4 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

4 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Cleaning the house is an everyday chore that can be effortful and time-consuming. With a busy schedule, we are sometimes compelled to cut corners or go one-off cleaning in the week.

However, unless you get a maid service or cleaning professional, these habits can do more harm than help. Instead of your house becoming cleaner, they become dirtier as a result.

Take, for instance, you do away with using cleaning tools that have become dirty from past work or you take your muddy shoes into the house, hurrying to make dinner or rest at home.

So today, we’re going to look at some bad cleaning habits you need to break. By following our easy tips here, your home will be much cosier and more hygienic for everyone to live in.

1) Saturating a cloth with a cleaner

Saturating a cloth with a cleaner

In general, saturating a cloth with a cleaner won’t make cleaning better. In fact, it works the other way around because the excess liquid that isn’t wiped off can actually attract more dirt.

This is a common mistake of many homeowners, especially the busy ones. So make it a point to use only a few drops of dish soap or cleaning product or exactly as advised by the supplier.

Before you even use the product, check the product label first. By doing this, you will not be able to only clean surfaces thoroughly, but you’ll also be saving your water and cleaner use.

2) Putting Up with Dirty Cleaning Tools

Putting Up with Dirty Cleaning Tools

Each time you use your vacuum cleaner, sponge, cleaning rag, or washer, you have to give them a thorough washing or cleaning or empty the vacuum’s bag and filter.

If you insist on using a dirty mop on your floor, it will just get back the liquid or grime in place. The dust buildup on your washer can affect the cleaning of and leave odours on your clothes.

Also, by not emptying the contents of the vacuum cleaner, it makes it less efficient to suck the dirt and pet dander from your carpet and upholstery.

3) Heaping Grimy Dishes in the Sink

Heaping Grimy Dishes in the Sink

This is another bad cleaning habit you have to drop. Stacked and grimy dishes create a breeding ground for bacteria and invite flies, cockroaches, or other pests to feast on them.

What you can do about this situation is to immediately wash the dirty plates and glass or place them in the dishwasher. As a result, your sink and plates will totally be clean and your cleaning job will lessen.

4) Not Closing the Shower Curtains

Not Closing the Shower Curtains

After you’re done bathing or showering, make sure to close the shower curtain. This keeps the moisture from reaching your bathroom mirror, walls, and ceilings, giving mould and mildew the potential to grow.

In addition, hang your shower up to dry and clean the damp surfaces with a dry cloth to preserve the cleanliness, beauty, and life of your bathroom.

Using a dehumidifier in this instance will help. However, dry the tiling or ground first before turning it on to assist with drying the area.

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