Best Sofa Beds Malaysia - Small Spaces
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The 12 Best Sofa Beds in Malaysia for Small Spaces

With the (literal) rise of condos, living spaces are now tighter than ever. But whether you’re in a condo unit, an apartment, a flat, or your own home, the best sofa beds in Malaysia are the best option to save space with extra functionality.

Sofa beds are versatile and lead two different lives. They’re sofas by day, and beds by night—kinda like superheroes.

Some of them even have feats you didn’t know existed. In any case, we’ll go over some of the things you may want to know about choosing a sofa bed first… after that, we’ll list the best sofa beds in Malaysia!

How to Pick a Good Sofa Bed

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking a sofa bed. Let’s go over them one by one here.

Capacity and Size

Some sofa beds will unfold to be queen-sized mattresses right before your very eyes, while some are only made to fit one.

When choosing the right sofa bed, take into account the people who will be using it. You have to think about the size it unfolds to as well, of course, and whether or not that fits in the room where you’re putting it.


If you’re getting a sofa bed for your bedroom or living room, go for the bigger ones. This is because you’ll use them more often, and usually with more people.

If it’s for a spare room, or if you only take them out when guests come over, a single sofa bed will be the practical choice since they’re easy to store.


Material is also important when choosing a sofa bed. Some materials are hardier than others, but also tend to cost and weigh more.

Still, our advice is to prefer sofa beds made of sturdier materials. For instance, you should try to pick ones with durable, long-lasting foam or cushioning — after all, once that wears out, it’s no longer of much use.

The Best Sofa Beds in Malaysia

Whether you’re checking out sofa beds for yourself or your family, this list has everything you need! Let’s go over your best options for sofa beds in Malaysia right now:

1.   Splitback Kyo Mini Alpha Sofa Bed Reclining

Splitback Kyo Mini Alpha Sofa Bed Reclining_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 1,599RM

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If you’ve got a chic place where looks are your main concern, then you better chase this chaise! Its chrome legs are convenient to clean, not prone to rust, and sturdy enough to seat a party.


  • Reclining seat
  • Modern chic look

2.   GTE Sofa Bed 2-Seater Durable Foldable Sofa Bed

GTE Sofa Bed 2-Seater Durable Foldable Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 229.90RM

Check It Out on Lazada.

Hit the sheets on your loveseat with this GTE Sofa Bed that has enough room for two. Aimed at couples who wanna watch movies and cuddle, this is great if you’re living with your significant other under one roof… but also need a spare bed for unexpected visitors.


  • Durable, breathable and easy-to-clean fabric
  • Also perfect for slumber parties with friends


3.   Roxanne Sofa Bed

Roxanne Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 1,599RM

Buy It Now From RYMFurniture.

The Roxanne can convert into three things: a lounge, sofa, and bed. Most other competitors can only go from bed to sofa and back.

But the best part about the Roxanne is that she has a nice trunk. The hidden storage space under the cushion can keep your secrets and blankets away from prying eyes.


  • 3-in-1 function
  • Storage

4.   Viva Houz ROMA 3-Seater Sofa Bed

Viva Houz ROMA 3-Seater Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 868RM

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Got rowdy little monsters (a.k.a. kids) at home? Don’t want them getting into accidents, but also want them not to be able to destroy your furniture?

Viva Houz might have thought of you when they made the ROMA. They included a removable, washable cover that you can tidy up easily if your kids make a mess.

Since it’s a three-seater sofa bed, you can squeeze in with your spouse and kid. Or if you’ve got more kids than one, you can let them hog the whole thing while you have your peace.


  • 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • 3-Seater Sofa / Full Size

5.   Sabrina Good Leather Sofa Bed

Sabrina Good Leather Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 899RM

See It On Lazada.

A mix between modern looks and vintage leather style makes the Sabrina a classic that can adapt to a room with contemporary design.

This sofa bed knows no age; it’ll look good in any room. Not to mention it’s already got the smell of leather that so many of us love.


  • Strong foundation for structural support
  • Easy to clean

6.   Alexia 3 Seaters Sofa With Roller and Memory Foam + Single Size Pull Out Bed

Alexia 3 Seaters Sofa With Roller and Memory Foam + Single Size Pull Out Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: From 2,850RM

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Although not technically a sofa bed, this makes our list because it’s a sofa with a bed you can pull out of it!

It’s perfect for sleepovers, and for if you just want to hide your bed in plain sight to keep people guessing where it is when they visit.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Anti -dustmite, anti-insect foam

7.   Cassa Mimo Queen Mattress Sofa Bed 4-in-1

Cassa Mimo Queen Mattress Sofa Bed 4-in-1_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 288.80RM

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Ever heard of a queen-sized sofa bed? Now you have!

