A First-Time Watch Owner's Guide to Watch Care

A First-Time Watch Owner’s Guide to Watch Care

A watch is extremely reliable helping us to be on time for everything. It’s also a stylish fashion accessory that expresses the wearer’s personality.

Whether it is affordable, expensive, or given to you by a special person, your watch has to be taken care of well. This ensures that it works flawlessly and that you can use it for as long as it lasts.

So, for that, we wrote a simple beginner’s guide to watch care. Below are some tips and advice to keep your watch looking good and well-maintained!

1) Clean the watch

Clean the watch

Daily use of the watch from day to day necessitates frequent cleaning. You have to clear it of sweat, dirt, and oil irrespective of the watch type.

It’s actually simple to do this, all you need is a soft cloth. Target the small crevices and folds, followed by the main parts from the bezel to the straps to get rid of the dirt and other particles.

Besides that, consider giving the watch a deep-clean every couple of months. We advise reading the product care guide and following its instructions for the best care for your particular watch.

Generally, you’d have to remove the bracelet strap or band first, submerge a brush in soapy, warm water and clean the watch casing. If the dirt is stubborn, you can use a gentle dish soap also.

However, for leather bands, soak them in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar to prevent damaging the material.

Also, ensure that all the separated parts are dry prior to piecing together your watch. As such, you will protect the accessory from rusting or emitting a dampy scent.

2) Keep it away from hot and humid places

Just like with everything else, watches have to be worn or stored away from hot and humid conditions.

Heat and direct sunlight can affect the quartz and battery life. Not to mention that it can cause the colour of the watch face and leather band to fade.

What’s more, don’t leave it in places where moisture can build up, for instance, the bathroom and kitchen. The reason is that your watch can be function-impaired and develop unsightly rusts.

By the way, if your house is generally hot and humid, getting a dehumidifier can tackle the problem as it keeps your room cool and its air clean.

3) Check your watch’s water resistance

Check your watch’s water resistance

Today, watches are built to be water-resistant. However, it varies by level which helps you determine the best way to take care of your watch—and if you can wear it while swimming.

Some water-resistant models can withstand small splashes when you wash your hands, others can go to a certain depth like the famous G-Shock watches.

Classic watches are unlikely to be water-resistant, or it may be that their water-resistance level reduces in time. Plus, make sure to keep leather straps out of the water as this can discolour or lint them.

4) Avoid perfumes and cleaners

Among other chemicals, perfumes and cleaners can affect your watch’s appearance and leave buildups in its creases and spaces. So you have to keep your favourite watch away from them.

If you often use perfume or cologne, remove your watch first and let the spray dry. Also, if you’re cleaning or treating pests in the house, never wear your watch in case the mixture accidentally splashes onto it.

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