Penang Street Art A Guide to the Best Murals in Town

Penang Street Art: A Guide to the Best Murals in Town

Penang’s streets come alive with an array of captivating murals, sculptures, and installations that celebrate its rich cultural heritage and artistic flair. 

In this travel guide, we invite you to embark on a delightful journey through the winding alleys and bustling neighborhoods to discover the hidden gems and iconic masterpieces created by talented local artists. 

Get ready to be inspired by the stories behind these artworks and immerse yourself in the dynamic and ever-evolving street art scene of Penang.

Time Zone

Malaysian Standard Time (UTC+8)

Best Time to Go

The best time to explore Penang’s street art is during the cooler and drier months, which typically fall between November and April. 

During this period, the weather is more favorable, with lower chances of rainfall and humidity, making it comfortable to roam the streets on foot and fully appreciate the art without the hassle of unexpected downpours.

Visiting during weekdays or early mornings allows you to avoid the crowds, providing a more intimate and immersive experience with the artworks. 

How to Get Around

On Foot: The most popular and recommended way to explore the vibrant street Penang art scene is on foot.

Lace up your walking shoes, grab a map or use a navigation app, and venture through the charming alleys and bustling streets of Penang. 

Walking allows you to stumble upon hidden art gems and take your time appreciating the intricate details of each artwork. 

Cycling: Renting a bicycle can be a fun and eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to cover more ground while enjoying the city’s sights and sounds

We recommend LinkBike, a public bike sharing system in Penang where anyone can pick up a bike from any of the 29 stations and return it to another station as well. 

The first 30 minutes of each ride is completely free, after which a fee of RM1 should be paid after every hour. You can buy daily, weekly, monthly or annual passes, ranging from RM2 for 24 hours to RM30 for a one-year pass.

Where to Find Street Art in Penang

Little Children On a Bicycle 

Location: 2, Lebuh Armenian

Made by artist Ernest Zacharevic in 2012, this piece of art called “Little Children on a Bicycle” keeps luring tourists in with its beauty. 

It was completed for the George Town Festival, and used real kids who were at the event as the inspiration for the piece. 

Old Soy Milk Stall 

Location: 63, Gat Lebuh Chulia

This sweet mural of an old lady serving soy milk in a stall is definitely worth a peek. It was made as a collaboration among St. Xavier’s Institution, Homesoy, and Vilmedia. 

Who knew it was an ad for soy milk? 

Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat

Location: 28, Gat Lebuh Armenian

This adorable mural hides a heartwarming tale. The street artists of Penang joined forces for the 101 Lost Kittens Project, an initiative for rehoming stray cats and other animals. 

It’s one of the 12-piece cat-themed murals along George Town. 

I Want Bao

Location: 28, Gat Lebuh Armenian

This funny mural was created by street artist WK Setor and shows two children reaching their hands out for bao buns. 

It’s a clever piece of ad commissioned by Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop located beside it. 

It certainly made me crave bao! 

Brother and Sister on a Swing

Location: 63 Gat Lebuh Chulia

One of the cutest murals in George Town, this art piece shows two children standing on one swing– a nostalgic experience of our childhood! 

It was created by Louis Gan, an artist who is deaf-mute and a self-taught artist who enjoys watercolor and acrylic forms of art as well. 

It definitely transported us back to our youth! 

Skippy Comes to Penang

Location: Armenian Street Ghaut

Another cat mural in Penang, this artwork was also created for the 101 Lost Kittens Project and was completed by artists by Artists for Stray Animals (ASA) – a team of one Malaysian and one Thai artist.

This next cat mural in Penang was also created for the 101 Lost Kittens project. It’s faded now so who knows what condition it’ll be in when you visit.

Sadly, the real Skippy the Cat has passed away, so the artwork is definitely a nice way to immortalize the cuteness. 

Teach You Hokkien, Lorong Soo Hong

Location: 30, Lorong Soo Hong

This huge, vibrant purple wall mural is over two meters tall and shows a boy seemingly about to shout at you.  

