How to Choose a Mattress

How to Choose a Mattress

We at least seven hours or more of complete sleep daily to be healthy. And we cannot do that without a good mattress because our bodies won’t be in the right position.

If you’ve been sleeping on a too-soft or too-hard mattress, it may be time to change it very soon. Although you can improve it by using a mattress pad or topper, it may not always work out.

Now, in buying a new mattress, you’d have to think about things carefully to get the right product for yourself or your children. To help you with that, here’s a simple guide to choosing a mattress.

1) Mattress Type

Mattress Type

There are three primary types of mattresses you can get: innerspring, foam, and hybrid. Foam can further be subdivided into latex and memory foam, which many people find comfortable.

An innerspring mattress is composed of metal springs underneath it that make it bouncy and comfortable. Having a lot of spaces around springs encourages airflow, keeping the sleeper cool.

A memory foam mattress offers incredible support as it adapts to the weight and body of the person. Also, it retains its shape regardless of the number of people lounging or sleeping on it.

While the hybrid mattress combines the functions of innerspring coil and memory foam ones. This lends an ‘adaptive’ soft and springy feel that may or may not suit the person using it.

2) Weight


Weight has a huge say on which level of firmness you should get. For instance, people within the normal weight range do best on a soft or medium mattress.

It’s easier for them to move a lot and shift positions while in bed. And this is good for the spine, back, arms, and the rest of the body.

As for heavier individuals, they may want to choose a firmer mattress. The firm aspect will give ample support to the body however they sleep so it can make them feel relaxed and comfy.

3) Firmness


Bed firmness doesn’t stop at your weight but how you sleep every night. Being a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper affects which firmness level you’ll prefer.

Irrespective of your usual sleep position, choosing a mattress with the right firmness will go long way. This will prevent your spine from being crooked, and your body and joints from aching.

As a general rule of thumb, you should go for a soft or medium mattress if you’re a side sleeper to support your hip and joints. Medium or firm if you’re a back or stomach sleeper so you’ll sleep peacefully.

4) Budget


Depending on the brand and type of mattress, you can expect to spend between RM110 to RM3,000. Buying a mattress online is typically cheaper than getting it from the store because the middleman is removed.

Nevertheless, you still have to ensure the mattress is of excellent quality and safe to sleep in. Don’t buy a mattress without a warranty so that you can have it replaced or repaired in case there’s any defect.

Also, some high-end mattress companies offer a sleep-trial period for a week or two or longer. This is also great on your part since if the mattress doesn’t suit you, you can just return it within the specified period.

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