Best Wireless Broadband Malaysia

5 Best Wireless Broadbands in Malaysia

Featured Image Source: LinkedIn Sales Navigator via Unsplash

These days, a strong Internet connection is a necessity. With the urgent need for Internet access, time shouldn’t be wasted looking for the best wireless broadband in Malaysia.

But you’re in luck. Whether you need the Internet for school, work, or play, this list of the best wireless broadbands in Malaysia will help you find the provider that suits your needs.

1.  Huddle XS 4G LTE Postpaid 128 Plan

Huddle XS 4G LTE Postpaid 128 Plan's Homepage
Source: Yes
BEST FOR: On-the-go
ADDRESS: Find a Yes Store here:
CONTACT DETAILS: 03 8881 0200; 03 8881 0600; 03 8881 0700

Those who have a low-maintenance-but-always-on-the-go lifestyle need a low-maintenance, on-the-go broadband to match. Malaysian service provider Yes has just that.

Their Postpaid 128 plan is inclusive of 55GB data and a free lightweight Huddle XS 4G LTE modem. The device can connect up to 10 gadgets and has an impressive battery life of eight hours.

You’ll be able to travel all of the country safely and conveniently with one of the best wireless broadbands in Malaysia as your trustworthy travel companion.


  • On-the-go, lightweight modem included
  • Modem connects up to 10 devices
  • Device has eight-hour battery life
  • 55GB data
  • Perfect for travel

2.  Unifi Air

Unifi Air's Homepage
Source: Unifi
BEST FOR: Value for Money
ADDRESS: Telekom Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or you can find a TMPoint here:

Telekom Malaysia’s Unifi Air wireless broadband, like their other plans, comes with no frills.

For starters, Unifi Air has a SIM-card-only plan that comes with unlimited Internet, which you can cancel any time without having to pay a penalty.

The 4G LTE Internet speed reaches 20mbps for up to 64 devices. However, getting a third party router from the tech store can significantly improve your Internet speed, making this best wireless broadband in Malaysia one that offers value for money.

Users will appreciate the hassle-free, online bills payment and the plug and play setup that doesn’t need an appointment from a technician.

You can also check if your area is included in Telekom Malaysia’s coverage using a map on their website.


  • SIM-card-only plan
  • 20mbps
  • 64 devices
  • Online payment
  • Plug and play

3.  Celcom Home Wireless XL

Celcom Home Wireless XL's Homepage
Source: Celcom
BEST FOR: Video streaming
ADDRESS: Celcom Axiata Berhad (Company No. 167469-A), No. 6, Persiaran Barat,

Seksyen 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

CONTACT DETAILS: +603-72002222
OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

Non-fibre areas can still enjoy high-speed Internet with Celcom’s Home Wireless XL!

Users can enjoy 150GB of data per month with a free 1TB for video-streaming. The broadband can connect up to 64 devices and has an average speed of 30mbps, but can easily reach 50mbps.

This best broadband in Malaysia is also easy to self-install. Discontented users can cancel within 30-days free of charge, proving Celcom’s dedication to providing the best service to their clients.


  • Non-fibre areas
  • 150GB cap
  • Additional 1TB for videos
  • Up to 50mbps speed
  • 30 days to cancel free of charge

4.  Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite

Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite's Homepage
Source: Digi
BEST FOR: Unlimited Internet, bundles
ADDRESS: Find a Digi Store here: here:
CONTACT DETAILS: 016 221 1800

While all of Digi’s postpaid plans offer unlimited Internet access, Digi Postpaid 150 has no restrictions, unlike its cheaper counterparts, Postpaid 80 and 100. Users are astounded by this best wireless broadband in Malaysia’s Internet speed that can reach 100mbps.

Just note that this plan doesn’t come with its own broadband router. However, this may just work in your favor as using third-party routers undoubtedly increases Internet speed, helping Digi Postpaid 150 reach up to 600mbps.

The plan also comes with unlimited calls and bundled SMS offers within Malaysia, making this brand all the more deserving to be in our list of the best wireless broadbands in Malaysia.


  • Unlimited Internet
  • No speed restriction
  • Third-party router
  • Unlimited calls
  • Bundled SMS offers

5.  MaxisONE Go WiFi

MaxisONE Go WiFi's Homepage
Source: Maxis
BEST FOR: Unlimited data
ADDRESS: Find a Maxis store here:
CONTACT DETAILS: 00 60 3-7492 2123

Maxis has amplified their data offering for their MaxisOne Go Wifi postpaid plan from the previous 65GB to essentially limitless.

Customers can opt to buy a ready to plug-and-play 4G router from Maxis for cheap, but you can also get a third-party router from your trusted tech store, which improves the Internet speed remarkably.

The brand also claims that their 4G Internet can reach speeds of up to 800mbps.


  • No data cap
  • Cheap 4G router from Maxis or third-party router
  • Up to 800mbps speed

With the best wireless broadband in Malaysia, you get to indulge in your lifestyle hassle-free and uninterrupted.

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