Guide to the Famous Jalan Alor Food Street

The Ultimate Guide to the Famous Jalan Alor Food Street

You can’t say you’ve gone to Kuala Lumpur without going to visit the lively Jalan Alor Food Street. Located in the very heart of the famed city of KL, this foodie destination has remained in our hearts as a must-visit spot.

Now, there are a lot of unique aspects that make Jalan Alor the famous destination it is. And lucky for you, we’re here to give you an idea of what those are, so keep on reading to discover all the best parts about this vibrant food street and night market!

Things to Know

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Location: Jln Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Payments: Most small vendors and hawker stalls do not have digital payment options and prefer receiving cash.

Best Time to Go

Evenings are usually the best time to visit the Jalan Alor Food Street. Of course, the street itself is open even during the daytime. If you just want a relatively quiet time to try out the food, you can go around breakfast or even lunch time.

However, nighttime is when this famed food street comes to life. The whole place is much livelier at around 7 PM, so you’ll get to enjoy the atmosphere.

How to Get to Jalan Alor

Trains: You can ride the MRT Kajang Line and get off the Bukit Bintang station. After that, there’s just a short walk of about 5-10 minutes until you reach Jalan Alor. 

Buses: The green line and the purple line of Kuala Lumpur’s city buses can take you directly to Jalan Alor. Fares for a single trip can range anywhere from RM1 (USD 0.22) to RM7 (USD 1.52), depending on the distance travelled.

Car Service: Easily book a hassle-free trip using the many car services available in Kuala Lumpur, with the most popular one being Grab. However, we don’t recommend this mode because of heavy traffic in the surrounding areas. 

What to Do in Jalan Alor Food Street

Explore the night market

Aside from a variety of food, Jalan Alor also features stores with all kinds of interesting stuff. There are small stores selling souvenirs, accessories, textiles, and shoes. 

For a grocery-like experience, there are also the Jalan Alor minimarts. Here you can grab local drinks and snacks to munch on as you explore the street!

Pro tip:
At night, you can expect the crowds to be much bigger. It’s always best to explore the non-food options of Jalan Alor during the day time, just before sunset.

Soak in the friendly atmosphere

At any given time of the day, the Jalan Alor Food Street has a welcoming ambience. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll feel the friendly vibe that goes around the place.

The place comes alive with hungry customers and welcoming restaurants. No matter where you come from, you’ll find that you can easily bond with people over delicious food.

The friendly Malaysian culture also shows itself in the Jalan Alor Food Street. With Malaysians themselves being so open to others, it’s much easier to enjoy yourself in this place.

Admire the nearby street art

Jalan Alor isn’t famous for just its food–the colourful street art in the area is also a must-see!

But let’s talk about the area where you can find them—Changkat Bukit Bintang. Our team considers this place to be KL’s very own version of a Times Square, with trendy locations and areas (like the Jalan Alor Food Street!).

Jalan Rembia street, just beside Jalan Alor, is full of murals, so you can expect to be greeted with an explosion of colour once you arrive there! From the front and sides of the buildings all the way up to the very street itself, there’s vibrant art everywhere. 

It’s worth taking a detour in your street food adventure to take a few pictures of the murals, soak in the beauty, and enjoy the art. And, oh, try to look for murals that depict the culture of food and enjoyment in the Jalan Alor Food Street!

Pro tip:
Check out the murals while the sun is still up. Going there around sunset is your best bet so you can appreciate the beauty of the murals.

Join a food tour

Joining a food tour, such as Simply Enak’s, to experience Jalan Alor Food Street has its perks. You can enjoy exploring the area with a personal guide and a schedule that makes time for everything you need to see. 

The guides are usually locals, so you’re sure of their street cred. They’re also very generous with giving tips and tricks that can make your exploring easier and much more fun!

My favourite part is touring with a group that shares the same interest: food! Try joining one and you might even make a few friends you can go around with exploring the rest of Kuala Lumpur.

Pro tip:
There are tours that are specifically just for the Jalan Alor area. But if you want to explore Kuala Lumpur as well, then there are KL food tours, KL-at-night tours, and so many more Kuala Lumpur tours that pass by the Jalan Alor Food Street.

Appreciate the history of Jalan Alor Food Street

Jalan Alor was just a small residential area in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre before it grew into the food street we all know and love.

Over the years, Jalan Alor Food Street has seen many upgrades to its aesthetic. It was already a great food haven, so all it needed was a little pizzazz to turn it into a KL icon!

You can see some remains of the original construction and structure, so the classic vibe here is different from modern Kuala Lumpur. If you’re interested in urban architecture and design, you’ll definitely get to see some interesting structures in the area!

