Visiting Putrajaya Wetlands

Visiting Putrajaya Wetlands: Things to See, Do and More!

If you’re looking for great family-friendly activities in Malaysia, then a visit to Putrajaya Wetlands should be on your itinerary! It’s a large open space that’s filled with beautiful sights and opportunities for fun recreational activities.

Join us here, as we take you on a virtual tour to this serene park. From where to stay to what to eat, do and more, here’s everything you need to know:

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit the Putrajaya Wetlands boils down to personal preference. Since the city features hot and humid weather all year long, it’s a pleasant place to visit regardless of the month.

If you want to spend the sunniest day in Putrajaya Wetlands, we recommend visiting during summer, which is from June to August. However, be prepared for inflated prices in plane tickets and hotel rates during these months, as it’s also considered the peak season.

Meanwhile, if you think that the summer heat is a bit too harsh, visiting in April is great, as the weather isn’t too hot. Plus, it’s not considered a peak month so you’ll enjoy fewer crowds and cheaper rates during your visit.

Things to Know

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Malay, English

Calling Code: +60


Address: Putrajaya Wetlands Park, Persiaran Persekutuan, Presint 13, 62000 Putrajaya

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Rates: Entry to the park is free but additional charges will apply with the following services/activities:

  • Camping (72 hours):
    • Individual: RM25 per pax
    • Group (Minimum 20 pax): RM20 per pax
    • Tram (Operation time: 9.30 am / 11.30 am / 3.00 pm / 4.00 pm):
      • Adult: RM5 (MyKAD Holder), RM7 (Non-MyKAD Holder)
      • Child/student: RM4 (MyKAD Holder), RM6 (Non-MyKAD Holder)
    • Bike rental:
      • MyKAD Holder: Tuesday to Thursday: RM8 (single), RM9 (with baby carrier), Weekends and Public Holidays: RM10 (single), RM12 (with baby carrier)
      • Non-MyKAD Holder: Tuesday to Thursday: RM10 (single), RM12 (with baby carrier), Weekends and Public Holidays: RM12 (single), RM14 (with baby carrier)
    • Boating and fishing (3 minutes):
    Type of Boat Weekdays Weekends and public holidays
    Canoe (Two-seater)RM8 per hourRM8 per 30 minutes
    Kayak (Two-seater)RM8 per hourRM8 per 30 minutes
    Rowing boat (Three-seater)RM8 per 30 minutesRM 15.00 / 30 minutes RM 20.00 / hour, RM 10.00 / subsequent hour
    Paddle boat (Three/five-seater)RM 9.00 / 30 minutes or RM 16.00 / 30 minutesRM 10.00 / 30 minutes or RM 18.00 / 30 minutes
      • Guided tours:
        • Adult: RM5
        • Child/student: RM3

      Parking situation: There’s a dedicated free parking zone in the area called Wetland Putrajaya, Carpark. It features more than ample spaces and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

      How to Get There

      Trains: No train will take you directly to the Putrajaya Wetlands. The best thing you can do is ride a train coming from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya.

      From there, you can either book a ride through Grab or hail a taxi to get to the Putrajaya Wetlands. The overall ride will only take around 8 minutes and cost anywhere from RM17 to RM20 depending on the traffic.

      Taxi: Riding a taxi is a more convenient option if you want to prioritise speed and comfortability. You can hail them from just about anywhere and will drop you off directly at the wetlands.

      The only downside with using this mode of transportation is that drivers sometimes refrain from using the fare metre and will instead set a price. When this happens, simply find another cab with a driver who’s willing to use the metre.

      Car rental: If you feel more comfortable helming the steering wheel, we recommend renting a car from KL Selangor or wherever you’re coming from. This is the best way of getting to the wetlands considering that there’s a designated free parking space on the wetland’s premises.

      Where to Stay

      Dorsett Putrajaya

      Address: Precinct 3, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8892 8388

      Pricing: $$


      If lavish facilities and fancy interiors are what you’re looking for in a hotel, then Dorsett Putrajaya should be on your list. It’s a 4-star hotel that features world-class rooms that come complete with all the amenities you can ask for in an esteemed establishment like this.

