Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh
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The 7 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh, Malaysia

Chinese cuisine, especially dim sum, is known and loved all over the world — Malaysia is not an exception. As it is, we’d like to introduce you to the best dim sum restaurants in Ipoh for your next food trip!

Ipoh, famous for being a gastronomic haven, is beloved because of its many specialties: hor fun (flat rice noodles in broth), steamed chicken with bean sprouts, and chee cheong fun (rice dough rolls) in mushroom gravy, just to name a few.

But can someone really skip the locally worshiped meal essential for the locals? Dim sum — tiny bags of steamed delights made up of pork, chicken, or even seafood — is something you should not miss in Ipoh!

You can effortlessly find a dim sum eatery in Ipoh. But do you know where the best Ipoh dim sum can be found?

We do, and we’re more than willing to share our street info with you!

1. Chooi Yue Dim Sum

Chooi Yue Dim Sum
BEST FOR   Egg tarts, Char Siew Bao, Salted Egg Yolk Bao with Pandan Lotus
WEBSITEChooi Yue Dim Sum’s Facebook
ADDRESS2 & 4, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
CONTACT DETAILS+ 6016-534 5965 / 05 – 541 7997
OPERATING HOURS7:00 am to 2:00 pm Friday to Wednesday

Some of their customer favorites are the yam puffs, fried lor bak gou, and the ever-famous scallop dumplings (tai ji kau). The other food from Chooi Yue Dim Sum’s menu is great too, and so far we have not been disappointed!

Chooi Yue has an exciting selection of dim sum and desserts that are preserved with care. That’s why we’re listing it among the best Ipoh dim sum places.

There’s a massive signboard with rates above the dim sum and dessert areas. You can easily pick from the comfort of your seat, if you don’t feel like playing the guessing game!


  • The head chef here has over 11 years of experience working with Yoke Fook Moon, one of three highly acclaimed dim sum restaurants in Ipoh

Customer Reviews

Here is a review from a Chooi Yue customer:

“Salted egg yolk-yum. Excellent selection–lots of options, traditional and different. The salted egg yolk custard buns are great. Not cheap but worth the cost. Nice atmosphere and good service.”

And here’s another one:

“Yummy Dim Sum. Nice ambience, clean, fast service and clean toilets. Many varieties of dim sum.”

2. BFB Dim Sum Restaurant

BFB Dim Sum Restaurant
BEST FOR  Egg tarts, Century egg rolls, Lau sar bao.
ADDRESS61, Impian, Persiaran Bandar Baru Tambun 16, Taman Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
CONTACT DETAILS+ 6010-220 3812
OPERATING HOURS6:30 am to 1:30 pm daily

Every time people wander around Ipoh, food just causes their heads to turn around. To satisfy their hunger for some dim sum, most of the time they will run towards the famous dim sum street in the centre of Ipoh.

We do have beloved dim sum places there but there are local gems that have to be unearthed. BFB is an example, off the beaten path but still swamped with locals.

If you don’t want to walk around the centre, and you’re a fan of good food, BFB is your place to be! That’s why it’s among the best Ipoh dim sum places.


  • Great food service

Customer Reviews

Here are a few words from a BFB customer:

“I like the way that they’re not too big in size. Otherwise, you’ll get full easily and you won’t be able to try out more varieties.”

And here’s more:

“The fried selections are quite delicious because it’s not too oily. Deep Fried Yam Paste with meat filling is delicious with the right amount of yam and meat filling and at the same time not too oily.”

3. Hong Xing Ipoh Dim Sum Restaurant

Hong Xing Ipoh Dim Sum Restaurant
BEST FOR   Fried dim sum
WEBSITEHong Xing’s Facebook
ADDRESSNo.35 & 37, Jalan Bercham Bistari 3, Medan Bercham Bestari, Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
CONTACT DETAILS+ 605-545 3779
OPERATING HOURS7:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Freshest dim sum made for meal times! The head chef in this place comes from Shangxi, China—a place which has different variations of dim sum from other Chinese provinces.

The place is praised for its extraordinary take on classical Chinese dim sum and the food here is different from what we usually encounter. But it’s definitely good!

The restaurant is stationed in Bercham and housed in two bright, well-ventilated shop lots. Rest assured that the dining adventure here would be pleasantly enjoyable and it’s one of the best Ipoh dim sum locations!


  • Fried and steamed dim sum are filled with ingredients

Customer Reviews

A customer says this about Hong Xing:

“Delicious dim sum place for breakfast. This place serves good dim sum for breakfast. We all had our fair share and no complains. Located near the K-hotel in Beecham. Place a bit hidden but easily reachable via Waze.”

And another one says this:

“This is one of my favorite places for Dim Sum in Ipoh. The food quality and service are both good. Their premises are very clean and there is also ample parking available too.”

4. Sun Kok Kee

Sun Kok Kee
BEST FOR   Fish balls, pork ribs, char siew pau, porridge, fried radish cake
ADDRESS7-11, Persiaran Bercham Timur 1, Taman Bercham Baru, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS+ 6016-534 4579
OPERATING HOURS6:00 am to 1:00 pm daily

Kok Kee, the owner and chief cook of the former Restoran Kok Kee back in 1972 had to shut his restaurant down. In 1992, Sun Kok Kee was established.