This folds to a queen-sized mattress that can fit your squad after a night out! Since it’s made of all foam, it’s sturdy enough to take kids jumping on it too.

It’s versatile, simple, and easy to unfold and fold. In other words, it’s one of the best sofa beds in Malaysia for many needs.


  • Made of high-density foam
  • Easy to store and keep

Customer Reviews

Cassa Mimo buyers have these to say about the product:

“Sofa bed is firm, great to sleep and sit on.”

Another buyer said this:

“Good quality, tilam empuk tak keras & tak lembut. Fast delivery. Good communication from seller. My kid really happy. Will order another 1.“

8.   GTE Intex Inflatable Pull Out Sofa Bed

GTE Intex Inflatable Pull Out Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 223RM

Buy It From Lazada.

Inflatable and pull-out in one! This is the sofa bed you don’t have to use every day but you’d definitely want to.

Inflatable beds are surprisingly comfortable, and they weigh next to nothing. This one turns into a queen-sized bed, and that’s about all the space you need for sleep!


  • High-quality waterproof flocked-top material is soft to the touch
  • Folds compactly for storage or travel

Customer reviews

A Lazada buyer said this about the product:

“The sofa bed is bigger than my expectation. Really worth for money. Not regret on buying this.”

Another buyer said this:

“Air pump works well. Sofa bed big, comfortable, good condition & quality! Worth buying!”

9.   Modern Flexi Futon Floor Sofa Bed

Modern Flexi Futon Floor Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 189.80RM

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A padded mattress without springs is called a futon. It’s mostly used by the Japanese as bedding.

This is a modern version of that. The mattress itself can be rolled up, so it’s convenient and on-the-go if you need to transfer it somewhere else.


  • Compact design for spaces smaller than usual

10. Casa Coaster Multifunction Sofa Bed

Casa Coaster Multifunction Sofa Bed_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 498RM

Buy It On Lazada.

If you’re living the bachelor/ette lifestyle for one but like your mattress thick, this sofa bed is certainly the one for you!

Its adjustable backrest and armrests can adapt to your needs. Sit or lie, it offers features you can modify for your maximum comfort.


  • Thick cushions
  • Adjustable backrest and armrests

Customer Reviews

A Lazada customer says:

It’s was easy to put together and I love it !! Great color and great price !!”

Another has this opinion:

“Love it ! Easy to assemble! Looks great! Perfect as a sofa or a bed for guest”.

11. GRABit


Price: Prices vary according to item

We recently purchased a sofa bed from GRABit for our small apartment, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their product. The sofa bed not only fits perfectly in our limited space but also feels sturdy and comfortable, exceeding our expectations.

In terms of efficiency, GRABit provided seamless delivery and assembly services. They were punctual and handled the setup professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to our day.

Regarding affordability, GRABit offers competitive pricing without compromising on the sofa bed’s quality. Their transparent pricing structure helped us stay within our budget, making it a practical choice for small space solutions.

Moreover, GRABit’s facilities were impressive; their showroom displayed a variety of stylish and functional furniture options suitable for different room sizes and preferences. This allowed us to explore and choose the best fit for our home comfortably.

Transitioning to customer service, GRABit’s staff was knowledgeable and helpful throughout our shopping experience. They provided insightful recommendations and answered all our queries promptly, enhancing our confidence in their products.

GRABit proves to be a reliable option for those seeking high-quality sofa beds tailored for small spaces. Their commitment to quality, efficiency in service, affordability, and well-equipped facilities make them a standout choice in the furniture market.

Buy on GRABit


  • Pet-friendly solutions
  • Luxurious leather
  • Modern chic look

12. Mizona Foldable Lazy Single Floor Sofa Bed Recliner Chair

Mizona Foldable Lazy Single Floor Sofa Bed Recliner Chair_Sofa Beds_trustedmalaysiaPrice: 39.90RM

Get It From Lazada.

This sofa bed can double as the ultimate pillow because of its soft and cozy make. It also feels like a small and light beach chair (but for indoor use) that you can carry around.

It’s good for one, especially one who doesn’t like staying in the same place for long.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight and foldable

We hope our list of the best sofa beds in Malaysia helped you find the right one for your home. These are the ones we think most people would like best!

But if you’re looking into finding more bed ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions here in our list of The Best Mattresses in Malaysia. Check it out to widen your options!