Best Eye Specialist in Penang
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5 Options for the Best Eye Specialist in Penang

We don’t normally worry about our vision until something bad happens. Luckily, Penang has some of the best eye specialists who can take care of all your ocular needs.

Eye specialists offer different services like laser surgeries that can help you fix your blurry vision. Some doctors even provide special services like cosmetic eye surgeries for beautification.

If you’re looking for the best eye specialist in Penang, you should first consider what kind of service you’d be needing from them. After all, vision correction and eye-diseases may require different types of specialized treatment.

How Much Does Eye Surgery Cost in Penang

You can view a list of the common eye surgeries that you can eye specialists in Penang provide. The actual prices of the procedures may vary according to each medical facility and eye specialist.

LASIK SURGERYRM4,000.00 – RM10,000.00 per eye
PRK SURGERYRM7,000.00 – RM16.000.00
CATARACT SURGERYRM5,000.00 – RM15,000.00
GLAUCOMA SURGERYRM4,000.00 – RM8,000.00
REFLECTIVE LENS EXCHANGERM10,000.00 – RM18,000.00 per eye

How to Pick the Best Facility for an Eye Specialist in Penang

If you’re planning to get your eyes treated, you need to choose a specialist who’s perfect for the job. This is especially important if you’re getting an eye surgery that could dictate the long-term quality of your vision.

List Down Your Options

Before you decide on anything, the best thing to do is list down all your options. You can start by checking the nearest clinics and medical facilities that offer the treatment that you’re looking for.

You can search online and check the credentials of the facility and eye-physicians near you. Some of the things to look out for are their medical school background, training, certification, and specialties.

It also helps if you choose a facility or physician with more years of experience. Checking for customer reviews can also help make your decision easier.

Search for Specialties and Services

As previously mentioned, some facilities and physicians have certain specialties that you should look into. After all, you only want the best eye specialist in Penang to treat your eyes.

To find the best options, you can review different websites and check the services and specialties that they offer. Most websites will have specific services that are highlighted for their customer’s convenience.

By filtering out your options, you have a better chance of receiving the best surgery or treatment available. Additionally, this will also give you an idea of the prices and rarity of certain medical procedures.

Communicate With Your Doctor

Finally, you need to communicate with your eye doctor by sending them a message or scheduling an appointment. Personally talking to doctors can help you assess whether you can trust them or not.

Though a doctor’s personality doesn’t necessarily reflect his or her skills, finding one that you’re comfortable with can be helpful. For example, you want someone who you can easily talk to and who can provide the essential information when needed.

You can also personally ask a doctor their track record and experiences to help put your mind at ease. This way, you can get more detailed information that websites and customer reviews cannot provide.

Best Eye Specialist in Penang

Now that you’re familiar with the common eye surgeries, choosing the best eye specialist in Penang can be easier. To make your search easier, we’ve prepared a list of facilities where you can get laser surgeries, eye disease treatment, and pediatric ophthalmology.

So if you’re ready to improve your vision, it’s time for you to discover top eye specialists in Penang.

1. OPTIMAX – Eye Specialist Centre

OPTIMAX - Eye Specialist Centre's Homepage, Facebook
SERVICESCataract Surgery (FLACS, RLE), eye disease treatment (glaucoma, diabetic eye problems), LASIK (ASA, TESA, ICL)
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Sunday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
ADDRESSPenang Eye Specialist Hospital, 223, Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Penang.
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Contact Numbers: +604-282 3522, +6018-272 1101 (WhatsApp), +604-281 2492 (Fax)

As a well-known eye-care provider in South East Asia, OPTIMAX – Eye Specialist Centre has been treating patients since 1995. They currently provide extensive eye-care treatments for glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases.

They have multiple facilities located throughout Malaysia including one in Penang. This makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for a facility that offers comprehensive care for eye problems.

With their teams of optometrists and ophthalmologists, you can get a range of treatments for mild to severe eye problems. Their services cover common problems like glaucoma, cataract, diabetic eye issues, retinal detachment, and corneal diseases.

They also have pediatric ophthalmologists who specialize in treating kids with Amblyopia and squints. The number of services and treatments they offer make OPTIMAX – Eye Specialist Centre is an easy pick for this list.


  • Multi-award winning eye specialists
  • 0% interest for LASIK surgery
  • Offers surgeries in different branches


  • No cosmetic eye surgeries

2. VISTA Eye Specialist

VISTA Eye Specialist's Homepage, Facebook
SERVICESRLE, iLASIK, LASIK, ICL, cataract surgery, myopia control program
OFFICE HOURSTuesday – Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Monday: Closed
ADDRESS6H-1-12, Level 1, All Seasons Place, Lebuhraya Thean Teik, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Georgetown, Pulau Penang
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Contact Numbers: +604-829 9937, +6011-1057 3937 (WhatsApp)

Established in 1999, VISTA Eye Specialist has spent years treating patients who suffer from various eye problems. They provide services like eye exams, eye surgeries, and shortsightedness mitigation for children.