Since its opening, Sun Kok Kee has offered awesome dim sum, and is currently flocked to by locals on a daily basis. Today, it’s one of the best Ipoh dim sum restaurants.


  • Café environment

Customer Reviews

Here is a review from a Sun Kok Kee customer:

“The foods are awesome. Came here with family for breakfast and going to Cameron in the afternoon, the service is good. Recommended for breakfast meal is White Coffee and dim sum.”

And here’s another one:

“Good traditional made dim sum. I prefer this to other overrated dim sum in ipoh. Quite less crowd and good food. Dim sum are made in traditional manner and tastes good”

5. Restoran Li Yuan Dim Sum

Restoran Li Yuan Dim Sum's Shop Front
BEST FOR  Dai bao, fish paste pork balls.
WEBSITELi Yuan’s Facebook
ADDRESS27, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B/1, Medan Ipoh Bestari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS+ 605-545 7001
OPERATING HOURS7:00 am to 10:30 pm daily

Li Yuan Dim Sum concentrates on “Cantonese dim sum” and “Szechuan masterpieces” (for example Xiao Long Bao, chili oil in essentially everything, Szechuan-style noodles).

Li Yuan Dim Sum Restaurant has an air conditioned space and there’s also complimentary Wi-Fi for guests who just can’t wait to update their social media.

Ordering is done via an order sheet. Even if there’s no dim sum trolley at Li Yuan, the orders are performed quite fast too, so they’re among the best Ipoh dim sum locations.


  • Cantonese dim sum
  • Szechuan-style noodles

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Li Yuan customer:

“On my road trip through Malaysia, we spent a night at Art Cottage in Ipoh. Next morning, we went to Li Yuan Dim Sum, just next to our hotel. It was a great find as some of their dim sum dishes were good, others were normal. I liked the steamed rice roll with prawn, hargao, siomai, fried carrot cake, meat bun and porridge.”

And another one:

“Late dim sum breakfast  nice and clean environment and friendly due service I come around 12pm ,I Scare dun have dim sum ,however they also got do , we order and they just do for make sure food is hot… well done.

6. Greentown Dim Sum

Greentown Dim Sum
BEST FOR   Halal dim sum
WEBSITEGreentown’s Facebook
ADDRESS10, Persiaran Greentown 4, Pusat Perdagangan Greentown, 30450 Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS+ 605-255 2010
OPERATING HOURS8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Whether you are refraining from pork, a Muslim, a tourist visiting in Ipoh, or simply one of the locals, Greentown Dim Sum Cafe is the peculiar one in the area. It’s your best chance if you love some halal dim sum.

They launched their openings in Greentown Business Centre back in 2010, closely to Berlin’s Bier Houz. The team who runs this place is a cheerful Chinese couple without previous encounter in managing a restaurant.


  • Halal Chinese food!

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Greentown customer:

“The most delicious dim sum i had so far. The staff was friendly combined with great food. Just to remember that you need to park at basement as other parking needed coupon.”

And another one:

“The halal dim sum here was good. Unfortunately some of the good stuff was finished by the time we dine. So do come in early. I recommend the durian dessert and the raddish cake. The waiters and waitresses were so good, nice and professional. It was close to closing time but yet all were ever so energertic. Made our dining experience much better!”

7. Zui Le Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant

Zui Le Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant
BEST FOR   Salted Egg Yolk Bun, fishballs, stuffed chee cheong, ar kau
WEBSITEZui Le Xuan’s Facebook
ADDRESS28, A1 Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Off Jalan Ng Song Teik, Taman Pertama, 30100 Ipoh, Perak
CONTACT DETAILS+ 6016-549 2219, + 6 012-486 0883, +6016-510 9091
OPERATING HOURS6:30 am to 1:30 pm daily

If you want to feast like a local, Zui Le Xuan should be on your top dim sum places to visit. The place is a crowd favorite of citizens from Ipoh and cities around the area.

Zui Le Xuan takes the harder road, which is why they’re among the best Ipoh dim sum places. They produce everything in-house, unlike some dim sum restaurants that make theirs off-site.

The bite, aroma, and texture of every dim sum dish is accomplished by the labour-intensive process of preparing their dim sum handmade, preserving its all-around flavour.

If you make the visit, you can be sure that you won’t leave without your belly a few inches bigger.


  • So many dim sum choices in one place!

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Zui Le Xuan customer:

“A feast for eyes and palate: These delicate dim sum servings are pretty to look at and delicious too. Finger lickin good, if I could eat them with my hands without getting it burn.”

And here’s another one:

“Indulging in Zui Le Xuan’s dim sum fare is like being in dumpling wonderland as one can order an unlimited amount of steamed and baked/fried dim sum.”

If you’re searching for something to carry out this weekend, the best Ipoh dim sum places are the answer! Cheap, yummy and perfect for splitting, dim sum dishes are among the best you can find in all of Malaysia.

By the way, if you’re looking for Chinese food in general and not just dim sum, you can check out the best Chinese restaurants in Malaysia for your next trip!

*Images sourced from Google and featured Facebook pages.