calm thanks to the lack of strong waves crashing into the shore.

As far as facilities go, it features necessities like changing rooms, restrooms and restaurants. It also features a playground where you can let your kids run wild while you bask in the relaxing nature of the beach!

Pro tips:

  • If you’re looking for something more exciting to do aside from relaxing by the shore, you can try your hand at banana boat riding and water skiing!
  • We recommend visiting during the afternoon so you’ll be just in time for the opening of the Sunday Night Market. This is where you can score some good deals on food and local products.