Are Smart Door Locks Worth It

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

Smart door locks are getting more popular in Malaysia now for enhancing home security. They have evolved from traditional yet reliable locks like cylinder, deadbolt, and chain locks.

Given their features and ease of use, digital door locks fetch a higher price on the market. But are they really worth it?

In this article, we’ll look at the fancy features of smart door locks and tell you our opinion of them. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether to buy one or not to feel safer at home.

Features of a Digital Door Lock

Features of a Digital Door Lock

All gadgets, including digital door locks, are available in different shapes, sizes, and features. Some people may find one product suitable for them, but others may not.

So, before buying one, it’s vital to know the type of features you want. To help you with that, let’s delve into the nifty features of a smart door lock.

1) PIN Code Access

PIN code is an authentication method using numerical codes. You can set 4 to 12 digits to be granted access to open the door.

This code provides you with heightened security at home. However, if the code is wrong, the door won’t open after which the homeowner will be alerted.

With this form of lock, you don’t need a physical key to access the entrance door, elevator, lobby mail area, or other places.

2) Biometric Access

Biometrics offers the strongest security at the home and workplace. It scans a physical characteristic of the person, which if correct, will grant him access to the area beyond it.

The access key can be your fingerprint, hand geometry, or voice, depending on which the smart lock is set on. Certainly, there won’t be any problem if you happen to forget your PIN code.

Where before biometric access was a feature limited to expensive security systems, nowadays it can be utilised by people via their smart digital lock.

3) Automatic Locking

Manually locking your door isn’t needed anymore with this feature. Automatic locking works by simply closing the door or if it detects your smartphone leaving the area through an app.

This is an awesome feature that will save you plenty of time, especially if you’re a busy person or you simply don’t want to recheck after you’ve already locked the door.

4) Alarm Integration

Smart locks can communicate with an alarm system you have at home. This enables it to ring the alarm if someone is accessing your smart lock or attempting to rob your home.

Hence, make sure that the smart lock is compatible with your existing alarm system before buying it.

5) Multiple Access Solutions

Your digital door lock can also feature multiple access solutions. This is very handy so your entire family can access the home conveniently.

You can even have the smart lock device generate a unique code for your friend to enter. But, he must be able to come to your home and use the code before it expires.

Furthermore, this feature gives you backup access options in case you forgot your password, lost your smartphone, or if the biometric access isn’t working like usual.

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It (2)

In summary, it depends on the person in terms of their lifestyle and budget.

Most prefer to stick to the old mechanical locks because they have been using them for all their lives and don’t require power to function, unlike smart locks.

Additionally, they don’t have to go through learning how a smart door lock operates. This can take time for those that aren’t tech-savvy.

As to where to put the keys, it’s risky to place them under the entrance doormat or in a potted plant. If a curious person finds the key, then your house is at risk of being entered into and robbed.

When the house experiences a power outage, the person can be locked out in the house secured by a smart lock with no other access modes available. And it will cost you more to call out a locksmith for an emergency.

On the other hand, younger individuals prefer smart door locks as they have their smartphones with them almost all the time and find value in the convenience and features they have.

These people also tend to have home automation and more smart devices in the house. That means that the smart lock can integrate with them to create a highly secure and safe home.

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