Best Prepaid Broadband in Malaysia
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5 Best Prepaid Broadbands in Malaysia

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A good Internet connection is a necessity these days, but it may be difficult to commit to a postpaid plan, especially if you live alone or are on a budget. A good alternative would be to pick one of the best prepaid broadbands in Malaysia where you can get sweet deals for an affordable price.

To save you from the endless search for prepaid broadband options, we have compiled what we think are the best prepaid broadbands in Malaysia in this list below.

1.  U Mobile MB68

U Mobile MB68's Homepage
Source: U Mobile
BEST FOR: Pay-what-you-use
ADDRESS: Find the branch nearest to you at
CONTACT DETAILS: +6018 388 1318


U Mobile makes owning a broadband connection and staying online affordable with a pay-what-you-use prepaid plan. While it is priced at RM68 per month, you are given the option to subscribe only when you need it.

This best prepaid broadband in Malaysia comes with 8GB high-speed data, free 5GB for video streaming, and unlimited music streaming.

You can also opt for a MiFi or a USB modem to hold your prepaid broadband SIM, whichever suits your lifestyle. To help keep you connected, U Mobile also offers more MB plans for extra data in case you run out.


  • Pay-what-you-use
  • RM68 per month
  • Subscribe when you need
  • MiFi or USB modem
  • 8GB high-speed data
  • Free 5GB for video streaming
  • Unlimited music streaming


2.  Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid

Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid's Homepage
Source: Digi
BEST FOR: Stream data anytime
ADDRESS: Find the branch nearest to you at
CONTACT DETAILS: 016 221 1800

Digi’s Broadband 30 Prepaid gives its users 20GB of 4G data per month for only RM30. To be exact, it consists of 10GB data for basic Internet and another 10GB data for streaming.

This is perfect for people who like to watch videos on the Internet. Unlike some prepaid broadbands in the country, this best prepaid broadband in Malaysia allows its users to use their streaming data anytime of the day they want.

If you need the Internet to make calls, an affordable RM5 top-up will also allow you to make unlimited voice calls via the Internet using social apps such as Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype and more.

Depending on your mobility, you are free to pair your prepaid broadband sim card with your smartphone, MiFi, or home device. Digi also has an RM60 plan for people who have a higher data requirement.


  • 20GB of 4G data per month
  • 10GB basic Internet data and 10GB streaming data
  • Use streaming data anytime
  • RM5 top-up for Internet calls
  • Can be used on your smartphone, MiFi, or home device


3.  Unifi Bebas Mobile Prepaid

Unifi Bebas Mobile Prepaid's Homepage
Source: Unifi
BEST FOR: No limits on your add-ons
ADDRESS: Find the branch nearest to you at

+603 2241 1290

One of the best prepaid broadbands in Malaysia, Unifi Bebas Mobile Prepaid offers more data to use for browsing, socialising, shopping, streaming, and even gaming. Committed to giving you more, it allows add-ons for your data and call needs without any restrictions.

Their monthly prepaid plan is priced at RM35. This comes with unlimited 4G-only LTE data that you can hotspot with no limits so you can share data with friends and family as needed.

For your convenience, this best prepaid broadband in Malaysia also allows you to top up using a variety of payment methods, including online banking.


  • Add-ons for data and calls with no restrictions
  • RM35 monthly plan
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited hotspot usage
  • Wide variety of payment methods

4.  Yes Konfem Unlimited HD Epik

Yes Konfem Unlimited HD Epik's Homepage
Source: Yes
BEST FOR: High-definition video streaming
ADDRESS: Find the branch closest to you at
CONTACT DETAILS: 018-333-0000

[email protected]

This best prepaid broadband in Malaysia is perfect for people who love watching movies and TV series on their mobile. With its Konfem Unlimited HD Epik prepaid plan, Malaysian telco Yes presents an affordable way to enjoy online streaming.

For just RM40, users of this best prepaid broadband in Malaysia get one month of unlimited data and unlimited streaming on high definition on their smartphone at a speed of 4mbps.

The telco’s nationwide LTE coverage also makes sure that you won’t miss out on new episodes of your favorite series wherever you are in Malaysia.


  • Perfect for movie enthusiasts
  • Affordable at RM40
  • One month of unlimited data
  • Unlimited streaming on HD
  • 4mbps speed
  • Nationwide LTE coverage

5.  Yoodo

Yoodo's Homepage
Source: Yoodo
BEST FOR: Most customisable
CONTACT DETAILS: 00 60 19-601 1111

If you still haven’t found a prepaid broadband that suits your needs, perhaps Yoodo is for you. With this digital service from Celcom Axiata, you get to customise your monthly data, call, and text plan.

Here, you can choose between high-speed or unlimited data and determine how many texts and calls in minutes you want to get. Your fee depends on the plan you make for yourself.

Plus, there are many add-ons to choose from depending on your interests. These include data for Spotify, Tiktok, Netflix, VIU, PUBG, and more!

What’s more, you won’t have to find a store and wait in line. This provider for the best broadband in Malaysia delivers your SIM right to your doorstep.


  • Customised data, call, and text plan
  • Celcom Axiata digital service
  • Pay what you need
  • Many add-ons depending on your interests
  • Delivers your SIM right to your doorstep

With one of these best prepaid broadbands in Malaysia, you’ll enjoy the Internet more at an affordable price and without an unnecessarily restrictive contract.

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