Best Ovens in Malaysia

The 8 Best Ovens in Malaysia for 2020

You know what’s oven better than impatiently watching your food cook so you get away from the hot stove? Leaving it inside one of the best ovens in Malaysia and doing something else the entire time!

Stovetops are our usual go-to appliance when we cook meals, but on good days, it’s therapeutic to make and bake our food. An oven comes in handy for pizza nights, game days, or just whipping up a big batch of food for guests on a weekend!

If you haven’t owned an oven in your life and you’ve decided it’s time to get one, this list is definitely for you. If you’re in the market for an upgrade of your old-ven, then you’re more than welcome here too!

Choosing the Right Oven

Eventually, you’ll need to bake all sorts of stuff—from cookies to roast beef. You’ll need something that can take the pressure and demands of your needs.

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to waste money in an oven that you barely know. Like any choice you make, it should come from an informed perspective so that you don’t regret your purchase.

In the next portions, we’ll guide you on how to find an oven that won’t let you down. Next, we’ll show you the best ovens in Malaysia so you can take your pick!


Do you have enough space (or budget) to get an oven ready to cook up a whole turkey? Can your kitchen fit more than the usual 27 to 30-inch cooker?

If you expect to be cooking large food or in big batches, go for an oven that’s bigger than usual. But if you’re cooking for a small family on a regular basis, the normal-sized ones are already great for your kitchen.

Gas or Electric

Is it possible to install a gas line near the potential location of your oven? Is there an existing power connection near it?

Most wall ovens are powered by electricity. Ranges can both be gassed up or powered by electricity.

Electric ovens are cheaper when you buy them, and gas ones are cheaper to use in the long run.


Choose among six types of oven: wood, steam, microwave, conventional, combination, or convection ovens.

Wood ovens are mostly used for high-end kitchens to cook pizza. Steam uses vapour from a water tank to heat up and cook food.

Microwaves use radiation; there are two heaters in conventional ovens; and combination ovens are a mix of microwave, conventional, or steam together in one.

Meanwhile, convection ovens use a fan in order to circulate heat inside.

The Best Ovens in Malaysia

Now you know what kind of oven you want, how big it should be, and if you’re going electric or not, you’re more than ready to find the oven that’s right for you.

It’s time to go over the best ovens in Malaysia!

1.   Butterfly BEO 5246 Electric Oven

Butterfly BEO 5246 Electric Oven_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 308RM

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This 46L electric oven can cook a huge whole chicken, so it’s great for medium families. It also has a rotisserie accessory (as shown in the photo) for even cooking!

The oven has two racks so you can cook bigger batches at the same time. Crumb trays, baking racks, and baking trays are all part of the box.

From grilling, rotisserie, to convection—everything you need is in this nifty machine! Its mid-large size means it’s enough for one, or one family!


  • Accessories included

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Butterfly BEO user:

“The product was the best compare any oven. it has a qood quality I will highly recommend this type of oven to every family.”

And here’s another one, showing why it’s one of the best ovens in Malaysia:

“Trusted seller, product was well packed,fast delivery. Received all the accessories as promised, is functioning well. Just need to take note the length of the plug wire is a bit short, about 3 feet long, I turned the direction , luckily the table top counter can fit in. Overall it’s value buy?. Tq seller.”

2.  Kitmens’ KM-KO65

Kitmens’ KM-KO65_oven unboxing_trusted malaysia

Price: RM650.00

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Next on our list is an oven that offers both functionality and style.

Kitmens’ KM-KO65 is a conventional oven that works to bridge tradition and modernity. It comes with various features designed to make users’ lives easy while in the kitchen.

Some of the glaring features we specially like are the LED displays and accompanying controller knobs on the front of the oven. Combined, these features allow for seamless switching and makes it easy for users to discern details like the time limit and temperature.

Another feature that sets apart the KM-KO65 from the rest is its PID Control System, which keeps the actual temperature in the oven. This system works well with the KM-KO65’s fiberglass insulation, the material effectively trapping the heat within and allowing the temperature to rise at a much faster rate.

On the matter of materials and make, it’s also worth noting that the KM-KO65 comes with a double-layered glass door with 4mm thickness each. The glass not only improves the heat stability in the oven, but also makes the oven sturdier and long-lasting.


  • Comes in three colour options
  • Various accessories included
  • Features LED displays

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review left by a customer on Facebook:

“Love my oven so much ❤️
Price reasonable & I am happy that I have made the right choice.
Oven temperature is very accurate 😊”

Here’s another one:

“Truly love it and highly recommended to beginners baker like me, thank you kitmens for this amazing oven…”

3. Firenzzi Electric Oven TO-3035

Firenzzi Electric Oven TO-3035_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 269RM

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Not all ovens give you the option to control the temperature of the upper and lower parts of your oven. And boy, is it convenient to have this feature.

Imagine baking a pie or a casserole, and you want to crisp the top up or toast the cheese into a bubbly brown without scorching the bottom. Now imagine you have this oven, and you’re doing it without the fear that you might burn your food!

This temp control means that you’re in charge of what’s going on inside your oven. In turn, it also means that your food cooks the way you want it to.

The 35L capacity can cater to a small group of people, like a medium family. See why it’s one of the best ovens in Malaysia?


  • Dual thermostat; precise temp control

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Lazada customer who bought this item:

“For seller and courier, Excellent job from you.. seller is very helpful for measuring the item personally base on my request even before ordering..and seller answer my question quickly.. the item arrive safe and as perfectly.. the courier is faster than expected.”

