Best Pet Insurance Providers in Malaysia
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The 3 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Malaysia

When it comes to caring for our fur babies, we want the best for them. They’re an extension of our family and we want to treat them as such!

We always want to keep their well-being at the top of our minds while still minimizing expenses. One of the best ways to do this is by getting pet insurance for your furry little buddy.

Keep on reading and we’ll let you know all there is to know about the best pet insurance providers in Malaysia!

Best Pet Insurance Providers in Malaysia

As much as we love our pets, it can be a bit of a hassle when the expenses needed to care for them pile up more than we can manage! To avoid unnecessary pet expenses, check out this list of the best pet insurance providers in Malaysia.

1.   MSIG Pet Insurance

MSIG Pet Insurance's Homepage
COVERAGEVeterinary and surgical fees, Death from injury or illness, Burial or cremation costs, Advertising and reward costs for recovery of missing pet, Boarding kennel and cattery fees for pet, Third-party liability cover
ADDRESS1st Floor, Block 18, Lot 1 & 2, Bandar Indah, Mile 4, North Road, 90000, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS+60 89-217 388
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm

Getting your insurance with MSIG Pet Insurance grants you access to 3 plans with the only difference being annual limits and premiums.

They have pretty strict and thorough terms and conditions for both your and their protection. A few of them being that your pet has to be micro-chipped and not be a breed that’s banned by government authorities.

MSIG requests that all the information you provide be accurate as it could affect your claims and maybe even the insurance itself if there’s an issue found. This includes the fact that they require your pet to be within Malaysia at the specified address as long as they are still being covered by the insurance.

While there are a lot of inclusions in MSIG’s policy, they also have quite a few exclusions. Some of these are war-related risks, pregnancy complications, events that occur outside of Malaysia, claims not made by veterinarians, and so on.

You’ll get a full list of the exclusions during the consultation with the insurance adviser.

Also, for any cancellations to the insurance, all you have to do is send them a written notice and wait up to 7 days for the confirmation.

The tables below tell you the estimated premium based on your pet and the annual limits that come along with your chosen plan! Note that regardless of whether you have a cat or dog, the annual limit is the same.


 Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
CatRM 358RM 460RM 538
DogRM 617RM 800RM 932

Annual Limit

BenefitsPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Veterinary and surgical FeesRM 2,000RM 3,500RM 5,000
Death from illness or injuryRM 2,000RM 3,500RM 5,000
Burial or cremation costsRM 1,000RM 1,000RM 1,000
Advertising and reward costs for recovery of missing petRM 1,000RM 1,000RM 1,000
Boarding kennel and cattery fees for petRM 1,000RM 1,500RM 2,500
Third-party liability coverRM 50,000RM 75,000RM 100,000

There are two ways to avail of the MISG Pet Insurance. Either message your existing MSIG Insurance Adviser or purchase it on their website.

Please note that if your pet has any preexisting medical conditions, has ever been violent, or is used for working purposes, they won’t be eligible for online application. You’ll have to get in direct contact with the insurance adviser.


  • Online application
  • Gives you a clear overview of the plan


  • Only for cats and dogs
  • Online application is only available for home pets without preexisting conditions or violent tendencies

2.   Oyen Pet Health Insurance

Oyen Pet Health Insurance's Homepage
PRODUCTSVet medical costs, Accidental damage or injuries to others, farewell burial cost
ADDRESSSuite 5.11 (North Block), The Ampwalk, 218 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT DETAILS+603 2935 9955
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

Oyen Pet Health Insurance offers the highest medical limit in Malaysia with up to RM8,000 in medical costs covered. They also accept all breeds of cats and dogs.

The highest age limit for pets they insure is up to 10 years old. In addition to this, they cover all sorts of chronic illness whether it’s related to the heart, lungs, or kidney.

As long as your vet clinic is registered, you can submit claims online and get reimbursed with no issue.

There are a lot of things they don’t cover, though. This includes preventive and routine treatments, pre-existing conditions, food poisoning, aids, prosthesis, and removal of foreign objects.

By the way, as soon as you avail of their insurance, you’re agreeing to have your pet microchipped within 7 days. This is both for your pet’s safety and the safety of the company to make sure they don’t get scammed.

