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The 13 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia

Air Fryer via Flickr Looking for a way to enjoy fried food without clogging up your arteries? The best air fryers in Malaysia offer a way to do just that, thanks to breakthroughs in cooking technology! These give you the ability to produce …

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Nothing is more satisfying than having a healthy home-cooked meal every day. But if you want to cook at home, you need tons of cooking stuff like frying pans, utensils, toasters, and whatnot.

Lucky for you, we’ve already gone through dozens of cookware in Malaysia to find the best ones for your home. From the latest microwave ovens to the best gas stoves in Malaysia, we’ve got it all reviewed so you can easily pick the best ones for you.

Do you like cooking at home but are afraid of fire hazards? If so, we’ve listed down the best induction cooktops in Malaysia that have safety switches, different heat levels, auto-off features, and a reliable warranty so you can cook without flames and keep your homes safe.

If you want to eat healthier without compromising the taste of your meals, you should get the best air fryers in Malaysia. We picked out the best ones in the market that have large capacities, multi-cooking features, quick heating functionalities, temperature controls, and the best value-for-price.

You can also check out our top picks for the leading ovens in Malaysia that you can use for cooking food and baking treats. We made sure to list down the leading options in the market and pick out the ones that have the best quality, optimal features, and reliable post-purchase services.

If you want to elevate your cooking experience by simplifying your meal preparations, you should check out the pressure cookers on our list. We’ve reviewed the best pressure cookers in Malaysia that have multi-dish features that allow you to, not only tenderize the meat but also whip up meals instantly.

Top Stand Mixers in Malaysia

Stand Mixers

Whether it is for cooking or baking, a simple hand mixer might not be able to do all the work for you. We need something more stable and heavy-duty to incorporate our ingredients to their desired texture and consistency — like a stand …

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Top Deep Fryers in Malaysia

Deep Fryers

The secret to achieving the right crisp is a combination of good quality oil and a piece of reliable equipment. To help you achieve this, here are the top deep fryers in Malaysia for your next kitchen upgrade—whether at home or in your …

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