A Complete Guide to Selayang Hot Spring

A Complete Guide to Selayang Hot Spring

Bubbling hot water nestled in the middle of tall towering trees, Selayang Hot Springs is a hidden paradise that will treat you to a magical experience. It’s the perfect place to visit if you need revitalisation or if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Located near the Batu Caves, it’s a worthy addition to your itinerary in Selangor if you want to feel the utmost relaxation. To make sure that your trip goes to plan, here’s a quick but complete guide to Selayang Hot Springs:

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Selayang Hot Spring is during Selangor’s dry season, which runs from February to October. This is a great time to experience the hot springs because there will be less chance of rain but keep in mind that rates for hotels and airfares may be higher.

If you find the heat overwhelming during this season, however, we recommend visiting early in the morning or in the evening. This way, the significantly cooler weather perfectly contrasts with the steaming water of the hot springs.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy lower rates and fewer crowds, you can also visit during the wet season but be wary, as this season can also be extremely humid.

You can also visit during the weekdays to enjoy fewer crowds if you can only visit during the dry season.

Things to Know

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

(Check the current exchange rate)

Language: Malay, English

Calling Code: +60

Contact Details: +60 17-396 2478

Address: Baru Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Entrance fee: Free

Parking: RM2 for cars, RM0.50 for motorbikes

How to Get There

Trains:  Riding the bus is the cheapest public transportation you can take to the hot spring. The closest station you can drop off at is Perdana Residence, Bukit Idaman (Sl385), which is just a minute walk away from Selayang Hot Spring.

Taxi/Grab: If you want a more convenient and somewhat private way to get to the hot spring, you can take a taxi. It’s easy to hail them, as you can find them almost everywhere in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor itself.

If taxi drivers are proving to be difficult to work with, you can book a ride through Grab instead. This way, the fare will be fixed and you can even get picked up from your current point on the map.

Car rental: Renting a car is a good idea if you’re travelling in groups, whether it be with your family or friends.

What to Expect in Selayang Hot Spring

Beneficial Minerals

— Media credit: ellamaran

What most people don’t know is that soaking in these enchanting hot springs doesn’t only provide relaxation.

Thanks to the natural minerals found in these pools like calcium, magnesium and sulphur, guests are treated with several medicinal benefits. These include improved blood circulation, clearer and cleaner skin and of course, a fully rejuvenated body.

If you’re experiencing muscle aches, dipping in these pools can also alleviate those pains—pretty awesome, right?

Four Cascading Pools

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Of course, the main highlight of this attraction is the four hot springs, which look enchanting because of the smoke that engulfs them. These pools are cascading, and each one varies in heat level, starting from lukewarm to an almost boiling temperature.

We recommend starting in the most lukewarm pool and making your way up to the steamier hot springs to get a feel for your tolerance. Starting at the hottest pool right away may shock your body, which isn’t a pleasant feeling—this comes from a first-hand experience.

Beautiful scenery

— Media credit: dennylam77

One of the best things about this hot spring is that it’s surrounded by lush greenery, which makes the experience that much more magical. Nothing beats de-stressing your body while seeing nature’s best offerings, right?

This scenery also makes for a good backdrop for your photos and videos. Who knows, maybe your next trending vlog or social media will be from here!

Lively Culture

— Media credit: jsamalaysia

Something that may shock first-timers here is the lively culture that’s set by the locals who are visiting the hot springs. Here, you’ll find locals bonding with their families and friends through loud chatter while relaxing in the heated pools.

These same locals will also be eager to chit-chat with other tourists, even if they’re strangers, which is a testament to Malaysia’s friendliness and hospitality.

Simple Amenities

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One of the things you should know about this hot spring is that it doesn’t come with any lavish facilities—and that’s perfectly fine! Personally, we think that the simplistic and rustic amenities featured here make the experience that much more authentic.

These facilities include lockers, washrooms, toilets and changing rooms. Plus, the facilities function perfectly and they do what they’re supposed to exceptionally well even though they need a fresh coat of paint. 

Where to Stay

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

Address: 22, Jalan 3/2, Templer Height, Templer Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 16-203 8562

Pricing: $$

Book Now

If you’re looking for a hotel that can also serve as an escape from the city, then Templer Park Rainforest Retreat is a solid choice. It’s located amidst tall trees and beautiful natural landscapes, which will instantly make you feel like you’re in paradise.

