How to Choose a Roof Cleaning Service

How to Choose a Roof Cleaning Service

Roofing needs to be cleaned at least once a year or more based on its condition and how the weather has been.

By doing this, structural defects or issues will be caught early on. This prevents potential leaks and the homeowner from spending expensively on repairs further down the road.

Now, since the efficiency and safety of the job matter most, you have to choose the right roof cleaning service, not just any company. And here, in this guide, we’ll be showing you how, so let’s start!

1) Certifications and Licences

Certifications and Licences

The first thing you have to find out is if the roof cleaning contractor is certified and licensed. This assures you that the job will be handled expertly and on par with the industry standards.

Your roof, after all, is a big investment on your part. You wouldn’t want to entrust it to a cheap and shady company.

Always ask for verification and the contractor should be able to send you by mail or online a copy of all their licences and accreditations. If not, it’s a red flag so you’d have to find another company.

2) Experience

Experience comes next because a company can stay around for a long time and yet perform unsatisfactorily for its circle of clients.

Enquire how much experience they have or see what they say on their website. Also, you can check their project gallery, which may have before-and-after pictures of their roof cleaning.

This will give you an insight as to their cleaning method, their thoroughness, and cleanup work afterwards.

Picking a company with more experience in the biz is an altogether better choice than one that’s new. That’s because expertise, equipment, and safety comes with experience.

3) Cleaning Supplies and Method

Cleaning Supplies and Method

Choose a company that uses a low or soft-pressure washing method to clean across your roof gently.

Some other companies use the traditional pressure washer, which could damage or chip the surface of your roof. This is the worst that could happen, and chances are, they might not even inform you about it.

In addition, look into the cleaning supplies they use. The best ones are, of course, eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions that make your roof spotless and remove unsightly organisms like moss, algae, and lichen.

4) Customer Feedback

If you’re still in doubt whether you should hire the roof cleaner or not, have a peek at their customer reviews.

See what people are saying about them, both positive and negative. Be careful that the reviews are authentic and aren’t written by the staff of the company.

As a result, you would be able to decide better as to which roof cleaning service to take on. Also, by reading the reviews, you’ll be able to steer clear of unreliable and rude customer service.

5) Cost

Last but not least is the service’s costs. You should look for one which offers a decent price for the roof cleaning work performed.

In fact, they should even give a free roof assessment when you use their service. This is to identify problems on your roof, whether minor or major.

Also, because various businesses offer different prices, you have to obtain at least three quotes. By doing so, you’d get a better idea of the cost in your local area and can pick the best deal between them.

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