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7 Best Washing Machine Repairs in
If your washing machine is broken, you should call in the services for the best washing machine repair in Kuala Lumpur. Here are the best ones we found!
Best Washing Machine Repair in Malaysia

6 Best Washing Machine Repair

Need the best washing machine repair in Malaysia for your broken washer? Here are the repair services we use ourselves, because of their promptness!


Sometimes your top-quality machines can break down and you don’t necessarily have to replace them right away. With a little bit of professional help, your equipment can get back in tip-top condition and potentially last for a few more years.

To help you fix up your favourite stuff, we’ve searched out the best repair services in Malaysia for home appliances, house renovations, plumbing problems, automobile overhaul, and more. Our teams made sure to check the leading repair shops in the country, rank them according to their specialties, take note of their prices, and list down their contact details for your convenience.

Refrigerators can be pricey especially when you have one from the leading brands in town. Luckily, we’ve listed down the top shops for the best fridge repairs in Malaysia for their years of experience, door-to-door services, affordable fees, excellent customer service, warranty, and more.

From the daily news to your favourite shows, you can lose a lot of entertainment when your television breaks. If getting a new one is too expensive, you can check our recommendations for the best TV repairs in Malaysia that have specialists who can fix different TV brands and screen types like LCD, LED, curve, CRT, and more.

Fixing minor household issues like loose doors and worn-out light bulbs aren’t that big of a deal. But when it comes to serious plumbing problems, we highly suggest that you get the best plumbers in Kuala Lumpur who have the expertise and equipment to properly fix your drainage system and avoid further damages.