      It gets better when you head outside your room too, as you’ll get the pleasure of accessing their amazing facilities, one of which is their roof deck swimming pool. This spot is perfect for those lazy afternoons when you just want to wind down and enjoy beautiful views of Putrajaya.

      The Everly Putrajaya

      Address: 1, Jalan Alamanda 2, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8892 2929

      Pricing: $$

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      The Everly Putrajaya is another highly recommended establishment for people looking to stay lavishly during their trip to the wetlands. We say this because it features all the bells and whistles in a 4-star hotel, from spacious suites to facilities like massive outdoor pools and more!

      We also recommend this place because of its strategic location. It’s within walking distance of Putrajaya Lake and one of the premier shopping malls in the city, Alamanda Shopping Centre–pretty convenient, right?

      Sovotel Boutique Hotel @ Conezion Putrajaya

      Address: N-G-2 & N-G-3 ,CONEZION COMMERCIAL, PERSIARAN IRC3 IOI RESORT CITY, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8685 1684

      Pricing: $

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      If you’re looking for a great mid-range hotel, then Sovotel Boutique Hotel should be right up your alley! It features affordable rates but the rooms where you’ll be staying, along with its inclusions are anything but cheap.

      For instance, these rooms feature a modern sleek design, which isn’t too bad at all. Plus, it’s worth noting that these rooms are spacious, clean and best of all, feature magnificent views of Putrajaya!

      Hotel Hilal

      Address: 4806 – (0-4)- 13&13A CBD 2, JALAN PERDANA, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8322 8455

      Pricing: $$

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      Hotel Hilal is another solid mid-tier option if your budget is on the tighter side. However, don’t let that lead you to think that you’ll be staying in one of those janky hotels that feature little to no taste in terms of design, as you’ll be treated to some of the most elegant interiors!

      This tasteful design will make you feel like you’re staying in a royal palace so be sure to get your cameras ready for picture taking!

      Aside from its design, it’s still a solid option because of how spacious each room is and how complete the amenities they come with.

      Zenith Hotel Putrajaya

      Address: Jalan P2a, Presint 2, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8893 9993

      Pricing: $$$

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      If you’re looking for the best hotel in the city, Zenith Hotel Putrajaya may be the one you’re looking for. For starters, it ticks all the boxes of a fancy hotel, from views with spectacular views to world-class facilities, outstanding rooms and more!

      It’s also a great option if you want your stay to feel more like a vacation, as it comes with a spa and an outdoor pool. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to spoil yourself with delicious dishes, you can spend time in one of the hotel’s in-house restaurants!

      Where to Eat

      Zest Restaurant

      Address: IOI RESORT CITY, Persiaran Utara, 62502 Sepang, Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8949 8888

      Pricing: $$$


      When you can’t decide where to eat, one of the best decisions is going to a buffet like Zest Restaurant. This particular spot serves a wide variety of delicious Asian and Western dishes so you can mix and match different cuisines on your plate – the ultimate foodie dream!

      At first glance, the price may seem steep, but once you see the buffet spread, you’ll see that every cent is worth it. Plus, the overall ambience of the restaurant isn’t too bad as well, as it will treat you to a fine dining experience.

      NY Steak Shack @ IOI City Mall

      Address: LG-045, Lower Ground Floor IOI City Mall IOI Resort Putrajaya IOI City Mall, 62502, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8957 2342

      Pricing: $-$$


      If you’re looking to feast on delicious Western dishes, dining at NY Steak Shack is one of the best decisions you can make! It features fair prices and best of all, it serves a wide variety of Western staples like steaks, burgers, fries and anything in between.

      They also serve a bunch of sizzling dishes that are sure to make you salivate as soon as you get a whiff of their smoke from the kitchen. These dishes are also the ones considered affordable in their menu–now that’s a steal!

      House Of Kambing (Serdang)

      Address: Jalan MAEPS 4/1, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 1-2282 3430

      Pricing: $


      If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, we recommend checking out House of Kambing. They feature local and Middle Eastern dishes like grilled lamb, lamb soup, nasi goreng and more.

