The Review Process

Trusted Malaysia aims to give you detailed and definitive product and service reviews to make your life as a consumer easier. 

In our mission to provide you with reviews you can trust, we follow our own review guide to make sure that we’re answering all the important questions to help you make good buying decisions.

How do you find products or services to review?

When we want to find the best products or services that address a specific consumer problem, we first conduct hours upon hours of market research and analyze the products and services that generate the most buzz.

After researching more about the product or service, we choose our top picks and begin in-depth research for each of them.

How do you review products and services?

Step 1: Surface-Level Information

We first take a look at the information advertised by the product or service.

If it’s a product, we take a look at all the features and specifications readily available to the consumer. We take note of all its main features, as well as specific features that make it stand out from the other products in the same category.

We also take into account the product brand, the prestige of the company or brand, the pricing, and more.

If it’s a service or business, we take a look at their list of services and pit them against other services to see what they have the upper hand on, what they lack, etc. We also make sure to take note of the range of options, the scope of their work, their price point, and other factors.

Step 2: Testing and Evaluation

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of things.

For products, we test out all the features to make sure if their claims hold. We look from every angle and determine where a product excels and where it lacks. 

Depending on the product, we may also proceed to do teardowns to know what makes it tick and to know whether a product is a quality product both inside and out.

For services, we hire them or, if needed, pay for a subscription. There’s no way of accurately knowing the quality of service without experiencing it firsthand, right?

We observe the entire process before, during, and after the transaction to see if their services are up to snuff. The application process, transaction phase, after-sales services—we look at everything to give you a preview of the entire customer experience.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

This is where we determine if a product or service makes the cut. We gather up all the data and determine whether we like the product or service enough that we’d buy it ourselves.

But we don’t stop there. We also look at real customer reviews to see if our experience is the same as others’. Only after that can we conclude if a product is good enough to recommend to you.