How Robots and AI Help Businesses

How Robots and AI Help Businesses

Robotics has made our lives easier in many areas. It enables us to communicate with devices through voice commands, manufacture goods and equipment faster, play fun games, etc.

Fortunately, it hasn’t become aware of its own mind and taken over the globe like you see in the Terminator movies!

And as time marches on, we see it get better and better at doing the work for us. So, here’s how robots and AI can help businesses—big changes you can expect in the near future.

1) Managing Customer Concerns

Managing Customer Concerns

You most likely have seen this in effect when you go visit any website. Whereas before people email a company a lot, they can now reach the team by interacting with their chatbot window.

Hospitals and financial services, such as banks, insurance companies, and loan agencies, have this right now. Their purpose is to settle customer concerns efficiently 24/7.

Imagine if it’s a famous rock band’s website you’re going to, wherein millions of people will contact the staff. It’s impossible to accommodate all of them having only ten to twenty staff members.

The AI will take care of them instead.

The chatbox can have a few bubbles indicating the concerns you may have. Clicking one of them will instantly give you an answer or the best course of action to take for now.

2) Quick Identity Validation

Quick Identity Validation

Smart robots and AI will also hasten the process of identity checks and reduce administration costs, whether you’re applying for a visa, renewing your driver’s licence, or updating your insurance policy.

Your ID carries not only your personal information but also your digital one too, which the computer picks up to verify your identity.

Also, biometrics like fingerprint scanning or facial recognition software will play a bigger part in security. They are more effective, secure, and safer compared to inputting your password like in the past, which can be copied by anyone.

3) Faster Parcel Deliveries

Faster Parcel Deliveries

Since many people are now buying goods online, it shouldn’t be very long before smart robots change the game concerning shipments.

As soon as an order is received, a smart robot, built with computer vision and motion-sensing capabilities, independently gets the item from the shelf and gets it ready for fast delivery or pickup.

4) Robot Transportation

Robot Transportation

While robot transportation may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s not impossible.

Just consider the people who invented aeroplanes, build satellites, go to the moon, and create multi-functional smartphones that most people now have.

With automated driving trucks or drones, people can buy food, fruit, and vegetables, commute to a certain place, and order vaccines—you name it. 

Destination and speed will be accurately handled by artificial intelligence technology. And this will reduce fuel costs, delivery delays, and accidents.

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