Best Pillows in Malaysia

The 6 Best Pillows in Malaysia

Pillows have a great bearing on the comfort we feel while sleeping. Whether you plan to add a new pillow or replace your old one, no worries, as we’ve found you the top pillows in Malaysia!

You can scroll down to view our featured list of pillows. We also have a buying guide and FAQ section further on, which can help you pick the right product for your needs and budget.

The Best Pillows in Malaysia

Without further ado, we now present to you our very best options for pillows in Malaysia!

1)   Sonno Memory Foam Pillow

Sonno Memory Foam Pillow_pillow unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM199

Material100% CertiPUR-US memory foam
Size40 x 70 x 12 cm
Weight2 kg
Warranty30-night trial, 2-year warranty

Your pillow can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night of tossing and turning. If you’ve been having back, head, or neck pains, the Sonno Pillow is the answer to your problems.

It’s made entirely of memory foam that’s approved by CertiPUR-US®, a not-for-profit company governing the highest standard and quality of foam in the industry. Foam products with their seal indicate that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals.

Comfort wise, the Sonno Pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck whilst giving amplesupport so your spine is straight while you sleep. This makes it suitable for all kinds of sleepers — whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

The Sonno Pillow is also designed with an Outlast® fabric cover that proactively regulates heat and temperature for optimal thermal comfort. It can easily be removed for a refresh come laundry day too.

Sonno offers a 30-night trial period for all customers so you can see if it’s the perfect choice for you. Within 30 days, if it isn’t suited for you, you can return it for a refund (T&Cs apply).


  • Relieves stiff neck
  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Cool and breathable
  • Dust-mite resistant
  • Removable fabric cover
  • 2-year pillow warranty


  • Relatively high price
  • A bit heavy to carry

Customer Reviews

This stylish pillow has received numerous stellar reviews on Shopee. As we mentioned earlier, most clients felt it to be comfortable and pain-relieving, making their sleep so much better.

One buyer named Gerald posted this review:

“Was having stiff neck for almost a month, so decided to give sonno pillow a try. Now my neck is a lot less stiff after 3 days of using it. This pillow is perfect for side sleeper like me…”

Here’s another user comment on the online shopping platform:

“The pillow is huge! I have tried it last night and I slept soundly like a baby. Thank you seller!”

2)   Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

Price: RM489.00

MaterialNatural Latex + Coolmax Cooling Gel
Size65cm x 40cm x 13cm
Warranty7-Day Free Return | 2 Years Warranty

In order to get that good night’s sleep, one must invest in a pillow that can help support their head.

With the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, you will experience that kind of sleep you are craving, The reason why we say this is, unlike other pillows out there, this one is made out of latex foam.

This is a denser material in comparison to memory foam or fiber. Pillows made from this will mold to the shape of your head and give you a comfortable level of support so that you do not suffer from any neck strain!

Aside from this, latex is known for its hypoallergenic properties. With this product, you will definitely have lesser issues regarding dust, bacteria, ad mold.

What makes this pillow unique is its impression-resistant feature. No matter how you lie your head on it, it will not stay in that shape.

Now if you live in a warm country, its pillow cover is perfect for you. Additionally, it is also lightweight and hypoallergenic!

By the way, make sure to read the recommended care for the pillow in order to last its use.

The only catch here is its price. Since it is higher compared to others you may have second thoughts about buying it.


  • Removable pillow cover
  • Designed in Germany ad made in Malaysia
  • Provides full support on the head and neck


  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

Here are testimonials from their clients:

“This pillow feels like a cloud. highly recommended.”

“My son’s allergies has improved after switching to using the coolmax pillow. He no wakes up without complaining of stuffy nose anymore!”

“Issues with my stiff neck gradually became better after using the pillow for the last 7 months. highly recommended!”

3)   Jean Perry Dacron Memorelle Pillow

Jean Perry Dacron Memorelle Pillow_pillow unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM124.50

MaterialDacron Memorelle fibrefill
Size44 x 71 x 5 cm

Jean Perry is a respected French brand that sells mattress, pillow, and sleep products. Another pillow that we recommend highly is their Dacron Memorelle pillow.