Try out the food!

Dining at Jalan Alor Food Street is sure to be a treat for all the senses, most especially for the taste buds! 

Restaurants, hawker stalls, and small vendors sell a great variety of must-try food from both local and international cuisine (including what Malaysians usually eat for dinner time!).

For the complete experience of the market, here are some dishes you shouldn’t miss trying out:


If there’s a must-try from the Jalan Alor Food Street, it’s definitely the different kinds of satay! Hawker stalls up and down the street have delicious varieties of this hearty Malaysian dish.

Most Asian countries have their own take on satay but the Malaysian version makes use of a great blend of herbs and spices. Don’t forget the sauce, which is made from peanuts – and take extra care if you’re allergic! 


A Malaysian food street wouldn’t be complete without delicious seafood. From whole crabs and prawns to fresh fish and mussels, you can find them at Jalan Alor Food Street! 

With their long experience in preparing seafood, the hawkers prepare seafood really well. You won’t have to worry about ending the night with a stomach ache here!

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a staple in almost every cuisine worldwide. So it’s no surprise that the dish is a crowd favourite at Jalan Alor Food Street.

You’ll find some variation of chicken wings being sold almost everywhere in the street!

There’s the timeless yet delicious marinated and grilled chicken (à la satay). This is probably the most common type of chicken wing you’ll find on the street, with each stall showing off its own unique take.

You can also find a great variety of deliciously glazed wings, crispy deep-fried wings, and even spicy chicken wings! There really is everything in the Jalan Alor Food Street for all chicken wing lovers.


For noodle lovers, there are definitely a lot of yummy options at the Jalan Alor Food Street, and it’s no surprise. Noodles are a big part of Malaysian cuisine, and locals eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a quick midnight snack (Maggi Kari, anyone?).

In Jalan Alor, you can choose from various types. There are a couple of spots that feature wonderful stir-fried noodles, with a variety of interesting toppings.

You can even find the most mouthwatering noodle soups in the food street, perfect for rainy nights out. Anything from Jalan Alor’s spicy curry laksa to hearty pan mee, you can enjoy it at a lot of restaurants on the street.

Some noodle dishes also feature a mix of the freshest seafood, and some are chock full of vegetables–perfect for vegetarians!

Grilled Stingray

As a more exotic seafood dish, this definitely deserves a special mention. Grilled stingray is the meal that many tourists try out once and then come back to during all their next visits to Jalan Alor.

With a beautiful cut of stingray that’s grilled to perfection, it’s no wonder why this is a crowd favourite. You can find delicious grilled stingray in a handful of restaurants, but one of the more famous options is Meng Kee Grill Fish

What does grilled stingray taste like, you say? Well, it has a mild seafood flavour with a bit of a sweet, metallic taste and a flaky yet dense texture—something of a cross of scallops and lobsters.

Frog Legs

Since you’re in a new place, why not push your boundaries and try something completely new? Yep, I’m talking about frog legs!

At Jalan Alor, frog legs are served in all kinds of ways. Of course, the most popular method is grilling, but you can also find some frog leg porridge or even fried frog legs!

If you’re curious about this succulent and juicy dish, you can find it being sold in many restaurants in Jalan Alor. But if you just try it casually, you can grab some from the stalls along the food street, like Fat Brother Satay, that serves it as a skewer-type of meal.


Of course, ending your foodie night at the Jalan Food Street with dessert is a must. 

Malaysians have a lot of favourite desserts(sweets Malaysia), and most are greatly featured in the iconic food street. Ice cream with unique flavours (including durian ice cream), fresh fruit, and kek batik can all be enjoyed after a long night of eating. 

Here are few more classic Malaysian desserts you can find there:

Coconut Ice Cream: This light and delicious sangkaya, as it is called by Malaysians, has various versions. Some stalls serve it fresh with coconut juice while others scoop from pre-packaged ice cream.

Pandan Leaf Cendol: This local jelly delicacy is made from fresh pandan leaf, rice flour, tapioca flour, sugar, and water. It’s a great choice to get you feeling refreshed with its natural flavours.

Rojak: This may not be your typical dessert but it’s surely not one to skip when you’re in Jalan Alor. A spicy yet delightful combination of chopped fruit and vegetables, rojak is a peculiar dessert that leaves you wanting more.

Air Mata Kuching: Tourists and locals try this drink out whenever they’re in Malaysia. Made with monk fruit, dried longan, winter melon, and some sugar and water, this is definitely another must-try dessert along Jalan Alor.