4.   MORGAN 20L Electric Oven MEOHC22

MORGAN 20L Electric Oven MEOHC22_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 101.9RM

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As of writing, this is the most inexpensive electric oven in the country. It’s a small oven perfect for making meals of up to four people, making it one of the best ovens in Malaysia for medium-sized or small families.

The 20L space is great for arranging meals, and it doesn’t take much space. The price you pay for this contraption is so worth all the power on your countertop!


  • Compact size
  • Cheap, but good quality oven

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Morgan Electric Oven user:

“Surprisingly. More than 200 pcs cookies is made & all well-baked during fasting month. It’s working nicely so far & value for the money. Highly recommended!”

And another one:

“A great oven for beginners! Super affordable price and serves the purpose. Ive baked a birthday cake, roasted chicken and baked potatoes. For me it depends on how often you need to use and how large the portion you need to cook. For me the oven size and price definitely suits my needs.”

5.   Faber Forno 66 Electric Oven

Faber Forno 66 Electric Oven_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 359RM

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The Faber Forno 66 is an electric oven that can cater to guests and your family at reunions. You can cook large batches of food all at the same time!

This oven’s temp control (that goes as far as 250 degrees Celsius) is accurate. The timer also works at 60 minutes, maximum.

The 66L capacity of this oven is mostly offered in built-in ovens. It’s fascinating for a standalone oven to have that much space because it’s so convenient!

As such, it’s one of the best ovens in Malaysia if you have a big family but want a standalone oven.


  • 66L capacity—big enough for a large family.

Customer Reviews

Here is a review from a Faber Forno 66 user:

“Receive product is good condition and all items complete. Very fast delivery. Product ordered on Saturday and received on Tuesday. The oven is large enough to put in 4 baking trays with 8 inches diameter. Very satisfied. Thank you.”

6.   FlavorWave Halogen Convection Oven

FlavorWave Halogen Convection Oven_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 97.80RM

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The Halogen looks and feels like a traditional convection oven—the one your grandma uses for Sunday dinner. But it’s actually an air fryer and a convection oven in one!

Being an air fryer, it doesn’t need you to use much oil (about 80% less!) to cook your food. It’s also called a turbo broiler because it cooks up to three times faster than other kinds of ovens.

It also has a plethora of functions like toast, grill, fry, defrost, roast, reheat, steam, and bake! Which means you can cook almost anything in it — making it one of the best ovens in Malaysia.


  • No oil / 80% less oil when cooking
  • Air fryer function

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Halogen user:

“Great pot. Drains all fat to the bottom and can easily be washed/cleaned. Packaged well and quick delivery service.“

And here’s another one:

“Great price…works perfectly.  I’ve had more expensive versions of similar products before and I loved them.  This budget option does NOT disappoint!  Use it nearly every single day…made cookies, cakes, pizza, veggies, baked potatoes and more.  Fast shipping, good quality, and GREAT price.”

7.   Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-in Oven

Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-in Oven_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 2109RM

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Electrolux is a brand known worldwide for their high quality products. So if you’re in it for the long haul and you expect your oven to last as long as you do, this is the one you should get!

72L of cooking space means that even if you keep on adding to your family over the years, you can still cook a full meal in one go. Plus, the three levels mean that you can cook big batches at a single time.

The fan inside the oven spreads the heat for even cooking while the enamel coating makes for convenient clean-up. It’s one of the best ovens in Malaysia for sheer quality alone.

Although the price of this oven may be on the steep end, it’s a good investment to make if you want an oven that can last the rest of your life.


  • Durable, high quality oven

8.   Panasonic NU-SC100 Steam Convection Cubie Oven

Panasonic NU-SC100 Steam Convection Cubie Oven_oven unboxing_trusted malaysiaPrice: 949RM

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Unlike most ovens in the market, the Cubie’s steam feature is what’s best about this oven. Instead of usual convection heating, steam is used for healthier cooking because it uses low to no oil!

From veggies to seafood to dim sum, this oven can take care of all your steamy needs. But aside from steam, it also has a convection function you can pair with steam at the same time.

The 16 preset settings are also very comfortable and convenient to use because you don’t need to guess the temp and cooking time—it’s already there for you!

Healthy food is the Cubie’s forte, so if you plan on changing your lifestyle, or you want to maintain the healthy one you already have, this is the oven for you and your family!


  • Steam function

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a Cubie user has to say about the product:

“great product. it is my everyday oven. i prefer cubie over microwave now. its takes slightly longer to warm food in cubie but the result is way better. update; i still find this oven good especially for steaming because i don have to wait for water to boil and less mess to clean. as for cakes they came out nice but for bread you cant bake many at one time… i burnt some because i put in too much. for roasting they are fast… really fast… 1 hour is enough to have tender chicken that breaks through the bones. steam and bake fish is very easy too… however for frying chicken or fish is so so… i only fry chicken in it before turning it into another dish. deep fry is still good for ayam goreng”

and here’s another one:

“Got the item within 2 days of purchase, arrived in good condition. The oven is really great, really ease all the cooking works in the kitchen, used in almost daily since the past 2 weeks, from cooking, baking, and reheating stuff, using the wonderful steam convection.”


This concludes our list for the best ovens in Malaysia! These are the ones we liked best when we checked out the products available right now.

By the way, since you’re already in the market for an oven, you also might want to consider adding an air fryer to your kitchen — for easy, healthy meals!

Check out the best air fryers in Malaysia here, if so. There are some amazing appliances in that list that home chefs will love.

*Images sourced from Lazada and product websites.