Best TV Repair in Penang

6 Shops for the Best TV Repair In Penang

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Our televisions play a huge role in keeping us entertained, informed, and educated while we hang out in our homes. But no matter how new or advanced your TV is, it’s still prone to common problems like busted backlights, shaky images, pixelated pictures, and vertical lines that seem to appear out of nowhere.

If your TV starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may want to check out the leading shops that offer the best TV repair in Penang. Our team scoured the state to find affordable shops and authorized service centres that you can go to.

How Much TV Repairs in Penang Cost

To give you an idea of how much TV repairs in Penang cost, we’ve listed down rough estimates of what repair shops charge in Malaysia. The prices can vary depending on the size of your screen, the damages on the TV, and the repair shop that you go to.

Service Fee/DiagnosisRM50 or more
Screen Panel RepairsRM200 or more
Backlight ProblemsRM250 – RM600
Circuit Board ReplacementRM300 – RM600

Best TV Repair In Penang

We’ve searched for both authorized service centres for major brands which is ideal if you still have warranty coverage or if you just want top-quality services. On the other hand, we’ve also listed down affordable repair shops that you can go to if you’re on a tight budget.

Whether you need your television checked or you’re looking for spare parts, the shops on our list can take care of all your needs. If you’re ready to enjoy movie trips at home again, it’s time for you to discover the top shops for the most reliable TV repair in Penang.

1.   National Home Helper

SERVICESTV Repair Booking and Directory
OFFICE HOURS24/7 Online Services
ADDRESSPenang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Number: 0154-876207342

You don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for handymen. National Home Helper has an expansive directory of handymen all over the globe, including providers for the best TV repair in Penang.

Just leave them your details, and they will find a reliable service provider for your specific job requirement.

Their contact list has a wide variety of home helpers around the world so we can suggest to you the best handyman you need for any task.

The service providers they find go through a thorough screening process so they can make sure that they recommend you only those who are the best at their job.


  • Prompt and timely services
  • Customer service is their priority
  • No added charges or hidden fees


  • The speed of the booking process also depends on the service provider themselves

2.   Pomen TV

Pomen TV's Homepage
SERVICESLCD, LED, Plasma display repairs, general TV repair services
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS1741, Lorong Pokok Sena 1, Jln Pongsu Seribu, Taman Pokok Sena, 13200 Kepala Batas, Penang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Number: +6019-446 6526

Do you have a large TV that you can’t use because of its shaky screen? Shaking images are common issues for large smart TVs that the technicians in Pomen TV can handle in a jiffy.

They are well-trained in fixing smart TVs especially for screen problems that you find in LCD, LED, and Plasma displays. They can do on-the-spot assessments to pinpoint the technical issue and find solutions as quickly as possible.

Some of the brands that they feature on their website are Phillips, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Hayer, Sanyo, and more. You can easily contact them through Messenger or WhatsApp and they generally reply within a few minutes.

They also post videos of the TVs that they’ve fixed and include details about the issues and how they fixed them. We actually found this to be very helpful because you can use their posts to assess your TV by yourself and you can expect what type of repair your TV needs.

If your TV’s damages aren’t too serious, you can easily get your TV within a day or two. With their quick services and helpful maintenance tips, we highly recommend Pomen TV if you’re looking for fast and informative repairs.


  • Replies within a few minutes
  • Quick and reliable services
  • Caters to different TV brands and models


  • No home service
  • Does not specify repairs for QLED and curved displays
  • No posts about 4k and 8k resolution displays

Customer Review

One of their customer, Muhammad Firdaus Sopian, left this review:

“Alhamdulillah my TV is good as usual. Delivering today, tomorrow is ready. Coincidentally the TV items are ready stock with the foreman. Foreman also advises how to use TV so that it will not be damaged. Definitely highly recommended. For Penang people who want TIPTOP services, you can repair TV here.”

3.   William Electrical Service

William Electrical Service's Homepage
SERVICESTV, fridge, and washing machine repair
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Saturday: 9:30AM – 5:00PM
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS4469, Jalan Kampung Benggali, 12200 Butterworth, Pulau Penang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Number: +6016-431 2479

William Electrical Service is an on-call repair shop that fixes washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions within Jalan Kampung Benggali. They are a small shop that offers quick and affordable repairs for anyone who is on a budget.

They also provide spare parts at very affordable prices in case you need anything changed in your appliances. Oftentimes, spare parts can either be expensive or hard to find so it’s very convenient that they provide this type of service.

There is very limited information on their business site so you will have to contact them personally through their phone number. Despite their lack of details, they have a fair amount of positive customer reviews and high customer ratings.

The best selling point about this shop is that they provide very affordable repair fees compared to certified service centres. Additionally, you can also avoid the expenses of buying new parts if they have spare parts on hand.