They offer specific eye treatments for different age groups that you can view on their website. For example, they have refractive lens exchange (RLE) services to help improve the reading vision of people above 40.

They provide surgeries like iLASIK and implantable collar lens (ICL) that can solve blurry visions for most adults. They also specialize in cataract vision correction and provide LASIK treatment in Klang Valley and Penang.

Aside from general eye treatments, they also have a myopia control program specifically for children. If your child suffers from nearsightedness, this program can slow down the progression of your child’s blurry vision.

From general eye exams to advanced eye surgeries, VISTA Eye Specialist has the facilities you need for a better vision.


  • Open-air parking available
  • Offers special myopia program for kids
  • Specializes in LASIK treatment in Klang Valley and Penang


  • Closed on Mondays

3. Dr. Vanessa Neoh – Island Hospital

Dr. Vanessa Neoh - Island Hospital's Homepage
SERVICESCataract surgery, eye plastic surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, eye correction, brow lift, ptosis surgery, facial nerve palsy treatment
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESSIsland Hospital, 308 Macalister Road 10450 Penang Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Contact Numbers: +604-2288 222, +604-2383 491, +604-2383 499

Dr. Vanessa Neoh specializes in cataract surgery and eye plastic surgery. As a resident in Island Hospital Penang, she provides surgical work on eyelids, tear ducts, and eye socket disorders.

If you’re looking for cosmetic enhancements, she provides ocular surgery that can help you reshape and beautify your eyes. People with droopy eyelids can get a blepharoplasty to help improve the functionality and appearance of their eyes.

She also provides cosmetic treatments to help children to deal with squint problems and other eye disorders. Whether it’s for eyelid lifts or tear ducts surgery, her medical expertise can help you deal with your condition.

From providing specialized cataract surgeries to cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Vanessa is arguably one of the top eye specialists in Penang. So if you’re looking for eye treatments and beautification, you shouldn’t hesitate to give her a call.


  • Specializes in eye plastic surgery
  • Provides cosmetic eye surgeries


  • No direct booking on their website

4. International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC)

International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC)'s Homepage, Facebook
SERVICESCataract surgery, lens implants, pterygium surgery, anterior segment reconstruction, glaucoma treatment, corneal transplant surgery
OFFICE HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 1:00PM
Sunday/Public Holidays: Closed
ADDRESS229G, Jalan Burma, Georgetown 10050, Pulau Pinang.
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Contact Numbers: +604-228 8802, +604-228 8803 (Fax)

International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC) provides extensive eye treatments in different locations like Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, and Burma Penang. Their primary goal is to provide high-quality and affordable eye treatments for patients all over Malaysia.

If you have specific eye-care needs, ISEC may have the specialty services that you need. After all, they are capable of complex services like LASIK, vitreoretinal surgeries, orbital reconstructions, and corneal transplants.

Some of their other services include cataracts implants, glaucoma treatments, refractive surgeries, and treatment for retinal disease. They also provide pediatric ophthalmologists for kids who suffer from vision problems like refractive errors.

With years of experience, diverse specialties, and advanced treatments, ISEC is a top choice for moderate to serious eye problems.


  • Multiple ophthalmologists and eye specialists
  • Wide range of eye-related services and facilities


  • 4-day pre-booking for online appointments

5. LohGuanLye Specialists Centre (LSC)

LohGuanLye Specialists Centre (LSC)'s Homepage
SERVICESEye surgery, glaucoma treatment
OFFICE HOURSOpen 24 hours
ADDRESS238, Jalan Macalister, 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  
Contact Numbers: +604-238 8187, +604-238 8188, +604-226 6911 (Emergency Hotline)

Established in 1975, LohGuanLye Specialists Centre (LSC) provides comprehensive medical services in the heart of Penang. Aside from their regular healthcare services, they also have eye specialists who can take care of all your ocular needs.

LSC has experienced eye physicians, eye surgeons, and a glaucoma specialist who are fit to provide you with the treatment you need. From eye surgeries to eye-disease treatment, LSC has the facilities and talents that you can surely rely on.

As a private hospital, LSC also provides 24/7 emergency services, cancer treatment, pediatrics specialists, and more. So If you’re looking for an easily accessible center with a fully-equipped medical facility, LSC could be your best choice.


  • Wide range of eye-related services and facilities
  • Open 24 hours


FAQs About the Best Eye Specialist in Penang

To conclude, Penang is home to a few eye specialists that can help you deal with your vision problems. From LASIK surgery to eye-disease treatments, all you need to do is pick the best eye specialist in Penang who offers the services that you need.

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