      The main highlight of their menu, however, is the sup kambing, which is essentially goat soup, which may sound scary at first. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s one dish that you won’t get enough of when your tastebuds do decide to like it.

      Also, it features a nice view consisting of a wide field as well as animals roaming around like camels and sheep.

      Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

      Address: Taman Botani Putrajaya,, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 3-8889 1188

      Pricing: $-$$


      Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is one of the best choices near the wetlands for its affordable prices and amazing offerings. As you may have gleaned from its name, this place serves an amazing selection of fresh seafood–yum!

      However, we feel their cheesy prawns take the cake out of all their dishes, as they feature a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess.

      Aside from the food itself, the place also features outstanding views, as it’s located near the lake–pretty cool!

      Umai Cafe

      Address: Bangunan ANJUNG Alaf BARU, 62675, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia

      Phone: +60 13-350 8121

      Pricing: $$


      Umai Cafe features elevated homecooked meals, creating a dining experience that feels fancy and homey at the same time. The dishes you’ll get to enjoy here can all be found in classic Malaysian cookbooks but with an added twist!

      One of our favourites from their menu is the cucur udang, which is a delicious variation of prawn fritters. What makes this dish special for us is their in-house sauce which perfectly blends in with the flavour of the deep-fried fritters.

      What to Do in Putrajaya Wetlands

      Conquer different hiking trails

      From yanabaudin

      Putrajaya Wetlands is a premier hiking spot for beginners, as it features easy to moderate trails that provide stunning views of the wetlands. Although they aren’t as challenging as the other trekking spots in Malaysia, they’re a great way to challenge your determination and endurance.

      Plus, these easy hiking trails allow kids and elders to participate in this activity, without risking safety, which makes trekking here a family-friendly activity. One of the best trails here is the Putrajaya Upper West Wetland, as it’s fairly challenging yet extremely rewarding,

      Pro tip:

      Be sure to apply mosquito repellent before your trek as wet and tropical areas like these tend to become homes of these pesky insects. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to pack one in your bag!

      Enjoy a scenic bike ride

      From ushardaniele

      If you want to see everything that the wetlands offer but find walking too tiring, then renting a bike is the perfect move! These bicycles can be rented on the park’s premises per hour at an affordable price and they’ll take you from point A to B in no time!

      The bike rental company also features bicycles with baby carriages–how cute is that? So if you want to explore the wetlands with your baby without having to carry them over your shoulder, this is one of the best things you can do!

      Pro tip:

      We recommend this activity early in the morning during weekdays, as you’ll have the track virtually to yourself. Just make sure to stay in the right lane!

      Ride a kayak with your loved ones

      From wnsulaiman

      A great way to spend a peaceful day in Putrajaya wetlands is by riding a kayak through its huge man-made lake. Nothing beats cruising through this calm body of water with one of your mates and talking about random things in life.

      During one of your explorations, you may even spot some cool species of birds going down to the water’s surface to get a drink. When this happens, make sure to whip out your phone and don’t make sudden movements that may scare them away.

      Set up a beautiful picnic

      From gabrielkong88

      Another family-friendly activity we recommend trying in Putrajaya Wetlands is setting up a picnic. All you have to do is lay down a blanket and voila, you’ve got yourself a picnic setup!

      Who said that you have to pay hundreds just to get a view while eating? Setting up a simple picnic with your friends or family members will treat you to one of the most unique and serene dining experiences of your lives!

      Go on a guided tour

      From eal.rikame

      Going on a guided tour is the surefire way to explore every nook and cranny of this park and the best part? They don’t cost a fortune!

      Guided tours won’t only give you an up close and personal experience with the park’s best offerings, but they will also educate you. Whether it be about the wetlands themselves or the flora and fauna they house, you’ll learn everything through these cheap yet amazing tours.

      Apps to Download for a Trip to the Putrajaya Wetlands

      Travel Malaysia: A pocket travel guide to Malaysia

      iOs | Android Offline map of the world

      iOs | Android

      XE Currency App: Real-time currency exchange rate app

      iOs | Android

      Grab: Ride-hailing app of Southeast Asia

      iOs | Android

      Google Translate: word translation with offline capabilities

      iOs | Android

      CatchThatBus: Bus ticket booking app