  • Online quotation available
  • Specialize in washing machine and fridge repairs
  • Repairs other home appliances
  • Offers cheap spare parts


  • No TV repair details online
  • They close earlier than most shops

Customer Review

One of their customer, Nazri Mohd, wrote this comment:

“Affordable. Washing machines, refrigerators, tvs are all available. It’s been a long time since the store.”

Tok Sidek has this to say about their services:

“Repair TVs, refrigerators and washing machines at low prices. Service was too big. Uncle repair ni pandai save macam macam macam barang si bapa si ni si ini bisa bikin .. ?”

4.   Nguan Electrical Service

Nguan Electrical Service's Homepage
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:30AM – 1:00PM
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS352-G-5, Gat Lebuh Macallum, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Number: +604-262 3549

If you have a new TV that needs fixing, you might want to consider going to Nguan Electrical Services for help. After all, they specialize in repairing LED and LCD televisions for different types of brands.

What really makes them stand out is that they’re authorized dealers and spare parts retailers for Pioneer and Sharp televisions. This means that you can get reliable services if you own a TV of the same brand.

Because they are authorized spare parts retailers, you can also get original parts for your television with ease. Finding premium parts can be problematic and close to impossible if you don’t know where to look so this definitely gives them an edge over other TV repair shops in Penang.

They are located in George Town, and their roadside shop is very easy to see which is a bonus for convenience. All in all, we highly recommend Nugan Electrical Service if you’re looking for authorized technicians and if you don’t mind spending extra for premium parts.


  • Authorized service centre for Pioneer and Sharp
  • Authorized spare parts retailer for Pioneer and Sharp
  • Repairs LED and LCD TVs for various brands
  • Online quotation available
  • Easily accessible location


  • Expect slightly higher prices for brand new spare parts
  • No service details for other brands
  • No general repair services for home appliances

5.   Kee Electronic Sales & Service

Kee Electronic Sales & Service's Homepage, Facebook
SERVICESTV repair, Plasma, LCD, LED, electronic sales
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Saturday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESSBlock B, G-04, Lebuh Nangka 2, Taman Desa Damai, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Number: +6012-488 4706

If you’re looking for time-tested TV repair services in the Bukit Mertjam region, Kee Electronic Sales & Service may be your best choice. With over 30 years of experience in fixing televisions, you can get detailed assessments, repair services, and recommendations that you won’t find in newer shops.

They specialize in fixing major brands and popular television models including LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs. They also sell very affordable televisions such as from RM180.00 CRT TVs to premium 55” Full HD Smart LED LG TVs.

Despite their long track record, they still keep up with current technology so you don’t have to hesitate in bringing in newer models for repairs. They also take pride in providing a professional and customer-friendly approach so you can expect pleasant communications with their staff.

With all things considered, you can expect seasoned technicians who can repair your TV in no time and with minimal costs.


  • Over 30 years of TV repair experience
  • Caters to major brands and TV models
  • They close later than other shops
  • Sells affordable TVs


  • No details about OLED repairs
  • Not an authorized services centre for any brand

6.  Northern Tech & Services

Northern Tech & Services' Homepage
SERVICESTV repair, Panasonic and LG service centre, Panasonic and LG spare parts dealer
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Friday (9am – 5pm)
ADDRESS36, Jalan Goh Guan Ho, Taman Goh Guan Ho, Georgetown 11400 Penang.
CONTACT INFORMATIONTel : 04-8350769 / 011-17721722

Do you own a Panasonic TV with a glitchy screen? Or maybe you have a brand new Full HD LG TV that has some backlight issues?

If so, George Town has another authorized service centre that specifically caters to Panasonic and LG TVs. The shop is called Northern Tech & Services and they provide television repair services as well as household appliance repairs.

As an authorized service centre and spare parts dealer for Panasonic and LG, you can count on them for warranty and repair. You can also get premium spare parts directly from the shop which makes it very convenient for customers.

They also provide repair services for other television brands so you shouldn’t worry about bringing your TV for a quick checkup and repair. There is limited information on their website so we suggest that you call them for more details before you visit the shop directly.

If you own a Panasonic or LG TV, we highly encourage you to visit them because they are an authorized service centre that can give you the specific needs of your branded television. Aside from that, the fact that they are an authorized dealer is also a guarantee that their services are top-quality and reliable.


  • Authorized service center for Panasonic and LG
  • Authorized spare parts dealer for Panasonic and LG
  • Online quotation available


  • Closed on weekends
  • Limited details of their repair services
  • Need to contact directly for more info

FAQs About the Best TV Repair In Penang

As long as you know where to get the best TV repair in Penang, you won’t have to worry about buying a new television anytime soon. Just make sure that you list down our suggestions and go to an authorized service centre if you’re still within your warranty period.

Do you have any recommendations for other shops that offer top-quality TV repair in Penang? If so, you can send us an email so we can review your recommendations and add them to our list.

Now that you know where to get the best TV repair in Penang, you might also want to list down the best plumbers near you. Knowing the best plumbers in Penang can really help ease your problems whenever your pipes start leaking again.