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The 7 Best Funeral Services in

Source: Shutterstock By Ananya Patel Dealing with the death of a loved one is truly heavy. If you’re too overwhelmed to deal with all the tasks involved when laying someone to rest, the best funeral services in Malaysia can take care of it …

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Best Vet Clinics in Malaysia

Vet Clinic

By Yusuf bin Rahman When our pets get sick need to go to the vet, how do we know which vet to trust, right? It’s not like we can just rush them in anywhere and be calm knowing they’re in the best of …

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Best Ipoh Eye Specialist

Eye Specialist

Featured Image Source: Freepik By Aisya Binti Ahmad Do you notice signs of vision problems like floaters, sudden eye pain, blurred vision, flashes of light, or dark curtains impairing your eyesight? If so, you should have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist as …

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Best Eye Specialists in Kuala Lumpur

Eye Specialist

By Amber Yeoh When it comes to our health, we always want to have the best doctor giving us the best treatment. What makes our eye health any different? Kuala Lumpur has a lot of great eye doctors but, of course, you need …

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Best Doctors in Malaysia


By Adam Wei Sometimes, just bed rest isn’t enough when we’re sick. More often than not, we need to rely on the help of doctors and medical professionals to address whatever’s ailing us. Among many other services, health care has to be the …

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Best Cake Delivery in Penang

Cake Delivery

By Hans Teo Cakes are the centerfold of every single party. They represent the togetherness and celebration brought on by a party as it’s shared by hosts and guests alike. Save yourself the time and effort of going to that bakeshop and take …

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Top Tour Packages in Malaysia


By Adam Wei Tour packages are created by people who know the ins and outs of the country you’re visiting which means you always get the most out of your trip. However, there are tons of tour operators and travel agencies out there …

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