4 Ways to Save and Earn Money by Sharing

4 Ways to Save and Earn Money by Sharing

Money is hard to earn and is used up fast when we spend it. So we have to use it on the essentials and for our loved ones before our leisure.

But did you know that if you have a cooperative friend or family member, you can save and even earn money by sharing with them? Today, we give you some smart tips for that.

1) Rent a co-working space

Rent a co-working space

Rather than buy or rent office space at once, why not rent a co-working space while you’re growing your new business?

The cost differential here is sizable; office rentals tie you to the space for three or six months or a year. That’s a lot of expenses including employee salaries and utilities.

In comparison, some co-working companies don’t tie you into a long-term contract and have flexible packages available too. This enables you to customise the space to your business needs and pick only the needed features.

2) Rent a car

Rent a car

Indeed, getting a car may cost a lot. The initial price is one thing, and filling it up with fuel and maintaining it is another.

Instead of investing in a car with poor specs you don’t really want, it may be better for now to rent a car—or if it’s all right with them, borrow from a family member. However, you have to be sure to take care of it.

To avoid any headaches on the way, it’s worth it to take some driving lessons or practice with it for a while. And, of course, insurance will definitely come in handy.

3) Share your clothing or accessories

Share your clothing or accessories

The digital age allows you to rent and share clean and relatively new clothing on fashion economy platforms like Style Swap Malaysia, for one.

All it takes is to list your clothing there, and if someone rents it, you get the cha-ching. It’s a perfect way to earn extra money especially if you honestly don’t like the clothes.

Alternatively, you might want to just sell the garments on an eCommerce platform. But see what works best for you.

4) Share your language skills

Share your language skills

Know Cantonese, Italian, or another language? You can share your language skills for a fee via trusted platforms in Malaysia.

Not only will you have fun and earn money, but you’ll make new friends too and get better as you teach. Consequently, it may lead to new work opportunities that you will be happy to take.

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