This material is engineered to perform better than memory foam pillows. It’s claimed to be softer and gentler on the neck and head pressure points compared to memory foam.

What we like about it is it can conform to the body’s shape and movement, making it ideal for sleepers who like to toss and turn, as well as those sleeping on their side and back.

Have you ever woken up to a funky-smelling pillow? Since this one is odourless, it can stay fresh and clean even if you can sleep on it all day, even while hugging it.

This Memorelle fibrefill pillow is already in standard size and can fit your available pillowcases without the need to buy a new one.

One con of this product is that it can be too thick for some people to lay their heads on. Nevertheless, most people loved the pillow and said it didn’t cause any pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Another is that there was no mention of any warranty. Consequently, suppose the pillow becomes flat or feels uncomfortable after a year, you would have to pay to replace it or get a new one.

In conclusion, if you want a pressure-soothing and adaptable pillow, you might want to get the Jean Perry Dacron Memorelle pillow.


  • Instinctively conforms to head and neck movements
  • Odourless pillow
  • Washer and dryer-friendly
  • Fits standard pillowcases


  • Can be thick for some people
  • No mention of a warranty

Customer Reviews

Shopee reviewers gave this a high score. Most of them said that it relieved their neck, shoulder, and back pain and felt comfortable.

Let’s hear this review coming from one shopper:

“Excellent pillow! Can replace my old ikea ones that are useless now by recycling it of course. Nice to rest your head on and better to hug as well. I hate soft pillows that makes your head sink in, this one is not too soft and not too hard which is nice. You know it’s good by hearing the slap test.”

And another client wrote this comment:

“Solved my neck pain problem. Memorelle is the advanced version of memory foam.

Always loved shopee and jean perry, however very disappointing to find out that lazada is giving away better free gifts (shopee give pillow cover vs lazada gives quilt) no wonder that platform is more popular.”

4)   Getha Contour Natural Latex Pillow

Getha Contour Natural Latex Pillow_pillow unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM287.10

MaterialGetha 100% natural latex
Size63 x 37 x 13 cm

The Getha Contour Natural Latex Pillow is specially designed for side and tall sleepers. On one side, it has two raised ends and a valley, meanwhile, on the other, a completely flat surface.

Being crafted out of 100% latex, it’s naturally sustainable and firm yet comfortable. This pillow is contoured to foster correct spinal alignment to bring sound sleep, but it can be a bit high.

Coupled with this is its ventilated design that helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night. This allows the sleeper to feel pleasantly cool on this pillow.

Furthermore, it resists allergens like moulds, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for those that have asthma, allergies, or other health conditions.

Plus, it’s free of any harmful substances that can aggravate one’s health, as tested by German scientists—yet another reason that it’s one of the top pillows in Malaysia!

It comes at an expensive price but this is durable and comfortable. As one client said, the pillow is a long term health investment that’s worth the money.

Once again, if you constantly sleep on your side, the Getha contoured pillow can provide superior comfort and relaxation to your body, which is why we chose it here among our picks.

Its size measures 63 cm long, 37 cm wide, and 13 cm thick. You can fit two of these on a queen-sized bed.


  • Ideal for side and tall sleepers
  • High-foam pillow
  • 3-contour options
  • Natural ventilation design
  • Dust-mite resistant
  • Free of harmful substances


  • Expensive
  • This pillow style may not be suitable for some sleepers
  • No warranty mentioned

Customer Reviews

Some people did not like the height of this pillow. However, most clients did and felt it to be comfy, fragrant, and ache-relieving.

Check out what one reviewer commented below:

“I’m using Getha product since years ago. It’s totally comfortable & you’ll be satisfied with your decision to use this type of pillow.

Worth every penny that you spent. It’s a long term health investment!”

Cohshin commented this as well:

“Thumbs up for the pillow. It is firm and not too soft, no neck pain issue after I changed to the new pillow.”

5)   Therapedic Anti-Snore Latex Pillow

Therapedic Anti-Snore Latex Pillow_pillow unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM158

Material100% natural latex
Size60 x 34 x 12 cm
Warranty2-year warranty

Catch yourself or a family member snoring? If so, they might benefit from the Therapedic anti-snore pillow.