Now, for financials, the annual limit is usually the same regardless of your pet’s breed but the details of this are usually polished out in the consultation. Here’s a table detailing what you can expect the premium and annual limit to be:

 Premium PremiumAnnual Limit
Cat BasicRM 299Dog BasicRM 499RM 3,500
Cat PlusRM 399Dog PlusRM 649RM 5,000
Cat ChampionRM 499Dog ChampionRM 799RM 8,000

For a more accurate quote for your situation, you can get a free one by signing up with them on their website.

Also, note that they have a 90% reimbursement rate. Meaning, they will be covering 90% of medical expenses and the other 10% will be shouldered by you.


  • High medical limit
  • Covers a wide range of chronic illnesses


  • No burial cost coverage for Basic plans
  • Only for cats and dogs
  • No third party injury/damage coverage for Cat Basic plan

Customer Reviews

Check out these sweet reviews left by happy clients of Oyen Pet Health Insurance:

“Oyen has been amazing so far. From signing up, getting your loved pet family member insured literally happens in minutes. Plans are straight forward and easy to understand. There is so little friction and so much upside in protecting your love ones.” -Alex

I am relieved that there is finally an insurance policy for my beloved cat, Ally. I am comforted knowing that if something unfortunate were to happen, I have Oyen to help reduce some of the financial burden I might face. -Razim

3.   CG Cover Pet Insurance

CG Cover Pet Insurance's Homepage
COVERAGEVeterinary bills, Death benefits, Burial or cremation cost, Boarding kennel & cattery fees
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

CG Cover as an insurance company strives to help you live life worry-free and this extends into their pet insurance plan.

There are 3 plans you can choose from that vary in the annual limit as well as premium. The premium is dependent on your financial situation and if you’re a CG member, you even get 10% off.

Their coverages include every basic thing you’d need for pet insurance. These include but aren’t limited to veterinary bills for either injuries or illnesses, reimbursements for boarding in case of hospitalization, advertising and reward costs for missing pets, and third-party liability.

One of their unique benefits is they reimburse the purchase price or adoption fee in the event that your pet dies an unexpected death. In line with this, they also reimburse any burial or cremation cost.

Look at this table detailing the annual limits of the 3 plans:

BenefitsPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Veterinary and surgical FeesRM 2,000RM 3,500RM 5,000
Death from illness or injuryRM 2,000RM 3,500RM 5,000
Burial or cremation costsRM 1,000RM 1,000RM 1,000
Advertising and reward costs for recovery of missing petRM 1,000RM 1,000RM 1,000
Boarding kennel and cattery fees for petRM 1,000RM 1,500RM 2,500
Third-party liability coverRM 50,000RM 75,000RM 100,000

If you’re interested, send in your application on their website and wait for a representative to get in touch with you with a personalized quote.


  • 10% off for members
  • Reimburses adoption fee in case of pet death


  • No set premium
  • Pet must already be microchipped

Things to Know About Pet Insurance Providers in Malaysia

Pet insurance isn’t that popular yet here in Malaysia, but people like you who absolutely love their pets are the reason why some are still existing!

Due to the limited amount of providers here, there’s also limited information about the service so here are a few things you need to know about them:

They require your pets to be microchipped.

One of the reasons why pet insurance never really worked out here was because people would have fake pets insured for the money. Now, the remaining pet insurance providers are more diligent and require pets to be microchipped and to have the chip numbers.

Some plans are to take care of your pet.

In the event that you get sick enough to be hospitalized, you may be worried about who will take care of your pet. Some plans cover the cost of boarding your pet in case they need to stay somewhere else in your absence.

It’s best to get pet insurance when your pet is young.

Just like with insurance for humans, it’s best to start the insurance plan young. This is because most insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions and it’s better to already have them insured before they get sick.

FAQs about Pet Insurance Providers

That’s the end of our list of the best pet insurance providers in Malaysia. With any of our picks, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your beloved pets are safe and insured.

Know of other pet insurance that we should check out? Leave us a message and we’ll check it out as soon as we can.

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