It gets better when you head inside your room, as you’ll be treated to a spacious area that features plush beds and complete hotel-like amenities.

You’re not the only one who’ll be residing in this place too, as some interesting animals are roaming around like monkeys and birds.

RHR Hotel Selayang

Address: Lot 17, Selayang 18, Persiaran 3, Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-6127 7755

Pricing: $

Book Now

RHR Hotel Selayang is a great budget option that doesn’t feel cheap thanks to its amazing neat and spacious rooms. Plus, they come with the usual amenities that you’d expect from every hotel by today’s standards like basic toiletry, hot water, coffee and tea-making facilities.

The location of this hotel is worth highlighting as well, as it’s strategically located near points of interest like stores, restaurants and other attractions. This accessibility is what makes for the hotel’s lack of facilities, as guests can easily explore these aforementioned places.

Mercure Selangor Selayang

Address: No B G 12, Dataran Emerald, Jalan Ps 11, Prima Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-6128 9999

Pricing: $$


Mercure Selangor Selayang is the place to stay if you’re looking to experience a lavish hotel staycation. It’s one of those lodging options where you’ll feel like royalty with its premium rooms, elegant interior decor and of course, massive rooms!

The facilities of this hotel are also what you’d expect from a classy place such as this. For instance, there’s a huge infinity pool located on its roof deck that overlooks the beautiful state of Selangor.

Hotel Richbaliz

Address: 13, Jalan SP1, Selayang Point, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-645 4955

Pricing: $-$$

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Hotel Richbaliz is an amazing place that has all the bells and whistles of a 4-star hotel, from luxurious rooms to premium amenities and more. Starting with the rooms, they’re designed modernly and come with things like TVs, hot water, AC and more.

As for its facilities, the main thing that stands out is its in-house cafe. This place is great if you want to wind down and get your daily dose of caffeine while enjoying the nice and classy ambience of the hotel.

KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Address: 77, Jalan Seri Utara 1, Sri Utara Business Park, 68100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-6256 0888

Pricing: $$

Book Now

If you don’t want to over-splurge on your accommodation but still want that premium hotel feel, KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur should be right up your alley. This place features high-quality yet affordable rooms that are decked out with modern amenities and facilities.

You can also enjoy the hotel’s world-class facilities, one of which is the roof deck swimming pool, which overlooks the beautiful KL skyline.

Aside from that, KIP Hotel also features an accessible location, as it’s located near other attractions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Where to Eat

Selayang Tokyo Restaurant

— Media credit: bobbygrapher

Address: 7456, Jalan 1, Taman Selayang Baru, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 19-277 9821

Pricing: $$


Selayang Tokyo Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in the area, offering freshly made seafood that is to die for. For instance, one of their signature dishes is the big prawn, which lives up to its name, as it’s quite massive and of course, delicious!

If you’re not big into seafood, don’t worry! They also offer dishes like grilled pork for avid meat lovers or those who are just allergic to seafood.

Coca Seafood Restaurant

— Media credit: koichinshean

Address: 29, Jalan Bidara 1, Taman Bidara, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-972 2482

Pricing: $-$$


Coca Seafood Restaurant is almost an attraction in its own right because of its famous “XXL Curry Mee”. This massive bowl of tangy goodness is the perfect companion on a rainy day, as its hearty broth and soft noodles can easily warm your soul.

Aside from this amazing dish, they also serve a myriad of delicious seafood like prawn mee. If you want something meatier, they also offer a delicious version of chicken rice, which is also good for sharing!

Suka Dessert

Address: G-08, Residensi 280, 1KM, Lebuhraya Selayang – Kepong, Taman Selayang Jaya, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

Pricing: $


If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while you’re in the area, we recommend checking out Suka Dessert. This place is the ultimate candy lover’s paradise, as it features sweets like chocolate, cookies, brownies and more!

If you want our advice, we recommend trying their ice cream roll. It’s a unique way to enjoy your ice cream and it also features a boatload of ingredients from fresh fruits to chocolate sauces, nuts and everything you could think of.

Apps to Download for a Trip to Selayang Hot Spring

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XE Currency App: Real-time currency exchange rate app

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