Created by street artists, Jim Oo Chun Hee and John Cheng, the young boy is shouting at you to teach you Hokkien – a dialect among the Chinese community in Malaysia.  

They say there used to be words on the speech bubble which have now been removed. Let’s hope they’ll paint new words soon so we can finally understand Hokkien! 

Boy on a Chair

Location: 14 Lebuh Cannon

Again created by artist Ernest Zacharevic, this artwork shows a boy reaching out for something as he stands on top of a chair. 

This is definitely worth the visit– and we’re not the only ones who think so! A popular attraction in George Town, you might not be the only one marveling at the beauty of this art piece. 

We’re definitely one of the people who are reaching out to this art piece! 

The Awaiting Trishaw Peddler

Location: 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

This giant mural, named The Awaiting Trishaw Peddler can be found on Penang Road and it faces the Red Garden Food Paradise Car Park. 

It depicts an elderly trishaw peddler sitting on his vehicle, waiting for customers maybe? 

Created by Ernest Zacharevic, it is a tribute to the trishaw peddlers across the road in front of St. Francis Xavier Church. 

Measuring 15.2 meters, it might be one of the largest murals by Zacharevic in George Town. 

The Indian Boatman

Location: 75, Lorong Stewart

Created by Russian artist Julia Volchkova, this art piece shows an Indian boatman standing on top of a boat. This is her second mural. 

It faces Klang Street and Stewart Lane, and can be found within George Town. The building it was painted on is the Clockwise Hostel. 

Places to Eat Nearby

Kebaya Dining Room 

Address: 2-16 Lorong Stewart, George Town, Penang Island 10200 Malaysia
Contact Details: +60 4-264 2333
Pricing: $$$ 
Operating Hours: Everyday, 6PM-10:30PM

One of Penang’s best fine dining restaurants, food from Kebaya Dining Room is definitely a culinary treat made even more elevated by their superb interior design and ambiance. 

Their dishes are inspired by classic Indo and Straits Chinese Nyonya cuisine that uses traditional Malaysian flavor profiles, Thai spiciness, and traditional French cooking styles to bring a twist on an authentic dining experience. 

Chulia Lane Cafe

Address: 20 Lorong Chulia, George Town, Penang Island 10200 Malaysia
Contact Details: +60 4-963 9282
Pricing: $$
Operating Hours: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10AM-6PM

Chulia Lane Cafe offers heartwarming coffee and tasty bites at a moderate price located at a very cozy spot in Penang. 

Their delicious pork burger is definitely insta-worthy so you can take all the aesthetic photos you like! The modern design of the cafe is great for resting because of its clean and peaceful atmosphere. 

Local Tip: Don’t forget to try their waffles– it’s what they’re famous for!

The Daily Dose

Address: 36 Stewart Lane, George Town, Penang Island 10200 Malaysia
Contact Details: +6042519168
Pricing: $$
Operating Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9AM-10PM

Craving breakfast food but it’s late in the afternoon? No worries! The Daily Dose serves breakfast all day, so you can satisfy your cravings. 

Their food is Western-inspired but tinged with local flavors. Best part? You don’t have to break the bank to try them out. 

You can even eat your food and relax at the same time at their lovely front terrace. 

Local Tip: The restaurant is also pet friendly, so you can bring along your furry friends! 

Beryl’s Chocolate Story

Address: 5, Love Lane, Penang Island 10200 Malaysia
Contact Details: +60 4-263 9018
Pricing: $$
Operating Hours: Everyday except Monday 10AM-7PM

Wind down with sweet treats from Beryl’s Chocolate Story in Penang! 

Aside from their yummy desserts in the first floor’s cafe and chocolate shop, the most interesting part of this restaurant is their second floor– it’s a museum!

It’s free of charge and educates people on all things chocolate. Definitely a quirky gem! 

What to Expect in Penang Weather

Dry Season (March to October): The dry season in Zoo Negara brings warm and humid weather, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 32°C (77°F to 90°F). 

Rainy Season (November to February): Rainy season in Zoo Negara with occasional heavy showers and thunderstorms, with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 31°C (75°F to 88°F).

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