When to Change a Home Water Filter

When to Change a Home Water Filter

A water filter keeps your tap water clean and potable differently depending on its type and model. Likewise, maintaining the unit or knowing when you should change it varies for every homeowner.

This matter is of urgent importance because you use the water to drink or dispense into a glass or bottle, cook food, wash your hands, and flush the toilet. And so, you have to know exactly when you should replace yours.

To help you with that, we wrote this simple guide for you. Here, we will look at the factors that will affect your water filter’s life and the typical frequency you should change the unit out.

So, let’s begin!

Factors to Consider for Getting a New Water Filter

Factors to Consider for Getting a New Water Filter

Generally, water filters can only work up to a certain amount of litres before their filters become clogged, thereby failing to render your water clean and healthy.

However, there are other factors involved, which makes changing a water filter an irregular problem and more complicated. Anyway, here are all the factors you should consider:

  • Type of the water filter (for instance, activated carbon filters, UV filters, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • How much water the household uses
  • How much of the water is polluted and needs to be cleaned
  • Scale buildup produced by hard water
  • How thoroughly your water was filtered or treated before

When to Change the Water Filter

You should definitely replace your water filter if it can no longer block minerals, contaminants, and bacteria in your main water line.

So if you notice your water is cloudy or have a chlorine or sulfur taste, or your cutlery is rusty,  among other effects, that means your tap water is contaminated.

But, of course, we want to prevent all these from occurring which will keep you and your family safe as well as your heater and utensils free from damage.

Given this, changing your water filter should be done every 2 to 6 months. This is a safe number irrespective of the type of your water filter to prevent your water from becoming dirty.

To be more specific, carbon filters need to be replaced between 3 to 6 months and sediment filters may be swapped for a new one after 2 months.

However, we strongly recommend replacing your filter sooner than the aforementioned higher ranges as much as possible. Any later than six months will create a potential for algae and moss to grow inside the filter.

Bonus Tips for Knowing When to Replace Your Water Filter

Look below for additional tips to know when you have to replace your whole-house water filtration system:

  • Consult your water filter manual for information concerning when the unit should be replaced. Alternatively, you can surf online using your phone or laptop to find out.
  • Call the customer service of the company that makes the specific model of water filter you have.
  • Call in a plumber to inspect your water system and filter. They should know if the water that goes through your filter is still safe to use or drink and advise you if the filter has to be changed already.
  • Switch to a new water filter if you notice contaminated or hard water or a decrease in water pressure.

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