Best Online Dating in Malaysia

5 Apps/Sites for the Best Online Dating in Malaysia

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Perhaps you’ve grown tired of hit-or-miss (mostly missing) blind dates these days. Fret not, for the platforms for the best online dating in Malaysia are here to strike you a perfect match.

Whoever you’re looking for, one of these platforms below will surely find you great options. So, scroll down and check out the platform for the best online dating in Malaysia that piques your curiosity the most.

1.  Mingle2

Mingle2's Homepage
Source: Mingle2
BEST FOR: Quick and convenient

Dating platform Mingle2 promises its users that they will find their match made in heaven in just a few clicks, with over 600,000 new users a month.

It has a quick and convenient signup. It won’t take you longer than two minutes to create your profile and get started.

This software for the best online dating in Malaysia is also completely free, so you can message anyone all you want, anytime.

While it has everything you need in an online dating site, it does not compromise your safety. Mingle2 monitors their user’s profiles to get rid of those showing suspicious behavior and you can block people you never want to interact with again.


  • 600,000 new users per month
  • Sign up under two minutes
  • Completely free
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Safe, monitors users’ profiles
  • Option to block


2.  MalaysianCupid

MalaysianCupid's Homepage
Source: MalaysianCupid
BEST FOR: Authentic Malaysian dating
ADDRESS: Level 5

2502 / 5 Lawson Street

Southport QLD 4215


CONTACT DETAILS: +61 7 3106 3442

Malaysia’s leading local dating site MalaysianCupid is a product of online dating experts. It is part of a network of 30 successful dating sites catering to different cultures and subcultures.

This site for the best online dating in Malaysia opens users to a world of exclusive, authentic Malaysian dating experiences. Wherever in the globe you are, they can connect you to hundreds of thousands of Malaysian singles.

All it takes are 3 easy steps. Create a profile, search their large user base according to your preferences, and send a message to your prospective significant other.


  • Leading local dating site
  • Product of online dating experts
  • Authentic Malaysian dating
  • Wide user base
  • Ease of use

Customer Reviews

Jeet Khera and Mimi Shina, a now-married couple who found each other at MalaysianCupid shared:

“Hi guys, I met my partner in crime here and ever since I saw her for the first time I fell in love wit her n I m still falling in love wit her everyday. We would like to thank you guys for helping us out here to find that special person that we were looking.

My life has not been the same since. We thank you and hope u guys keep on hooking up others with their partners.”


3.  Muslima

Muslima's Homepage
Source: Muslima
BEST FOR: Muslim niche
ADDRESS: Level 5

2502 / 5 Lawson Street

Southport QLD 4215


CONTACT DETAILS:  +61 7 3184 8270

Belonging to the same network as MalaysianCupid, this next site for the best online dating in Malaysia offers the prospect of love to those in a whole new, different niche.

Muslima is a dating site that specifically caters to the global Muslim community. It sets up single Muslim men and women online while still adhering to Islamic courtship rules.

So many people have met their life partners through Muslima since 2006. Three steps were all it took for them to find their future groom or bride from the site’s user base of over 7.5 billion.

To top it all off, singles can find their perfect match anywhere in the world while still having the assurance that they will continue to honor their culture.


  • Muslim dating site
  • Adheres to Islamic courtship rules
  • Ease of use
  • Over 7.5 billion user base
  • Connect with Muslims anywhere in the world

Customer Reviews

A satisfied Muslima user said:

“We met in 2014 after I noticed a handsome and kind man who lived near me (added bonus!) We had soooo much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. I knew instantly he was the guy for me. We were married 7 months later alhumdulillah. It worked.”

Another said:

“found my beautiful wife from muslima. I traveled to India from New York to meet her the first time. We got married three months later. I’m forever thankful to muslima. If It could work for absolute nonbeliever like me, It might just work for you.”


4.  Badoo

Badoo's Homepage
Source: Badoo
BEST FOR: Finest online dating features

One of the fastest-growing online dating companies in the world, Badoo has almost 500 million users worldwide as of writing and the number just keeps on increasing.

With a mission to introduce you to as many people as possible and share happiness with them through recent technology, they have explored the online dating business to give their users the best, most secure online dating experience.

Their many years of experience in the industry have caused them to strengthen their privacy, safety, and security settings and have helped them pioneer many of today’s dating sites’ standard features, such as location-based matching.

Badoo believes that there is someone for everyone. This motto has inspired them to create the finest tools to connect like-minded people and, at the same time, become the largest social discovery network worldwide.


  • Fastest growing company
  • Almost 500 million users worldwide
  • Safe and secure
  • Pioneered many dating site features
  • Largest social discovery network worldwide


5.  Bumble

Bumble's Homepage
Source: Bumble
BEST FOR: Equality, healthy connections

Those who want to challenge traditional dating notions should check out Bumble, an online dating software that lets women make the first move.

This online dating platform emerged from the CEO’s observation that women often wait for men to approach them. Thus, Bumble was born to defy outdated power dynamics and encourage equality.

Encouraging equality, confidence, kindness, respect, and integrity, this software for the best online dating in Malaysia is where you could create meaningful and healthy connections.


  • Challenge traditional notions on dating
  • Women make the first move
  • Defy outdated power dynamics
  • Encourage equality
  • Meaningful, healthy connections

What else are you waiting for? These sites and apps for the best online dating in Malaysia leaves you only a few quick clicks away to a happy ever after.

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