5 Insects That Destroy Clothes

5 Insects That Destroy Clothes

If you have quality garments for casual and formal use, you may have to be extra wary of certain pests that may be lurking in your cabinet or closet, lest they put small holes on them.

Want to know which insects those are and a bit about how you can prevent them? If so, read our guide here about insects that can destroy clothes.

1) Moths


Moths are lovely creatures that are believed to be the spirit of a deceased person visiting. Adult ones don’t actually destroy clothing, but their offsprings do because it’s food to them.

What larvae feed on is keratin which is a protein found in animal-derived fabric like wool, fur, silk, leather, felt, feathers, and others. 

They look a bit like worms and come in various colours. The most common ones are dark yellow, white, green, and black.

2) Silverfish


If you see a small insect with a silver body, two antennae, and three tailpieces, it must be a silverfish. They are excellent climbers and are mostly found in dark, cool places in the closet.

These hairy (and seemingly scary) creatures bite a bit of cotton, rayon, silk, and starched garments. But they are also attracted to stains and dirt so it’s best to keep all your clothes neat.

3) Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle

Next is the carpet beetle, which is possibly named after its carpet-textured body. Similar to moths, adult ones only lay heaps of eggs in areas close to food sources for their larvae.

They love animal materials as well, including wool, hair, feathers, and fur. Soiled clothing has higher odds of being eaten by carpet beetles.

What’s interesting about carpet beetles is they differ in shape, colour, and pattern. Carpet beetles can have an oval (looking like a dark ladybug) or lengthy body, a mix of colours like brown, white and yellow, and common larvae are red-brown and have fine hairs on their sides.

4) Termites


Though we know termites as mostly consuming wood products, they can eat away at your clothes that are stained or have fresh food or hot chocolate spills. 

Instead of the fabric, they are after the dirt and spills. By doing so, they can cut or punch holes in your favourite or expensive clothing. 

If you see a termite, you should eradicate it quickly or hire a pest control specialist because it will probably go on to damage other parts of your cabinet or wardrobe.

5) Cockroach


Arguably the most dangerous of them all, cockroaches can not only weaken or cut a hole on your clothes or towels, but they can also leave droppings, stains, and a fetid smell in your closet.

Besides that, they can transmit diseases from where they have been to or come into contact with.

Hence, refrain from putting dirty laundry inside your closet, particular those with sweat, grease, or food or drink spills, as they attract these pests.

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