5 Companies for the Best Digital Signage in Malaysia

Best Digital Signage in Malaysia

Source: Étienne Godiard via Unsplash

By Yusuf bin Rahman

The digital age has certainly changed things for many industries, but for advertising, going digital seems to be for the better. Today, having the best digital signage in Malaysia can significantly increase your sales or improve your reputation in event organizing.

Whether you’re looking for a firm that could give you the best LED billboard spot for a digital ad or looking to purchase an entire system of digital signages, this list below has the right digital signage partner for you.

1.  Image Media

Image Media's Homepage
Source: Image Media
BEST FOR: Strategic locations
PRODUCTS: https://www.imagemedia.com.my/
WEBSITE: https://www.imagemedia.com.my/
ADDRESS: Unit 226 Second Floor Penang Plaza 126, Jalan Burma 10050 Georgetown
CONTACT DETAILS: 017-4209397;

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri 10:00am-6:00pm

Those who want their sales to go up should go to Image Media, an advertising firm that has conquered both traditional and digital billboard advertisements in northern Malaysia.

Their LED screens are strategically located in areas that experience high vehicular or foot traffic on the daily. For instance, their huge digital billboard in Auto-City is seen from all corners of the T junction and the site sees heavy traffic even on weekdays.

This firm for the best digital signage in Malaysia also creates custom designs for their partners and provides unlimited design revisions for advertisements.


  • Advertising firm
  • Conquered digital billboard ads in northern Malaysia
  • Strategically located, areas with heavy traffic
  • Custom designs
  • Unlimited revisions


2.  DOREMi

DOREMi's Homepage
Source: DOREMi
BEST FOR: Events
PRODUCTS: https://www.doremievent.com/
WEBSITE: https://www.doremievent.com/
ADDRESS: 20 & 22, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 51200 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS: 1-800-88-3983;

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sat 9:30am-6:30pm

Events rental service provider DOREMi has some of the best digital signages in Malaysia for your business.

This firm understands that LED screens are in demand because an LED screen relays information in the easiest, most eye-catching manner. They try to provide their clients a wide array of solutions to fit their clients’ advertising needs.

From television screens in various sizes to the best, high-ansi lumens projectors, DOREMi has the right technology for you to widen your business’s reach. They have spot-on attention to detail, too, providing you the best angles and the sharpest pixels for your ads.

In its dedication to providing clients the best digital signage in Malaysia, they also offer touch- and gesture-based displays, more interactive ways to introduce your products or services.


  • Events rental
  • Wide array of solutions
  • TV screens of various sizes
  • High-ansi lumens projectors
  • Attention to detail
  • Touch- and gesture-based displays


3.  Screenplify

Screenplify's Homepage
Source: Screenplify
BEST FOR: Complete, easy to use software
PRODUCTS: https://www.screenplify.com/
WEBSITE: https://www.screenplify.com/
ADDRESS: Office 13 Resource Center,

Technology Park Malaysia,

Lebuhraya Puchong – Sg. Besi,

57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur,


CONTACT DETAILS: +6012 6733995;

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri 8.30am-6.00pm

If you’re looking for a digital signage and interactive touchscreen software, Screenplify is your absolute best bet. It is a layout editor, content manager, media player and analytics monitor in one!

This software is easy to install and use. Plus, it supports a wide range of file extensions so you’d be able to display images, videos, directories, and maps without any hassle.

It works with any screen resolution and size and you can also sync multiple displays..

At this firm for the best digital signage in Malaysia, you can purchase only the software and use a screen of your own or avail of a complete hardware and software bundle.

You can choose from their 42-inch vertical kiosk or 42-, 47-, or 55-inch all-in-one horizontal touchscreen for your hardware. You can use these as information kiosks for your events, marketing screens at your retail stores, menu board, and more!


  • Easy to use software with a wide range of features
  • Works with any screen size and resolution
  • Can sync multiple displays
  • Use your own screen or get a hardware/software bundle
  • 42-inch vertical kiosk or 42-, 47-, or 55-inch horizontal touchscreen hardware options

Customer Reviews

Jason Ng of the TEDxKL event shared:

“Screenplify kiosks were exhibited throughout the TEDxKL event. It was synergistic to have the kiosks as directional guides, to display relevant information and even beautify the event area.

Truly important use of space and I am very sure any event would find Screenplify kiosk a great addition.”


4.  Eumedia

Eumedia's Homepage
Source: Eumedia
BEST FOR: Powerful software, after-sales services
PRODUCTS: http://www.eumedia.com.my/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwqrb7BRDlARIsACwGad7mUNgrMDfPnk3BECOfMlOz-tpGvuDfAq8okMMusM3TkLtyzhXmPWYaAqqNEALw_wcB#about
WEBSITE: http://www.eumedia.com.my/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwqrb7BRDlARIsACwGad7mUNgrMDfPnk3BECOfMlOz-tpGvuDfAq8okMMusM3TkLtyzhXmPWYaAqqNEALw_wcB#home
ADDRESS: E-3A-08 Neo Damansara,

Jalan PJU 8/1 Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor DE, Malaysia

CONTACT DETAILS: 03-7731-0640;



[email protected];

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri 10:00am-6:00pm

With clients ranging from retailers and restaurants to colleges, corporate offices, oil companies, and many more, Eumedia offers economical digital signage solutions that suit any of your business needs.

Eumedia Digital Signage Software (DSS) software is powerful, speedy, and easy to use. Among their many impressive features are custom resolution, unlimited layouts, unlimited presets, and frame-synced playbacks.

The firm also offers commercial-grade Digital Signage Displays that can easily handle such a powerful application. Specifically, they offer single displays, video wall displays, and ultraslim floorstands.

Showing true dedication in providing the best digital signage in Malaysia, Eumedia provides installation and after-sales services to their clients, made possible by a team of certified engineers and programmers.


  • Wide range of clientele
  • Powerful, easy to use software
  • Commercial-grade digital signage displays
  • Installation and maintenance services


5.  Israk

Israk's Homepage
Source: Israk
BEST FOR: Top quality at a low cost
PRODUCTS: https://www.israk.my/
WEBSITE: https://www.israk.my/
ADDRESS:  43-1, Jalan PUJ 3/3, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
CONTACT DETAILS: 03-8966 2405
OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Fri 8:30am-6:00pm

Since 2012, Israk has provided only the top products and services as a digital media organization in Malaysia. Anyone who wants to pull off a successful project at a low-cost should definitely go to them for help!

Among this firm’s wide range of offers are digital signages, video walls, touchscreen kiosks and interactive smartboards to help you get across your message to your audience easily, creatively and seamlessly.

Truly one of the firms for the best digital signages in Malaysia, it is also trusted by many government agencies and private organizations.


  • Top quality, low cost
  • Wide range of offers
  • Digital signages, video walls, touchscreen kiosks, interactive smartboards
  • Easy, creative, seamless
  • Trusted by government agencies and private organizations


Were you able to find the firm that would give your business or event the best digital signage in Malaysia in this list? Let us know in the comments.

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