Therapedic is a US mattress brand that’s been around for over 60 years. They always strive to design new and high-quality products that will solve the needs of their consumers.

The pillow is made of 100% natural latex that inherently resists dust mites, moulds, and other allergens. It also follows the shape of your head and neck to give total comfort and support.

As you can see, its shape is slightly contoured to keep your spine in the correct alignment as you dream. This makes breathing unhindered while cradling your head, thus reducing snoring.

Another advantage is that latex is planet-friendly being a natural, renewable resource produced from rubber trees—these trees don’t need to be cut down when rubber is gathered.

Even though the pillow’s price is slightly higher than other good-quality pillows, it gives value for money thanks to its durability, comfort, and hypoallergenic properties.

The manufacturer also gives a generous 2-year warranty for this product. No seller would offer this length of warranty if the product is of poor material and quality.

That said, we think the design is a bit unusual to the eye and may not match your mattress and other pillows. But, what’s important is that you can have a good night’s sleep with it.

The Therapedic Latex Pillow can perfectly fit back, stomach, and side sleepers so it can be shared by the entire family at home.


  • Allergy and dust-mite resistant
  • Reduces snoring
  • Spine-supporting pillow shape
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Slightly higher price
  • May be too soft
  • Unusual pillow design

Customer Reviews

Few shoppers on Lazada complained that the latex pillow was too soft. But most didn’t seem to have a problem with it and they said it gave them value for money.

Clarissa, one buyer, noted this on the website:

“Really like it… Soft pure natural latex which I  never before..Good quality and fast delivery. Will get another new one for next promotion.”

Another one named Fen mentioned this:

“Received in good condition. There is latex smell when start using, the smell gone after a day. overall worth for money.”

6)   U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow_pillow unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM92.00

Size130 x 70 cm
Weight1.6 kg (approximately)
ColourGray, pink, purple, brown, blue

This affordable U-shaped maternity pillow has more than ten thousand units sold on Shopee as of the time of writing. You’ll shortly see why we ranked them as one of the best pillows in Malaysia.

First, this pillow is soft and gentle to the touch. Its outer cover uses PP cotton and the inner filling is natural cotton, which provides a fluffy and soft texture with a cooling effect as you sleep at night.

Second, it’s very versatile and can be set up in different ways. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

You can lie with it on the side and put one hand on it for shoulder support; fold the two feet up to resemble an armchair while streaming Netflix; criss-cross its legs and prop against it to the wall for back and arm support; hug it with both arms and feet for complete body support; and more.

Whether you intend to use it during pregnancy or after to nurse your little one, it’s possible with this pillow. Also, it may help to alleviate body pains and insomnia.

The non-woven covering can be removed easily for washing and drying. After you have done so, you can soon put it back on to enjoy the supportive feel of this maternity pillow.

While many clients were satisfied with the product’s comfort and quality, some complained that the pillow was too thin and didn’t give much support.

As we said, it has an unbeatable low price but the trade-off is this product doesn’t come with a warranty so you can’t try whether or not you can sleep well on this pillow.

Last but not least, the U-shaped pregnancy pillow is available in a range of colours. You can choose from pink, grey, purple, brown, or blue to match your personal and room style.


  • Multi-posture support
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Washable outside cover
  • 5 colours are available
  • Affordable


  • Complaints about being very soft and thin
  • No warranty provided

Customer Reviews

This product garnered 4.9/5 stars on Shopee with many consumers commending its comfort, support, and low price.

One satisfied buyer left this feedback about the product:

“The product’s quality is top notch!!!!!!! Will.definitely buy again!!!!!! Just have to be careful washing it.”

Furthermore, another buyer said this:

“I love this pillow so much!!!  But my husband loves it more 😂 very suitable for pregnant women, i am now 8 months and this helps me sleep better 😭 thank you seller ❤️”

How to Choose the Right Pillow When Buying One

Pillows can make or break your sleep experience. To find the right one, here are the vital factors you need to consider:

1) Material

Material dictates the comfort level of the pillow. Each one has certain pros and cons that may or may not suit the sleeper.

Below, we will take a look at some of the common pillow types and elaborate on them.

