5 Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

Since the goal of burglars is to get into the house and bypass your security system, you have to be careful when securing your house—so you can stay one step ahead of them and then some.

You can do that by being aware of certain things and adjusting appropriately. So, here are the most common home security mistakes you should avoid:

1) Not locking your doors and windows

Not locking your doors and windows

Although this is a very basic security mistake, many people still leave their doors and windows unlocked or open at home or when they leave just for a few minutes.

Burglars have an eye for it and will likely jump on the easy opportunity. And keep in mind, burglary jobs often finish in as little as five to seven minutes, so by the time you get back, your most valuable items might be gone.

Hence, remember to always keep your doors and windows locked when not needed and whenever you’re going out.

Speaking of which, digital locks and security doors are fantastic solutions to keeping your house more secure. That’s because thieves find it more difficult to get past or around them.

2) Hiding your keys near the front door

Hiding your keys near the front door

It’s common practice to hide the keys by the front door for fear of losing them outside or being locked out.

Expert burglars already expect this, whether your keys are under the doormat, a fake rock, a planter, or even in the BBQ grill in your backyard.

In place of this, we advise bringing the keys with you when you go out. But, be mindful of it and carry it with you all the time, even if you’re only making an errand or washing your hands for a bit.

3) Having a tall fence or gate

Having a tall fence or gate

A tall fence or gate between six to eight feet can effectively hinder thieves from trespassing your house. However, this can work in their favour as they could use it as a cover or to prevent being seen.

Therefore, you’d have to be aware of this fact, and be careful on planning to build your front or driveway gate. Use reinforced doors, which although can make your house less appealing, put up an extra line of defence against thieves.

4) Sharing personal information on social media

Sharing personal information on social media

Today, robbers check people’s social media for information on when or how they will commit theft. Let’s say, you post your jewellery collection or new laptop at home on Facebook—doing this can attract wrongdoers than if you just kept mum about it.

Apart from your new belongings, don’t let the world know when you are going to an event or vacation. This indicates that the house will be empty or have fewer people around, and thus, makes it vulnerable to being broken into and robbed.

5) Not having outdoor lights

Not having outdoor lights

Not having outdoor lights is another common mistake of homeowners. Shadows are a burglar’s best friend—if your residential outdoors is pitch-dark at night, at least turn the lights on inside your house.

Or better yet, put motion-sensing lights in the front, side, and back areas of your house. These will automatically activate when they sense human movement, thereby alerting you to the presence of the burglar, and possibly deter them.

You can very easily install them yourself or a handyman can do it for you if you lack the time. Not only can your home look more beautiful at night, but it will give the burglar obstacles to deal with.

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