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The 7 Best Treadmills in Malaysia to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

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The treadmill is one of the easiest machines to operate, so this is one of the most user-friendly pieces of gym equipment to have at home. In case you want to get active and moving with one, we’ve rounded up the best treadmill brands in Malaysia to jumpstart your fitness journey.

So, if you want a treadmill for your house or flat, consider these first. These best treadmills in Malaysia are the ones that can give you the most bang for your buck!

1.  NordicTrack T10 Treadmill

NordicTrack T10 Treadmill_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM7,180.00

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Amp up your cardio game with the NordicTrack T10 Treadmill. With its 20 built-in workout programmes and iFit Bluetooth technology, the NordicTrack T10 Treadmill gives you various workout levels that can be adjusted according to your fitness level and training needs.

Get the training you need with its built-in workouts that help you achieve calorie-burn, incline challenges, and speed/intensity goals. Motivate yourself by seeing and tracking your workout progress on its backlit display.

It also lets you see your speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories burned. Moreover, you can see your progress on a visual quarter-mile racetrack.

Thanks to its FlexSelect Cushioning, you can adjust the cushion under your feet. It’s so easy to operate!

Make a half-turn for superior impact reduction. Make another half-turn to mimic the pavement on an outdoor run.

With its one-touch speed and incline controls, you can easily adjust the machine for some serious interval training workout as well.

And even storing it when not in use is easy. Just fold the deck up and stack away.


  • 0 CHP Durx Plus motor
  • 12% Digital Quick Incline Control
  • Maximum weight: 150kg
  • Running belt: 20” X 60” (51 X 152cm)
  • 7in backlit screen
  • FlexSelect Cushioning
  • iFit Technology
  • 20 workout programmes
  • 1-year local manufacturer warranty

2.  NordicTrack C7 Treadmill

NordicTrack C7 Treadmill_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM5,960.00

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We’re crazy about the NordicTrack treadmills. It’s not hard to see why, as it’s an established name in the world of fitness equipment.

The NordicTrack C7 Treadmill lets you attach your tablet device to it so that you can enjoy your favorite media while getting a sweat. Using your tablet, you can also easily access your iFit account to better track your training.

With 20 workout programmes, there’s a new workout to look forward to every day. These include competitions to inspire you even more in your fitness journey.

You can work out even in the wee hours of the morning on your NordicTrack C7 Treadmill without waking up the entire household. Its motor is strong enough to withstand long workouts but hushed enough not to disturb anyone.

Just like the previous model from NordicTrack on this list, you can easily adjust the cushioning and incline level under your feet here. When done working out, simply fold it and put it away.


  • 75HP Durx motor
  • 20 workout programmes
  • Multi-point absorption system
  • 12% inclination system
  • MP3- and stereo-compatible
  • iFit-enabled
  • 1-year local manufacturer’s warranty

Customer Reviews

A happy buyer raved about this product in this review:

“I purchased an incline trainer from NordicTrack, and I’m utilizing the one year free iFit membership. Once it was all established, there was some difficulty like getting it implemented, but then after it’s implemented, it’s been great. I really like the iFit trainer. It’s my favorite purchase that I’ve ever made. I haven’t done a lot of exercise equipment but I’ve exercised a lot. For 40 years, I’ve been to gyms and everything like that, and I really like the iFit trainer. I like that it has diverse workouts.”

3.  VIGOR FITNESS Treadmill With Incline TR700

VIGOR FITNESS Treadmill With Incline TR700_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM2,599.00

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Vigor Fitness is a company known for promoting health and wellness across all age groups. So it comes as no surprise that the VIGOR FITNESS Treadmill With Incline TR700 is one of the best treadmills in Malaysia.

The VIGOR FITNESS Treadmill With Incline TR700 will get your booty moving and running on its platform. Thanks to its Air Flex Cushioning System and Spring Shock Absorber, joint injuries are a thing of the past.

Exercise in the comfort of your home with an MP3 plugged in your ears for a more enjoyable workout. Its LED display system lets you see your progress, speed, and incline.


  • 0 HP Power Drive motor
  • MP3 speaker, foldable & easy storage
  • Emergency stop system
  • Built-in shock absorption system
  • Max user weight: 130kg
  • Running area: 1350 x 470 (mm)
  • 0 – 15% Auto Incline System
  • 1-year local manufacturer’s warranty

Customer Reviews

Buyers in Lazada affirm the great quality of the VIGOR FITNESS Treadmill With Incline TR700, with many noting that it feels very durable and has a great shock absorption system.

