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The 10 Best Coffee Machines in

Close Up of Coffee Machine via Freepik By Mohamed Ashaari Coffee is the only drink in the morning that eases us into the mood we need to conquer the day. And for that perfect cup, you need the best coffee machines in Malaysia. …

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Top TV Boxes in Malaysia

TV Boxes

By Michelle Ja Ling We often have our own agendas in the morning — running errands, school, work, and all those other duties we need to do before the day ends. So, at the end of the day, all we want is to …

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Best Exercise Bikes in Malaysia

Exercise Bikes

By Amber Yeoh When it comes to finding the perfect exercise bike for you, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for. This can be troubling but the good news is now that you’ve put your mind to achieving your fitness goals, …

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Top Dishwashers in Malaysia


By Hans Teo Sometimes, scrubbing off food from your plate and washing it afterward is not what you would want to be doing on a very busy day. One way to get around this chore is to get a dishwasher for your home. …

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Best Collagen Drinks in Malaysia

Collagen Drinks

By Michelle Ja Ling Collagen drinks have a lot of amazing benefits both for your beauty and your health. If you’re reading this article, you probably already know this and are looking for the best collagen drinks in Malaysia to add to your …

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Top Laptops for Students in Malaysia

Laptops for Students

By Adam Wei Today, a laptop is the main tool students need to be able to catch up in school. Depending on your program, you’ll need a laptop that can accommodate your workload with minimal maintenance requirements so read on and conquer this …

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Best Humidifiers in Malaysia


By Ananya Patel In need of a good humidifier in your home? We know it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one online especially with all the options that all guarantee the best air purifying and humidifying for your home. This is …

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