Best Divorce Lawyer in Kuala Lumpur
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The 7 Best Divorce Lawyers in Kuala Lumpur

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Finding the best divorce lawyer in Kuala Lumpur for divorce may prove to be intimidating. With the topic of divorce being taboo in most Malaysian households, this may leave many people at a loss on what to do.

In fact, not knowing whom to reach out to may cause some to back out of the divorce process altogether! However, this shouldn’t be the case: if you’re truly resolved to get a divorce, you can find a fair number of great lawyers for it here.

To make it easier, we rounded up the best divorce lawyers in Kuala Lumpur, so people looking to get a divorce are spared of all the hassle.

1.  Tam Yuen Hung & Co.

Tam Yuen Hung & Co.'s Homepage
Source: Tam Yuen Hung & Co.
BEST FOR: Divorce and family law
ADDRESS: 21, Jalan Puteri 9/1, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
CONTACT DETAILS: +603-9011 5628; +6016-947 3338; [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri: 9:00am–5:00pm

Tam Yuen Hung & Co. takes pride in their affordable divorce and family law assistance.

The firm offers free consultations, saving divorcees a huge chunk of money upfront.

The firm is also transparent regarding payments. The quotation is disclosed upon query, so clients are prepared for the cost of the divorce.

The divorce fee itself is fixed, inclusive of legal consultation and court fees with zero hidden charges.

While the firm is based in Selangor, their divorce lawyer is more than willing to meet up at various other locations for clients’ convenience, including Cheras and Ampang in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Free legal advice, consultation, and quotation
  • Fixed divorce fee
  • No hidden charges

Customer Reviews

A satisfied client of Tam Yuen Hung & Co. left a positive review:

“I like how speedy and professional Max (divorce lawyer) handled my divorce case. Always keeps me updated on my case.” – Mr. Chen from Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur

2. Chambers of S Sakthi

Chambers of S Sakthi

BEST FOR: Affordable Legal Services
ADDRESS: 1203, Amcorp Tower, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
CONTACT DETAILS: Phone: +60162363864 | 03-7932 4488
Email: [email protected]

Located in a strategic place, Chambers of S Sakthi is specialising in Family & Matrimonial matters.

They believe strongly that each client should be given personalised attention while assisting them in resolving their disputes since matters related to family entangles with emotion.

The firm offers their services with an affordable fee structure with no hidden charges. Since the firm is located in Petaling Jaya, strategically in the borders of KL & Selangor, they extend their services easily in KL & Selangor.  Reach out to them via WhatsApp or phone call to get a free quotation upon quick assessment.


  • Easily reachable (even after office hours)
  • Consultation services after officer hours & over weekends
  • Fixed divorce fee
  • No hidden charges

3.  WY Chan

WY Chan's Homepage
Source: WY Chan
BEST FOR: Easy legal solutions
ADDRESS: B2-2, Block Bellamy, Plaza Arkadia, No. 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa ParkCity, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT DETAILS: +6011-1120 2933; [email protected]

Having to attend meetings frequently and travelling all over for business is stressful. Luckily, female divorce lawyer WY Chan and the Law Office of Ng and Chuah found a way to avoid these.

They offer an ‘Easy Legal Solution’ for prospective divorcees, keeping meetings via text messaging, emails, calls, and video calls for those who are too busy for personal encounters.

People looking for the best divorce lawyer in Kuala Lumpur and struggling to find time to seek legal assistance will certainly appreciate the convenience of virtual meetings with attorney Chan.


  • Easy legal solution
  • Virtual consultations

4.  Jazzmine Khoo Wei Ching

Jazzmine Khoo Wei Ching's Homepage
Source: Jazzmine Khoo & Associates
BEST FOR: Matrimonial and family law
ADDRESS: Wisma RA, Level 4, No.12, Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT DETAILS: 03- 2602 3646

Jazzmine Khoo Wei Ching of Jazzmine Khoo & Associates is an accomplished lawyer who specialises in matrimonial and family law, which covers adoption, child custody, and divorce cases.

Her amicable approach towards matrimonial disputes has given her a reputation as one of the best divorce lawyers in Kuala Lumpur for divorce.

In fact, Asian Legal Business has dubbed Khoo a rising star in matrimonial and family law practice.


  • Accomplished divorce lawyer
  • Amicable approach
  • Rising star

Customer Reviews

Some of Khoo’s clients shared their reviews:

“Very  pleased  to have Jazzmine as a lawyer in my divorce case. From the day I talked to her about my case, she willingly listened and advised me the best way to handle my case. This firm is very professional and experienced. Will recommend to anyone else.” -Brenda

“I was very worried that I would lose my matter but Jazzmine went extra miles to help, and got it sorted. Her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support to me. I hereby recommend Jazzmine without reservations.” -Irene

5.  Jerald Gomez & Associates

Jerald Gomez & Associates' Homepage
Source: Jerald Gomez & Associates
BEST FOR: Family law
ADDRESS: Penthouse D2-U6 Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT DETAILS: +603 6207 9999; [email protected]

Jerald Gomez and Associates has been providing Malaysians legal assistance since 1991.

They have even branched out to Melbourne and Perth in Australia, thanks to their successes.

Staying true to their multinational legal service, the firm also handles divorce cases involving non-locals in Kuala Lumpur. Their team is also made up of accomplished multinational attorneys.

Their years of experience in Family Law helps Jerald Gomez and Associates’ clients get over their divorces as quickly as possible.


  • Long-running firm
  • Multinational clients and team
  • Cases closed quickly

6.  Shang & Co.

Shang & Co.'s Homepage
Source: Shang & Co.
BEST FOR: Matrimonial and family law
ADDRESS: C-27-1 KL Trillion No.338 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur; S-9-13, Wisma YNH Kiara 163,Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT DETAILS: 03-27269601 / 9602 / 9603; [email protected]

Those looking for the best divorce lawyer in Kuala Lumpur for their divorce may be able to find one from Shang & Co’s roster of award-winning lawyers.

Shang & Co.’s practical approach presents their years of experience in law practice. Their website alone contains comprehensive explanations for divorcees’ frequently asked questions regarding assets division, custody, and the like.

All questions are sure to be answered as they implement a method where the client writes all of their queries prior to the consultation. Then, they use their experience to weigh the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

The firm was also named Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year in 2016.


  • Award-winning
  • Experienced
  • Comprehensive

7. Michael Tie & Co

Michael Tie & Co Home page

BEST FOR: Legal Services
ADDRESS: Kuala Lumpur Office Address:D-09-06, Suezcap Tower 1

59200 Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Melaka Branch Office Address:

2-11, Block Dahlia 3

Jalan Zahir 6, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia

CONTACT DETAILS: Kuala Lumpur Office Address:

Tel: +03-7932 4134 / +6019-4431131

Office Email: [email protected]

Melaka Branch Office Address:

Tel: +06-332 9777 Fax: +06-332 9377

Office Email: [email protected]

Michael Tie & Co.’s (MTC) main mission is to make legal services more affordable and accessible by the people. Their firm focuses on the areas of practice that covers the most needs of Malaysian at an affordable rate.

Their legal practices are Corporate Law, Family Law, and Property Law.


  • Transfers the assets quickly and smoothly
  • Gives valuable advice
  • Have drafted, advised, and negotiated nearly 300 business contracts

Divorce need not be expensive, time-consuming, or emotionally draining. The key is just finding an experienced lawyer, which we hope our list of best divorce lawyers in Kuala Lumpur for divorce has helped you with.

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