  • Foam or memory foam

Foam or memory foam comes from polyurethane, which is produced alongside petroleum. Since petroleum is a non-renewable resource, foam or memory foam is not eco-friendly.

What makes it a popular pillow choice for consumers is that it’s highly malleable and affordable. In addition, it is firm and supportive on the head, neck, and shoulders.

The difference between foam and memory foam is that the former won’t adjust to your head or neck shape, whereas the other does and provides better comfort and relief from muscle tension.

  • Cotton

Cotton comes in many different types including organic, recycled, and conventional cotton. Note that the first two kinds of cotton are sustainable but the third one isn’t.

This material is excellent for pillows and pillowcases as it feels soft, comfortable, and cool. That said, it is expensive, is prone to wear and tear as well as shrinking.

  • Latex

Latex is one of the strongest pillow materials there is. It is allergy-resistant and mould and mildew-resistant. It is soft and adaptable just like memory foam, though it isn’t as firm.

However, latex can have a rubber smell emanating from the packaging. To get rid of this, you can sprinkle baking soda on the pillow after waking up every day and let it dry out in the open, and you can just vacuum the remaining powder on your pillow before the day ends.

  • Polyester

Polyester pillow fill is durable, easy to wash, and odour-free. As they have fewer allergens compared to down and latex, they can be a good choice for allergy sufferers.

And because it’s very inexpensive, a lot of people choose polyester pillows relative to the other types.

  • Feather & Down

Feather and down is a classic pillow material that feels light, fluffy, and airy. Goose down and duck down are the most common feather and down pillows you can find on the market today.

The disadvantage is that although they are biodegradable and decompose naturally, they come from bird feathers. So birds get hurt in the course of manufacturing this material.

  • Bamboo

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo pillows aren’t sustainable since it is made through a viscose process, which involves the large use of particular chemicals and electricity.

In relation to this, using the rigid structure of bamboo to make soft pillow covers can lead to bamboo deforestation issues.

It’s unlike other products such as mattress protectors and toppers in which bamboo is used and marketed as being sustainable.

Pillows derived from bamboo have a firm, plush, and supportive feel. It may be soft to the touch but it is durable.

But given the environmental dilemma it causes, we wouldn’t want to recommend it.

  • Tencel

This is the opposite of the bamboo pillow covers we just discussed. Tencel is an environmentally friendly material that comes from eucalyptus trees in responsibly managed forests.

Its fibres are used for the pillow cover or pillow. It’s known for giving volume to the pillow, absorbing and drying out moisture, and being easy to maintain.

2) Comfort

Pillows come in different shapes and sizes. You should make sure that you feel comfortable laying or sleeping on your pillow and that it doesn’t extend beyond the edge of your mattress.

You may have experienced neck and shoulder pain or body pain when you wake up. It might have something to do with your pillow and there are tons out there that can help relieve them.

3) Breathability

Having a breathable pillow will help draw away the heat from your body, absorb moisture and keep the pillow dry. With it, you can feel cooler whenever you sleep or take a nap.

This is an important aspect of picking a pillow, especially for hot sleepers. So you might want to get cotton, latex, and memory foam pillows as they are highly breathable.

4) Ease of Cleaning

Some pillows don’t come with a removable fabric cover. Therefore, it’s best to be extra careful and not put dirty hands or spill your drink on them as they will be hard to clean.

As well as protecting your pillow from dirt, stains, and bacteria, a removable cover can add style to your pillow.

And don’t forget to check the care label to know how to properly care for the pillow, including whether they are washer or dryer-friendly so that you can use it for many years.

5) Warranty

If you’re buying a pillow, it helps to find one with a warranty—the longer the better. Some sellers also give a trial period so you can test out the pillow to see if it suits you.

Otherwise, you can have the defective pillow replaced without paying extra. Or you can probably get a new one and pay the remaining balance.

FAQs about the Top Pillows in Malaysia

And that wraps up our best choices for pillows in Malaysia. Remember to find one that’s comfortable, provides good support, and keeps you in the right sleeping position overnight.

Any questions or suggestions about our list? If you have one, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll check them out first thing.

Apart from pillows, you may also need to get a new bed sheet to have a better sleep experience. For this, you can also check out the best bed sheets in Malaysia!