4.  BEDL S600 4.0HP (ET1400)

BEDL S600 4.0HP (ET1400)_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM2,149.79

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The BEDL S600 4.0HP (ET1400) resolves the problem of having a narrow platform, if that’s something you dislike. Its 64cm platform gives you a comfortable, wider running area.

With this treadmill, you can run freely and safely with lower chances of falling off the belt. Moreover, its enhanced suspension system lets it hold weight similar to that of an airplane — it does not shy away from a load as heavy as 130kg.

That means less impact on the joints. You can also quickly adjust its incline to simulate outdoor running for those uphill challenges.

Like the other treadmills on this list, its motor runs quietly, so you don’t disturb anyone while working out. Simply stack away when done.


  • 4HP silent motor
  • 62cm running platform
  • Support loads up to 130kg
  • 6-angle adjustment
  • Energy-saving
  • 4 HIFI speakers

5.  Johnson Fitness Tempo T81

Johnson Fitness Tempo T81_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: 1,788.00

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The Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 is another of the best treadmills in Malaysia. This motorised machine comes with four built-in programmes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This beauty here allows you to conserve electricity — all thanks to its Energy Saver Mode. Rest assured that you won’t disturb anyone who’s asleep either because of its quiet motor system.

Moreover, this is the only treadmill on this list that measures your body fat via the BMI test.

Similar to the other treadmills, the Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 also has a heart rate indicator to monitor your workout progress.

Be injury-free with its IdealZone Cushioning System. When done working out, simply fold it and stash away in another area.


  • 75 CHP
  • BMI test
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Four exercise programmes
  • Running area: 123 X 42cm
  • Running belt thickness: 1.6mm
  • Contact heart rate
  • 3-year local manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

Many buyers attest to the great quality the Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 offers, with some saying:

“Prompt shipment, item as described. The free floor mat is huge and thick enough. Great quality overall. Sturdy. Been using it for 2-3 hrs every day for over a week now. Minimal noise. Minimal assembly needed. Can be moved around easily once assembled.”

“Affordable price. Sturdy and not shaking. Come together with F.O.C.  high quality mat. Easy to assemble.”

6.  Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill

Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM1,679.00

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The Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill is another of the best treadmills in Malaysia.

It comes with 15 levels of incline and 12 exercise mode selections to help you attain your fitness goals and training. Moreover, its 6-point Air Spring Shock Absorption System prevents your joints from getting any injuries.

And because it has heartbeat sensors, you know when you’re exerting enough effort or not too.

Like the other treadmills on this list, the Columbus Fitness S800 is as quiet as a mouse. When done working out, simply fold and set aside.


  • 5 HP
  • 15 levels of incline/decline
  • 12 programmes
  • 6-point Air Spring Shock Absorption System
  • Great cushioning system
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • 2-year local supplier warranty

Customer Reviews

This is another treadmill that a lot of users proclaimed to be pretty durable and well-made. A Lazada buyer also attested to the machine’s quiet operation, saying it tended to be silent during use.

7.  ADSports AD509

ADSports AD509_Treadmills_trustedmalaysia

Price: RM649.00

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Capping off our list of the best treadmills is the AD Sports AD509.

Its 50cm platform assures greater safety and a wider running area. Challenge yourself with its 12 exercise modes to better achieve your fitness goals.

You won’t get bored while working out either, as thanks to its MP3 + AUX In Function, you can listen to your fave tunes. Moreover, its Heart Pulse Sensor tells you how you’re faring in your workout regimen.

The AD Sports AD509 can be easily stacked away when not in use too.


  • 0 HP
  • 50cm-wide platform, 40cm-wide running belt
  • 12 exercise modes
  • Heart rate sensor handle
  • MP3 + AUX
  • 2-year local supplier warranty

Now you know the best treadmills in Malaysia!

If you plan to get one of these soon, please tell us which one you decided to go with. Or, if you already have one of our picks, let us know what you like (or even dislike, if applicable) about it!

Either way, we hope we’ve made your fitness journey a little bit easier with this list. We’ll have more articles soon on this topic if you need further help picking out workout essentials and gear!

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